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Starting from the release 3.0.0 KVIrc supports user interface themeing.
A KVIrc theme is basically:
- a subset of the options that controls the visual appearance
of the user interface
- a set of icons that override the default ones
The skeleton for a new theme can be produced by simply saving your current
theme. Open the options dialog and go to the Look & Feel / Theme page.
Click on "Save current theme", enter the description in the dialog that
appears and select "Ok". The theme skeleton is now saved in your home
directory.The confirmation dialog
should have told you exactly where: it should be a directory like
Cd to that directory and look around. You should see two configuration *.kvc
files and a lot of *.png images.
themeinfo.kvc contains the informations that the user can see when browsing
the themes in the options dialog. The format of this file should be obvious:
you can edit it manually if you want to make some changes.
(The %20 strings are url-encoded spaces, KVirc will accept also plain spaces).
themedata.kvc contains the visual settings. It looks more or less like this:
You can *carefully* edit it by hand, if you wish.
Each option starts with a prefix that defines the "type" of that option.
pixmap defines an image and thus should contain an image path (see below)
color defines an user interface color and is an R,G,B triplet
font defines an user interface font: you usually need to change only the
first two values: font family and size
msgtype defines the icon, text color, background color, log level and
alert level of the messages
uint is an unsigned integer value
bool is a boolean value: true or false
mirccolor defines the colors used by the CTRL+K escape and is an
R,G,B triplet like color.
iccolor defines the default color of an irc context and is again an
R,G,B triplet.
- When changing the pixmap entries remember to use filenames
without path. KVIrc will lookup the filenames in the directory
of your the me.
- The options stringIconThemeSubdir reflects the name of the
directory in which the theme images are stored.
If you change the directory name, you must also change this option.
The theme directory contains also a set of *.png files.
KVIrc will load these files instead of the default ones shipped in the
distribution. You can modify/replace them, but keep in mind the
following simple rules:
- you can't modify the image size: if you do it,
the images will look bad
- the image format must be *.png: it is the only
format granted to be loaded by all the versions of KVIrc.
If you don't want to "override" an image (and thus you want to leave
the "default" one) you can delete it from the theme directory. KVIrc will
fallback to the default image shipped in the distribution.
If you look at the global kvirc installation directory (usually
/usr/local/share/kvirc/version/pics/) you will notice that there are other
images that KVIrc loads. You can override each image by placing your version
with the same name in your theme directory.
- All the small icons have a meaning and a name:
you should reflect it when painting.
This small script will show you the associations between
the icons and their names:
%i = 0
do {
%name = $iconname(%i)
echo The icon by id %i is named %name
} while(%name != "")
- The id's of the icons are just their ZERO_BASED indexes.
The kvi_smallicon_<number>.png files are numbered in increasing
order and contain 16 images each one. kvi_smallicon_00.png
contains images from 0 to 15, kvi_smallicon_01.png contains images
16 to 31 etc... Thus the third icon in kvi_smallicon_02.png
has id (2*16)+(3)-1 = 34.
What happens when an user installs a theme
When an user attempts to install a theme from the options dialog,
KVIrc reads the themedata.kvc file and applies all the visual settings.
This is an one-time action: the settings are applied only once from the
themedata.kvc file and then are saved to the user's configuration files.
In this way the user can alter the theme by freely changing the individual
settings. One of the applied options is stringIconThemeSubdir that contains
the directory of the theme images. KVIrc uses this option to lookup the
image files before looking at any other directory. If the image file is found
there, it is loaded and used, otherwise KVIrc falls back to the images
shipped in the distribution.
Have fun :)
Szymon Stefanek