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Update TODO file, if something is implemented, it should be removed in the TODO file.
Mantain TODO file as clear as possible
- Pragma should read this file :D
- Events, events, events. There are lots of them pending (see TODO.Events).
- Multiple identities (and identity associations for servers)
- Port the speech module!
- /timer as a module
- It would be cool if KVIrc could to delete old log files automatically
(configurable, of course), to avoid disk ocupation. For example, delete (or
move to trash) 15-days old log files automatically (configurable by user).
- html colored logs (with icons ? configurable with an option)
- Check away status from the /WHO message ? (this would involve requesting WHO often)
- Handle more uncommon channel modes in the channel mode box ?
SHould get the available modes from RPL_ISUPPORT and show them in the box
- On-line charset guessing:
KviWindow should have the possibility of setting a KVI_CHARSET_AUTO
The KviWindow::decodeText() should contain an algorithm that
would use the best "guess" charset based on the window output
history , the actually detected charset and the text to decode
/charset ISO-8859-15
- When user clicks search in the help window there should be some kind of
notification when the search starts... The way it is now you can't tell if the
search button even worked, until the search process is finished
- Channel mode-field
The channel mode field should be dynamical, it should be able to change width according to what it needs,
today it's way too long.
- Userlist
The userlist should be dynamical after how many characters the server lets you use in a nickname, today it's
way too wide, this makes it look ugly.
- Text-hints
Text hints doesn't dissapear after changing desktop under KDE, and you have to change back to the
desktop where KVIrc is to remove the hint.
- CService support
We already have nickserv support, why not CService/X support? This should be much much easier to
implement as it's only on one net (Undernet), and with a static host and command that never changes, we
only need to specify password.
- Option to save & restore sessions (session = opened irc connections, channels & queries)
- Group messages:
<EFBFBD><EFBFBD><EFBFBD><EFBFBD><EFBFBD><EFBFBD><EFBFBD><EFBFBD> As kvirc3 now supports the ability to send msg's to more than one person at
<EFBFBD><EFBFBD><EFBFBD><EFBFBD><EFBFBD><EFBFBD><EFBFBD><EFBFBD> a time, I would have liked to see
<EFBFBD><EFBFBD><EFBFBD><EFBFBD><EFBFBD><EFBFBD><EFBFBD><EFBFBD> a way of making predefined groups. <20>For example if I often send the same msg
<EFBFBD><EFBFBD><EFBFBD><EFBFBD><EFBFBD><EFBFBD><EFBFBD><EFBFBD> to both user1, user3, user9 and
<EFBFBD><EFBFBD><EFBFBD><EFBFBD><EFBFBD><EFBFBD><EFBFBD><EFBFBD> user31, then I would like to add these to a group called "Friends", and then
<EFBFBD><EFBFBD><EFBFBD><EFBFBD><EFBFBD><EFBFBD><EFBFBD><EFBFBD> just do a "/gquery Friends hi :) what's up?"
- Add commands for playing PCM WAV files (using the DCC voice code).