KVpnc – vpn clients frontend
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2010-03-07 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
check if profile already exists at kvpnc profile import added
toggle all/none profiles at kvpnc profile import added
user defined import prefix at kvpnc profile import added
2010-03-07 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
remote id toggle at newprofilewizard at *swan use fixed
remote id options at newprofilewizard at *swan use fixed
local id options at newprofilewizard at *swan use fixed
split specific options at preferencesdialog in multiple tabs (*swan, racoon, pptp, openvpn) for reducing preferencesdialog size
2010-03-05 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
vpnc config options if ca cert or ca dir empty for use hybrid mode fixed (thanks to Todd Kennedy)
enable psk options at hybrid mode fixed (vpnc)
2010-03-03 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
resolvconf fixes (vpnc)
memleak fixed (vpnc)
various resolvconf fixes
2010-03-02 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
use nat fixed (vpnc)
vpnc config option for use hybrid mode fixed
hide useless cisco cert comboboxes if not needed
use nat at pcf import fixed
use cisco icon instead pcf icon in for pcf menu entry
cancel at pcf import if profile name already exists fixed
parameter at log message fixed (openvpn)
bool options fixed at kvpnc profile import
HTTP Proxy Authtype at kvpnc profile export fixed
auth type at kvpnc profile export fixed
hide ipsec virtual ip options at newprofilewizard (openvpn)
crash at connecting fixed (openvpn)
keeping existing nameserver fixed (openvpn)
2010-03-01 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
authtype display at profile change fixed
displaying auth type at change in preferencesdialog
display add/remove additional network routes fixed
use default interface at add/remove additional network routes if no device is given
hybrid mode at preferencesdialog fixed (vpnc)
if profile name with spaces is entered at newprofilewizard dont continue fixed
use nat preselection at newprofilewizard fixed
udp port toggle at newprofilewizard fixed
crash at connecting state fixed (openvpn)
save username if username/password from authdialog is requested save is checked (openvpn)
dont display authdialog if userdata already collected (openvpn)
memleak fix (openvpn)
crash at newprofilewizard at ssh type on tunnel type change fixed
2010-02-28 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
hybrid detection display in toolsinfo dialog fixed
netstat toolinfo display added
certificate prefix can now specified at openvpn type
enable auth type label if hybrid support is detected
2010-02-27 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
AVM Fritzbox VPN import document added (doc/README.FRITZBOX_VPN_IMPORT)
2010-02-26 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
use file select dialog instead of textinput dialog for getting filename at openvpn config file export
help for esp parameter at *swan options fixed
local id at psk on *swan fixed
error handling at *swan improved
using /etc/init.d/ipsec stop for stopping openswan because ipsec setup stop doesnt cleanup all
local/remote id types fixed (racoon)
id type tooltips at remote/local id comboboxes added
chmod fixed
disable private key pass at racoon p12 import
2010-02-24 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
rsa key auth at ipsec config file import fixed
save only new profiles at ipsec config file import
rsa key auth for psk fixed (*swan)
psk at ipsec config file import fixed
ipsec error handling improved
connect success status message at *swan fixed
2010-02-23 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
support for inline certificates (user certificate, ca certificate, private key, tls-key) at openvpn config file import added (see doc/README.OPENVPN_INLINE_CERT)
cert path within inline cert at openvpn config file import fixed
importing username by special line at openvpn config file import added (# OVPN_ACCESS_SERVER_USERNAME=)
hide ipsec related settings at virtualip options page if not nessary
possible crash at displaying dock tooltip at disconnected state fixed
displaying *swan import entry in profile menu fixed
ipsec config file import fixes
2010-02-22 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
cpu usage reduced
dock tooltip better formatted
eventsrc updated
2010-02-20 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
crash at disconnect in connecting state fixed (racoon)
cancel at fritzbox vpn user config file fixed
remove virtual ip at connecting state fixed (racoon)
adding virtual ip at connecting state fixed (racoon)
stop connecting if hostname could not resolved at racoon profile
displaying virtual ip address in tooltip added (*swan, racoon)
2010-02-18 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
http proxy widget at preferencesdialog fixed
2010-02-16 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
crash at connnecting fixed (*swan)
dhgroup for esp added (*swan)
virtual ip fixes (*swan)
phase 2 quickmode detecion fixed (*swan)
make gui not freezing if module loading/unloading
(rare) race condition on ipsec start fixed
psk mode at l2tp fixed (*swan)
filter for fritzbox user config changed to "vpnuser_*.cfg"
debug level for racoon fixed
2010-02-15 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
dont use "VPN connexion established" as successful connect at racoon
auth type on authtype change at preferencesdialog fixed
remoteid type fixed if empty
temporary static klips debug removed
toggle of remoteid type fixed if none
useless netmask removed at setkey rules
temporary static rightid removed at *swan
rightsourceip at *swan fixed
2010-02-14 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
useless http proxy options on racoon usage disabled
user options on racoon usage disabled if not xauth or l2tp
dottedIpv4Netmask2NetmaskBytes function at utils added
fritzbox vpn user config file import added
crash at connect (rare cases) fixed
2010-02-13 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
psk auth type fixed on loading profiles
set text instead item number for auth type at preferencesdialog
save single profile at additionally to config sync
racoon debug level at preferencesdialog fixed
racoon virtual ip support added (use LeftSourceIP)
dh group at racoon fixed
export date at kvpnc profile export fixed
debug options for pluto and klips added (*swan)
remote id moved tfrom psk options to ipsec/racoon options
2010-02-11 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
checking gre support at pptp added
load ip_gre module if nessary at pptp
2010-02-02 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
nat option fixes
xauth at ipsec fixed if strongSwan is used and psk is in file
psk on ipsec fixed if openswan is used
ipsec flavour parsing fixed
changing auth type fixed
code cleanup
2010-01-23 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
display profile info in profile selector tooltip added
not useable mppe and ppp options now disabled at l2tpd profile
l2tp auth at profile selector tooltip for l2tp profiles added
selector tooltip fixes
2010-01-16 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
mru checkbox in profile settings fixed
pptp auth options fixed
2010-01-14 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
save only current profile instead of all if passwords got from dialog during connecting
handle reject auth at ssh fixed
messagebox for user added if connection was refused at pptp connect try
2010-01-09 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
check existing profile name at new profile creation fixed
crash after delete profile fixed
crash after delete last profile from preferencesdialog fixed
creating new profile saved with old data when called from preferencesdialog fixed
hang at vpnc connect fixed
lineend at some vpnc debug messages fixed
2010-01-07 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
pptp crash fixes
2010-01-07 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
use TDEProcess instead QProcess in some cases at utils
openvpn config option fixes
tun device check more reliable made
openvpn version checking for script security parameter fixed
saving changed profile settings after autofix fixed
crash on connect via openvpn fixed
reconnect on connection lost at pptp fixed
2009-12-07 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
allow hostname instead of ip address in ping check too
2009-12-01 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
private key password use toggle fixed at importcertifcate dialog
ciscouserca type at importcertifcate dialog added (user + ca certificate)
2009-11-22 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
certificate will now imported into cisco cert store if set in config file
use cisco cert store option at certificate settings at orig cisco usage added
importing a pcf file containing certificate will now import it (file/cert store is selected by CertStore option in pcf file)
certificate select dialog now show also certs with der extension
hybrid support detection at vpnc added (openssl support compiled in)
hybrid mode (ca cert and name/password) added (vpnc, vpnclient)
ca certificate import at importcertifcate dialog added
use nat option added (split use udp into use udp and use nat for more flexibility)
process only events if needed at getting certs from Cisco cert store
2009-11-21 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
local id at profile creation (racoon) in newprofilewizard fixed
certificate import button on certificate profile page fixed
2009-10-24 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
crash at disconnect on connecting state fixed (openvpn)
2009-09-20 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
crash at disconnect on connecting state fixed (pptp)
2009-09-16 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
debug output for replacing defaultroute added (vpnc)
2009-09-05 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
resolv.conf restore after disconnect if no resolvconf installed fixed
2009-08-29 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
check cisco_cert_mgt tool before running the wizard
2009-08-24 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
allow empty certificate password on vpnclient
2009-08-21 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
--non-inter option removed because no longer nessary
useless extra route disabled
2009-08-20 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
creating additional route with /32 mask fixed
2009-08-18 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
resolvconf fixes
2009-08-07 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
crash on wrong import password on p12 certificate fixed
certificate import p12 fixed
2009-07-31 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
crash on exec cmd after disconnect fixed
2009-07-17 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
ask user password on each connect option added
path to tail after change in profilemanger fixed
typo fixedcrash on wrong import password on p12 certificate fixed
certificate import p12 fixed
2009-07-17 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
save modified path of tail, ciscocertmgr fixed
2009-07-05 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
better info on getting cisco certs from cisco store
displaying cisco cert data fixed
2009-06-26 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
obsolete option get DNS from peer removed (use Update DNS option)
change pptp defaults (mtu 1500, auth mschapv2, deflate/bsdcomp off)
deflate/bsdcomp values if enabled changed
fixing path MTU discovery problem is now enabled by default
2009-06-23 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
debug info on quick connect added
2009-06-19 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
$HOME/bin now in search path of default paths
default paths search order changed
useless comment on tail info removed
wrong profile name on pcf import fixed if name still exists
DNS_UPDATE option renamed to Update DNS configuration, if not checked, /etc/resolv.conf will not changed
fixes regarding dns update
2009-06-18 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
ping_check.sh now useable with ash
ping_check.sh device parameter added
connection status check now uses tunnel device
translation update
empty patch checking on load/save added
2009-05-30 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
saving cisco nat mode fixed
2009-04-08 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
ipsec setup fix
2009-03-31 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
detecting pkcs11 ids for openvpn via openvpn added
2009-03-29 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
rename to empty name fixed
option for selecting open profilemanger after import added
slot disconnect fixed
2009-03-23 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
memory leak fixes
vpn type in import/export fixed
vtun path on preferences dialog fixed
ssh path on preferences dialog fixed
pkcs11 parameters changed for openvpn >= 2.1rc-9
openvpn version detection improved
pkcs11 token support for other than etoken added
2009-03-22 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
dns domain added for pptp
2008-12-28 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
script-security option fixed (openvpn) thanks to Thomas Bartschies
mtu/mru options at preferences dialog fixed (openvpn) thanks to Thomas Bartschies
dns update fixed (openvpn) thanks to Thomas Bartschies
2008-12-25 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
TlsRemoteHostCheckBox fixed
kde3 type in version added
2008-12-23 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
renegsec option fixed (openvpn)
2008-12-18 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
disconnect on kde shutdown fixed
2008-12-10 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
state icon on vpntypesinfo dialog fixed
typo fixes
better formatted remote/port option in generated openvpn config
2008-12-09 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
crash on disconnect fixed (openvpn)
2008-12-08 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
setProfile fixed
2008-12-05 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
quick connect fixed
donate url changed
crash on close fixed
2008-11-25 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
dpd idle timeout fixed (vpnc)
2008-11-23 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
cmd outputs added: before connect, after connect, before disconnect, after disconnect
2008-11-22 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
quick connect fixed
dns server and dns domain on newprofilewizard fixed (pptp)
more debug output on newprofilewizard (pptp settings)
more status info at preferencesdialog
2008-11-04 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
hotfix for restoring resolv.conf (pptp)
2008-11-02 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
kvpnc now ask only for user data if now already collected
2008-11-01 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
more debug info on close added
query exit now asks
disconnect on kde shutdown fixed
2008-10-29 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
resolvconf call in upscript fixed (openvpn)
auth type fixed on kvpnc profile file import (openvpn)
option for costum ssh remote network script added
2008-10-25 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
default route replace fixed (pptp)
2008-10-24 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
required tools check improved (ssh)
network mask on tap mode added (ssh)
selector update fixed (vtun, ssh)
other type specific pages now disabled (ssh)
tunnel interface ip on tap mode in tooltip fixed (ssh)
crash on gnome-ssh-askpass use fixed
ssh options now really shown if type changed
checking default route count added (pptp)
2008-10-23 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
tunnel device type added in profilewizward (ssh)
tls-auth direction detection in openvpn import added
2008-10-22 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
ssh tool info added
ksshaskpass info added
ssh-askpass-gnome info added
version info on for vtund fixed
ssh connection type added
some options work only in udp mode fixed (openvpn)
tap mode added (ssh)
credits for ansgar added
2008-10-16 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
eap option added pptp
username, password fixed on pptp
2008-10-15 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
pptp on preferencesdialog fixed
2008-10-13 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
30Eur donation credits added, thanks to Christoph Schmid
2008-10-07 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
authentication type sync fixed
racoon id fixes
hash algo fixed (racoon)
ipsec page is now disabled on racoon
connect success status msg fixed
getHostname function added in utils
virtual interface on mode config fixed (racoon)
mode config password is now send via stdin instead of psk file
racoon will now stopped correctly if in connection state
hash algorithm description changed to authentication algorithm phase 1
2008-10-04 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
mode config added (racoon)
xauth fixes (racoon)
2008-09-20 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
peers identifier type fixed on racoon
2008-09-11 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
certificate url requester now hidden on hybrid
2008-09-10 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
hybrid on racoon fixed
hybrid auth type on newprofilewizard added
2008-09-09 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
crash at manageciscocert dialog fixed
xauth support addded (racoon)
virtual ip fixes ipsec
racoon now uses racoonctl
displaying cisco cert fixed
hybrid mode (ca cert and name/password) added (racoon)
2008-09-04 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
cisco config file import now uses filename instead of groupname
disable bind option added (openvpn)
2008-09-03 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
help link on openswan/strongswan options added
username/password auth dialog on ipsec fixed
2008-09-02 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
more options on openvpn config file import added: fragement, mssfix, nobind, tun-mtu, reneg-sec, ping, ping-restart
ipsec start fixed
2008-08-31 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
rename menu entry added
2008-08-30 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
credits fixed
resolvconf on openvpn fixed
2008-08-28 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
typo fixed on export xml
better xml import
user feedback on xml import
vpn types info dialog added (shows if all is availiable for an specific vpn)
local id, remote id fixed on psk (*swan)
xauth password dialog fixed
exchange mode fixed
exchange mode no set always to main if strongswan is used
openswan handling more reliable made
support for openvpn >= 2.1-rc script parameter added
openl2tp will now automaticlly started/stopped
2008-08-27 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
conntect try now really stops if max connect retries reached (*swan)
2008-08-26 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
ipsec whack --status output fixed
openl2tp support added
tls-auth fixed on openvpn
leftsourceip/rightsourceip now in right fields on profile manager
support for virtual subnets (virtual_private) added (openswan/strongswan)
2008-08-25 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
psk in preferencesdialog fixed (*swan)
cpu usage reduced on debug console
group password is now hidden on high kvpnc debug level (vpnc)
racoon l2tpd fixed
addind additional network routes fixed (if no device given)
2008-08-20 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
better status detection of l2tp connect
authentication problems with l2tp fixed
l2tpd debug modes added (avp, packet, network, state)
2008-08-16 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
better info on killing pptp
2008-08-15 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
hideOnCloseInfo fixed
2008-08-14 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
tooltip at toolsinfo dialog added
2008-08-13 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
if peer sends an other id as we expect, user can confirm it and reconnect with a click
xauth for racoon added
ipsec config import now understands more options: leftxauthclient, rightxauthserver, keyingtries, pfs, pfsgroup, aggrmode
virtual ip support added (openswan/strongswan)
pppd info in toolsinfo dialog added
pppd mppe check fixed
2008-08-12 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
remote network fixed in preferencesdialog (raccon)
userpage is now only added if xauth or l2tp (freeswan)
2008-08-11 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
xauth support on strongswan added
ike and esp settings can manually extended
auth dialog after xauth fail added
made plutostderrlog obsolete (now use ipsec whack)
2008-08-10 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
xauth support on openswan added
better info at delete profile
2008-08-09 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
psk save fixed on newprofilewizard (vpnc manually)
better formatted output on adding/removing additional network routes
2008-08-02 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
racoon fixes
ipsec fixes
2008-06-19 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
username in tooltip fixed
hide group password option in account data dialog added (vpnc,vpnclient)
2008-06-18 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
username fixed after reenter (vpnc)
2008-06-17 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
default route fixed (freeswan)
ipsec fixes
2008-06-10 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
improved pptp handling
restoring default route fixed (pptp)
user gets a warning that extra route is needed if defaultroute is set (newprofilewizard)
dpd idle timeout support added (vpnc, vpnclient)
2008-06-06 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
pppd option detection reworked
2008-06-02 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
remote id type fixed (newprofile wizard)
2008-05-27 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
racoon algorithms fixed
psk file permission fixed (racoon)
2008-05-27 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
show password dialog if authentication has been failed (pptp, openvpn)
2008-05-27 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
userdefinied dns server fixed (pptp)
dns server fixed (pptp)
resolvconf support for openvpn
resolvconf support for pptp
2008-05-26 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
tcp tunnling mode now also possible (original cisco client)
natt now can be disabled (vpnc, original cisco)
tunnling port can be specified on original cisco
local identifier can now be set on raccon
remote identifier can now be set on raccon
diffie hellman group fixed on racoon
if tdewallet will be deactivated the user now will asked if really wanted
2008-05-24 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
freeze if vpnc run directory not exists fixed
2008-05-22 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
ipsec page fixed on l2tp ipsec (newprofilewizard)
route page at cisco added (new profilewizward)
2008-05-14 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
remote port fixed on newprofile wizard (openvpn)
2008-05-13 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
checking for tail added
path for tail can be specified
extra routes for pptp added
replacedefaultroute test fixed
logviewer process refresh fixed
2008-05-12 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
verify ca cert option added (racoon)
support for strongswan 4.2.2rc6 fixed (plutostderrlog file option)
2008-05-11 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
support for strongswan 4.2.2rc5 added (plutostderrlog option)
2008-05-10 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
network routes added in newprofile wizard
cert and nexthop entries fixed on ipsec file import
2008-05-09 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
ipsec settings rewrite in preferencesdialog
ipsec fixes
final picture in profilewizward added
2008-05-08 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
detecing gw ip of default interface fixed
2008-05-07 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
mschap auth selection added (pptp)
mschap-v2 auth selection added (pptp)
option for disabling ipx added (pptp)
option for disabling tcp header compression added (pptp)
option for disabling magic number negotiation added (pptp)
option for disabling protocol field compression added (pptp)
option for disabling address/control compression added (pptp)
lzo compression is now disabled by default (openvpn)
psk fixed at openvpn config file import fixed
authentication algorithm fixed (openvpn)
automatic auth inconsistency fix fixed
http proxy options fixed in preferencesdialog
2008-05-05 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
kernel level debug option added
translation update
2008-04-30 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
loading tun module fixed on openvpn
certificate import fixed
2008-04-24 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
auth type on ipsec import fixed
default section type handling fixed
translation updates
use network option added
psk secrets file fixed on ipsec import
option for open profile manager after import added
option for ipsec vpn mode (transport/tunnel) added
cert path on ipsec import fixed
private key on ipsec import fixed
2008-04-22 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
default mtu/mru added (pptp)
auth selector always active on cert/psk part
duplicate options regarding default route removed
saving network routes also if its deactivated
2008-04-21 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
ca cert path is disabled at ipsec fixed
2008-04-18 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
resolv.conf restore fixed if dns_update is not set (vpnc)
2008-04-12 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
spelling fixes
ping check fixed (thanks to Konstantin U)
dont save username option fixed
2008-03-27 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
segfault at pptp deamon select fixed
2008-03-18 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
pfs typo fixed
2008-02-21 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
crash after deleteing last profile on closing preferencesdialog fixed
2008-02-20 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
tun1, tun2, tap0, tap1, tap2 in addroutedialog added
ike and esp parameters fixed (ipsec)
kvpnc profile import fixed
automatic saving options if needed added
2008-02-08 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
dns_update fixed (really, thanks to Igor Bujna)
2008-02-08 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
netmask at edit network route fixed
2008-02-02 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
dns_update fixed
2007-12-31 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
pcf import at vpnclient fixed
2007-12-24 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
nt domain name fixed for pptp
2007-12-21 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
keeping default route on pptp fixed
setting route to vpn server if replace default route fixed
removing additional network routes fixed
connection hangs because no data from management interface was recieved fixed on openvpn
save only profiles after dialog if needed (openvpn)
tunnel interface now better regonized (openvpn)
2007-12-19 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
the network interface now can be manually typed in at addroutedialog
2007-12-15 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
openvpn resolv.conf handling fixed
2007-12-07 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
crash at logviewer dialog fixed
2007-12-06 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
close event for kicker implemented
crash at kde shutdown fixed
toolinfo dialog now shows what requires a tool
2007-12-06 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
displaying username in connection status fixed
extra route for gateway added (pptp)
crash on pptp disconnect fixed
empty pfs fixed (vpnc)
empty dh group fixed (vpnc)
resolv.conf corruption on connecting fixed (pptp)
option for fixing the path mtu problem added (http://pptpclient.sourceforge.net/howto-diagnosis.phtml#connections_freeze)
certificate support for vpnclient added
- cert file import
- cisco cert store management
- online enrollment (scep)
2007-11-25 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
certificate support for original cisco client added
certificate manager for original cisco client added
todo list added
2007-11-25 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
better view in deamonoptions widget and helperprogramoptions widget
2007-11-22 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
context menu on route listview added
authentication algorithm now by default disabled (openvpn)
openvpn smartcard fixes
better user info at openvpn
2007-11-19 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
better vtun error handling
2007-11-15 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
disableDataEncryption for vpnx 0.5.x added
basic support for vtun added
profile import improved
2007-11-14 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
profile saving fixed if profilemanger called
better information for the user at profile saving
resolv.conf restore on openvpn fixed
2007-11-12 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
danish translation added. Thanks to Christiansen <susebruger@mailme.dk> for made it.
2007-11-05 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
vpnc disconnect fixed
natt mode none removed from cisco settings (obsolete)
tooltip for natt mode in cisco settings fixed
2007-11-05 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
virtual ip on tap mode for openvpn fixed
tunneldevice type change fixed if virtual ip is disabled
disable tail for freeswan because it doesnt support plutostderrlog
option for selecting natt mode for cisco (vpnc) added
listen detection of already used port improoved
better error reporting at already used port for openvpn
2007-11-03 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
first connect doesnt work fixed (bug #9977)
2007-11-01 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
my_identifier option for racoon added
2007-10-31 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
freeswan/openswan/strongswan config import added
2007-10-24 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
bash test added
use /bin/bash as shell interpreter
2007-10-22 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
export profiles and global settings added
import profiles and global settings added
2007-10-20 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
special chars now replaced with underscore in profile import
cpu usage reduced by improoved duration event
15<EFBFBD> donation credits added, Andreas Diestelmann
30$ donation credits added, thanks to Frank Visconti
2007-10-17 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
patch for setting DNS_UPDATE applied (thanks to Igor Bujna)
2007-10-09 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
restoring route and resolv.conf on connecting state fixed (vpnc)
2007-10-06 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
path for pptp fixed
disable nat-t for vpnc >= 0.4.x fixed
pcf import fixed (udp port)
2007-10-05 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
process environment fixed
local ip address of tunnel is now right shown (pptp)
2007-10-04 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
pptp route problem fixed
pptp is now right terminating
adding/removing additional network routes are now right shown in log
colored log output in logviewer
option for count of lines in logviewer added
searching in logviewer content added
progress bar at loading logfile on logviewer added
debug console now usees qtextbrowser instead qtextedit
resolv.conf/resolvconf fixes
setting english as environment for processes
2007-10-02 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
pptp debug level renamed to log level
pptp debug option added
virtual ip check in preferencesdialog fixed
2007-10-01 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
virtual ip option in newprofile wizard added
2007-09-27 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
virtual ip option for pptp added
2007-09-20 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
mru settings in network general settings added (for pptp)
mtu and mru settings in network settings at newprofile wizard added
default value for mtu and mru in newprofile wizard changed to 1492
2007-09-17 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
xl2tpd detection fixed
ipsec log parsing fixed
l2tpd parsing enhanced
debug option for l2tpd added
debug option for xl2tpd added
2007-09-11 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
save username, password and psk in enterpassworddialog reworked
pfs and dh group settings moved from advanced settings dialog to cisco and racoon settings
application version and single des option moved to cisco settings
profile saveing time improved
vpnc 0.3.2 is working again
new reject message from vpnc 0.5.0 will now regonized
2007-09-10 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
option for openvpn auth direction added
2007-08-18 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
additional network route can now be modified
removing password entry from pap-secrets/chap-secrets file fixed
2007-08-17 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
made test of replacedefaultroute more reliable
2007-08-16 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
psk in file fixed
virtual ip in preferences dialog fixed (openvpn)
reconnect delay fixed
2007-07-28 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
option for userdefinied dns search domain added (pptp)
2007-07-26 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
virtual ip entry fixed (openvpn)
2007-06-12 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
support for x2ltpd added
x2ltpd will be used if availiable instead of l2tpd
2007-06-12 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
duration in tooltip added
2007-06-11 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
debug output for vpnc config added (if loglevel > 3)
empty ID will now reported and stops connecting (vpnc)
2007-06-06 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
requiremppe128 detection for pppd added
2007-06-02 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
cancel at user data dialog fixed
support for propritary (original) cisco client added
2007-04-21 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
openvpn private key password fixed
private key password dialog fixed
openvpn import now copy cert files to kvpnc data dir if not absolute path is given
2007-04-14 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
connection time counter fixed
crash at pcf import fixed
2007-04-08 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
option for delay before executing command after connect added
tunnel device type selection move from openvpn options to network general settings
tunnel device type selecttion for vpnc >= 0.4.0 added
2007-03-22 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
ifconfig entry for virtual ip in openvpn config fixed (thanks to Michal Pena)
2007-03-15 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
nt domain name fixed in wizard and profile setting
2007-03-06 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
fix for vpnc 0.4.0 which has changed udp option
authorization method added: pap (pptp)
2007-02-13 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
connection timeout fixed (cisco)
vpnc-script fix for fc6
2007-02-06 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
tool detection fixed
2007-01-29 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
credits for swedish, japanese translators, artworker and bughunter added
2007-01-29 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
smartcard options moved to separate part
on timeout now the user got hints on a messagebox
an profile rename the user can enter new name again after failed because illegal chars entered
if peer uses another cipher and reports that, kvpnc automaticlly fix it (openvpn)
2007-01-28 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
cert and psk settings are spit in seperate widgets
preferences dialog reworked for smaller size
http proxy is now splitted from openvpn settings
pkcs11-tool added to helper programs
user data can now entered at wizard (cisco)
2007-01-26 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
option to change background color for debug console added
2007-01-19 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
smartcard support for strongswan added
2007-01-18 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
kvpnc now only asks for passphrase if private key is protected with a passphrase
openvpn import now asks for username and password if auth is requested in import file
openvpn import fixes
if peer uses another tunnel type (tun/tap) and reports that, kvpnc automaticlly fix it (openvpn)
if peer uses another authentication algorithm and reports that, kvpnc automaticlly fix it (openvpn)
crash at failed port binding for openvpn management port fixed
vpnc detection fixed
better freeswan/openswan/strongswan detection
kvpnc now shows the ipsec type (openswan, strongswan, freeswan)
float option for allowing change of peers ip address added (openvpn)
float option for allowing change of peers ip address added in wizard and import (openvpn)
default authentication algorithm is now set to MD5 (openvpn)
2007-01-16 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
smardcard fixes
smardcard options implemented in newprofile wizard
2007-01-15 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
option for hide at startup added
automatic backup of kvpnc config added
automatic restore of network routes, resolv.conf and config added
2007-01-13 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
smartcard support added (openvpn)
openvpn smartcard handler fixes
connection status check fixed
2007-01-09 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
options for authentication and encryption algorithms added (racoon)
l2tp support added (racoon)
l2tp support added (openswan)
racoon fixes
openswan fixes
menu entry for reporting bugs added
menu entry for donate money now works if run via kdesu
feedback mail report added
option for authentication algorithm added (openvpn)
certificate import fixes
option for killing still running racoon (if not from kvpnc started) added
option for killing still running l2tpd (if not from kvpnc started) added#
crash on connecting state of racoon fixed
default route option now moved to network - route
dcop functions added:
- void doSendFeedbackMail()
- QStringList getProfileTypes()
iptables support for racoon added
2006-12-10 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
nt domain name for authentication added (pptp)
2006-12-09 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
disable of getting dns from peer now works (pptp)
path for pkcs12 file on certificate import within the wizard fixed
pptp fixes
support for missing replacedefaultroute at old pppd added
2006-11-29 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
userdefinied mtu for cisco added
2006-11-25 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
support for ca cert and user authentication (openvpn)
2006-11-02 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
pptp fixes
chap-secrets will now be cleaned up rightly
2006-10-27 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
if specified, special path for external programs will be now used
changed info for daemon programs will now shown directly after change
2006-10-26 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
pcf import crash fixed
2006-10-10 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
vpnc will now right killed at disconnect
openvpn import now moves cert files to right place
openvpn now works if only a ca cert is set
2006-10-04 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
http proxy auth for openvpn added
2006-10-02 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
terminating openvpn process no only kills the from kvpnc started
japanese translation added. Thanks to Yukiko Bando <ybando@k6.dion.ne.jp> who has made it
2006-10-01 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
profile selection now works in all profile settings
2006-09-28 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
restoring default route at cisco connection fixed
typo fix for openvpn tunnel device type
comments are now removed from config lines on openvpn import
crash at rename fixed
pcf import fixed
resolv.conf restore problem fixed (vpnc)
vpnc config is now send via stdin
2006-09-20 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
vpnc will now used in non interactive mode because reading from console is broken in vpnc
2006-08-19 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
openswan detection fixed
2006-08-15 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
crash on close if 'don't quit by clicking close button' is enabled
credit for Marcin Prejsnar added
cancellation of openvpn profile import fixed
cancellation of pcf file import fixed
2006-08-14 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
disabling udp now sets right option for vpnc
2006-08-10 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
openvpn now controlled via management interface
2006-08-08 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
dns names are now resolved by libresolv instead of qdns
2006-08-07 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
network interface class use much less qprocess for better event handling and better speed
crash on disconnect fixed
2006-07-23 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
program and pid detection for given port added
kvpnc gives now a hint which program is using listening port if port bindung failed
2006-07-22 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
openvpn import fixes
support for xauth interactive added
2006-06-19 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
small pptp fixes
openvpn pkcs11 support (thanks to Alon Bar-Lev)
2006-06-11 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
displaying ip address in tooltip of kicker icon fixed (openvpn)
2006-06-06 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
dcop options added: doImportPcf(QString file), doImportOpenvpnConfig(QString file)
command line parameters added: --openvpnimport, --ciscoimport
openvpn certificate search path is now /etc/openvpn if not specified
2006-06-05 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
typo fixed
2006-06-01 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
connection time will now counted correctly after reconnect
2006-06-01 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
option for disabling ccp negotiation added
2006-05-30 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
pptp debug level fixed
2006-05-30 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
fixed name in pcf import
pcf import now reads pcf files which contain ! at beginning
2006-04-19 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
loading mppe module now handles other special case
2006-04-16 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
vpnc script generation fixed
option for peer timeout added
pcf import now uses peer timeout
2006-04-15 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
debug output of kvpnc > 1 shows now the vpnc arguments
2006-04-18 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
log file is now synchron written
copy action for debug output added
2006-04-17 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
process handling improved
libcrypt detection fixed
2006-04-16 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
userdefinied packet size added (openvpn)
userdefinied packet size for fragmentation added (openvpn)
2006-04-15 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
vpnc-script generation fixed
vpnc output parsing fixed
network interface handling improved
2006-03-29 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
back behavior in newprofile wizard fixed
*.crt for filter added
openvpn now looks in cert path for certificates
2006-03-29 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
aggressive mode fixed (freeswan)
option for left and right next hop added (freeswan)
option for disabling opportunistic encryption added (freeswan)
option for disabling pfs added (freeswan)
resolv.conf will no longer changed if now nameserver is retrieved/entered (pptp)
2006-03-28 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
psk for freeswan fixed
automatic detection for ipsec.* files added
automatic killing ipsec if not started from kvpnc at connect
starting connection after setup
verbose option for ipsec added
2006-03-26 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
ipsec.conf and ipsec.secrets will no longer overwritten
2006-03-25 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
agressive mode for freeswan/openswan added
disabling tdewallet fixed
additional network routes fixed
2006-03-25 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
crash at close on empty profile list fixed
2006-03-23 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
openvpn hangs on connecting fixed
window size and position storing fixed
hide on close warning dialog fixed
tunnel ip now shown for pptp and openvpn
name will now checked if profile from wizard was imported
directory mode for certificate path in new profile dialog fixed
tab sort order dialogs fixed
udp option in preferences dialog for openvpn fixed
tls auth in newprofile wizard fixed
2006-03-22 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
path for p12 certificate at openvpn import fixed
displaying certificate entries in profile manager fixed
password dialog for openvpn fixed
push options for openvpn fixed
connection status check options for openvpn fixed
some fixes around newprofile wizard
2006-03-18 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
typo fixed
2006-03-15 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
patch for skip focus to password if username already cached (thanks to Tim Wootton)
2006-03-11 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
vpnc connect script fixed if no resolconf is used
openvpn user authentication fixed
2006-02-15 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
openvpn config file writing fixed
remote netmask for openvpn fixed
2006-02-12 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
support for tls remote host for openvpn added
chipher list in newprofile wizard for openvpn fixed
2006-02-09 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
support for pushed options (dns, domain) for openvpn added
2006-02-03 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
output for connection status check fixed if userdefined ip address is used
2006-01-24 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
ping ip address after connect (obsolete) removed
use userdefinied ip address for connection status check added
more ui freezes eleminated
info that process was killed is shown multiple times fixed
delay for auto reconnect added
key shortcut menu entry fixed
2006-01-24 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
patch for splitrules applied (thanks to Tilman Vogel)
auth retry after failed password for openvpn added
2006-01-15 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
keep default route for pptp added
2006-01-11 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
ike exchange mode for racoon added
2006-01-10 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
option for dont save username added
remote network storing at pptp fixed
2006-01-09 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
dcop function createNewProfileWithWizard added
crash at preferencesdialog after deleting profile in it fixed
openvpn config file import added
dcop function doImportOpenvpnConfig added
2006-01-08 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
tls auth option for openvpn added
http proxy support for openvpn added
2006-01-07 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
userdefinied ciphers for openvpn added
redirect gateway option for openvpn added
2005-12-27 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
automaticlly adding ppp-compress-18 alias to /etc/modprobe.conf
automaticlly try to load ppp_mppe instead of ppp-compress-18
automaticlly detection of mppe style
retrieving username and password from enterpassworddialog fixed
toolinfo now collects info about pptp
option for debug level of pptp added
more tooltips added
2005-12-26 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
crash at preferencesdialog fixed
daemon tools info now shown in daemon tools settings
2005-12-24 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
openvpn auth fixed
duplicate settings entry removed
non profile related entries moved to kvpnc menu
german translation at eventsrc added
howto for sudo use added
virtual ip fixes
2005-12-22 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
quit from kicker menu now really exits kvpnc
helper tools info now shown in helper tools settings
2005-12-19 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
ping test now only started if not running
preserving at startup and restoring at quit for /etc/resolv.conf added
preserving at startup and restoring at quit of default route added
toolinfo now collects info about ip, ifconfig, route
2005-12-19 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
fixes around openvpn user authentication
ui fixes in preferencesdialog
network tests added: getgatewayofdefaultinterface, getgatewayofinterface
handling for fixing multiple default routes added
network interface class now use log output mechanism instead of stdout/stderr
option for allowing empty group password (vpnc) added
crash at profilemanger if profile list is empty fixed
2005-12-15 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
refuse eap option fixed
svedish translation added. thanks to Daniel Nylander
2005-12-12 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
chap-secrets will no longer overwritten
2005-12-09 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
option for disabling the use of tdewallet added
require mmpe and disable 40-bit now set as default
2005-11-11 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
pptp handling fixed. thanks to E-SpArK
2005-10-30 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
cmd execution fixed
restoring old default route and resolv.conf if vpnc was unexpected running
usenoipdefault fixed
some fixes around openvpn auth
getvalidnetworkinterface fixed
2005-10-29 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
cisco password decoder now uses libgcrypt (thanks to Maurice Massar)
2005-10-23 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
certificate import for der format fixed
more debug output for certificate import added
automatic directory creation for certificate dirs
date+time stamp in logfile added
2005-10-23 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
group password in enterpassworddialog fixed
2005-10-22 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
if password is empty after import saving password now disabled
quit at dock fixed
2005-10-17 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
default value for keeping default route changed to false
crash at disconnect fixed
last profile fixed if profile list is empty
tunnel ip in tooltip fixed (vpnc)
2005-10-16 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
cisco decode class added. thanks to hal9000.
2005-10-15 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
config file corruption fixed
2005-10-13 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
use findExe for path searching
2005-10-08 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
refuse eap option non-action fixed, thanks to loic pfefferkorn
missing ui file added
pcf import gives a warning if vpnc is not installed
2005-09-23 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
automaticlly loading kernel modules (esp4 and ah4) for racoon added
updated handbook
updated german translation
2005-09-23 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
documentation updated
more tooltips and whatsthis tips
2005-09-23 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
option for disabling lzo compression on openvpn added
2005-09-22 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
kvpnc hangs on pcf import fixed
openvpn key generation added
2005-09-19 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
dcop function added: toolinfo (returns information of external tools)
2005-09-18 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
connection status check added
auto reconnect after connection lost added
2005-09-16 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
more icons in preferences dialog
2005-09-14 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
fixes around delete profiles
fixes in preferencesdialog
better status for actions
2005-09-09 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
crash at closing preferences dialog fixed if profile list is empty
catalan translation added. Thanks to Marc Serra Romero <mad93@majomo.com> which has done it
profile renaming now forbids blanks in new name
support for explicit nsCertType added
profile list for autoconnect after profile renaming fixed
2005-08-28 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
profile manager shown after pcf import
2005-08-18 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
quick connect menu after rename profiles fixed
actions now disabled during connecting/connected: import pcf, import cert, add, delete
check for empty gateway at connect time added
decoding group password for pcf import fixed
description of profile added
2005-08-21 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
import ikegroup and local port from pcf file fixed
2005-08-21 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
option for saving username, psk and password from enter username+password dialog added
profile handling after calling preferences dialog fixed
2005-08-20 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
debian related changes - thanks to Loic Pefferkorn
tool detection and enabling connect fixed
save user password will be checked if password is given in user password field at new profile dialog
save group password will be checked if group password is given in group password field at new profile dialog
vpnc script creation fixed
2005-08-18 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
desktop lik updated - thanks to Loic Pefferkorn
connect button now enabled at startup
crash at rename fixed
import nat setting from pcf file added
2005-08-15 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
remote network in new profile dialog for pptp fixed
rename and delete of profiles fixed
2005-08-15 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
option for keeping default route on vpnc use added
2005-08-15 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
ping ip after connect fixed
special remote id for racoon added
remote network route over gateway added
2005-08-14 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
preferences dialog redesigned for better usability
profile manager dialog redesigned for better usability
2005-08-11 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
userdefinied port for openvpn added
2005-08-01 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
size of toolinfo dialog fixed
2005-08-01 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
toolinfo now looks into userspecified path and shows info if it if found
handbook updates
2005-07-27 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
save & load of config moved to global config
detection for first time use of tdewallet added, now reading from config file in this case
2005-07-25 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
tun/tap selection for openvpn added
password storing by use of tdewallet added
setting hostname as gateway fixed
handbook script updated
handbook updated
german handbook translation updated
2005-07-23 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
check for certificate file added
all errors shown by dialogbox now written to log file
2005-07-20 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
app pointer to global config for process events to globalconfig added
currentprofile moved to global config
log colors moved to global config
size and position of moved to global config
status moved global config
logfile moved to global config
log file entrys can now done from all classes by calling appendLogEntry of global config class
executable not found if there still exists fixed
2005-07-16 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
default mppe options for pptp fixed
racoon detection fixed
name resolving for raccon added
retrieving interface address fixed
parsing racoon output fixed
debug output font size can now be set
nat-t for racoon fixed
2005-07-12 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
cert import fixed
connecting stops now if required tool was not found
2005-07-06 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
workaround for vpnc >= 0.3.x if /etc/vpnc/default.conf exits
default values for new profiles fixed
autoconnect fixed
turkish translation added (thanks to Blent SENER)
2005-07-04 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
quick connect to kicker context menu added
auto connect at startup added
2005-07-03 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
workaround for vpnc >= 0.3.3
programs in path fixed
2005-07-01 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
vpnc debug level fixed
wrong ask for remote network for vpnc in new profile dialog fixed
2005-06-30 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
tun support now regonized if compiled into kernel or kernel module already loaded
debug console output fixes
handbook updated
nat-t for freeswan added
2005-06-29 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
tooltip fixed and whats this for disable mpppe option added
import pcf fixed (thanks Maurice Massar)
certificate settings now are disabled for vpnc
moving password, username and group password from new profile dialog in profile fixed
2005-06-27 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
automaticlly creation of tun dev for openvpn added
usability in tools info dialog added
option for disabling mppe compression (pptp) added (thanks to Fabian Kï¿œler)
enter password dialog fixed
tab order on dialogs fixed
2005-06-21 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
missing encryption algorithms, authentication algorithms in sainfo for racoon added
pfs_group in sainfo for racoon fixed
more pfs and dh groups added (racoon)
userdefinied application version shows now real used version of vpnc (vpnc)
deleting and adding profiles in profile dialog fixed
storing of racoon debug level fixed
2005-06-20 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
command execution after disconnect and before connect added
french translator (florian fainelli) to credits added
ui fixes in profile dialog
help action fixed
retrieving default interface fixed
2005-06-19 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
storing of allow mppe stateful mode fixed
pppd settings moved from advanced settings dialog to profile settings
profile listview converted to combobox and now always shown in profilewidget
2005-06-18 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
context menu for debug output added (actions: cut text, clear)
2005-06-17 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
option for dont close kvpnc by clicking on close button added (enabled by default)
TDEIO::NetAccess::download now uses no deprecated function call
2005-06-09 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
russian translation added (thanks to Valeriy Girchenko)
2005-06-07 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
processing "ip route" output with fix_ip_get_output fixed (thanks to Sebastian Frei)
crash happend by clicking on advanced settings button fixed
size of profile manager fixed
2005-06-06 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
arguments for connecting msg fixed (thanks to Witek Strzelczyk)
2005-06-04 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
wrong input field validation for account data enter dialog (enterpassworddialog) fixed
parsing of vpnc output now regnonize wrong group password
getdefaultinterface fixed
parsing of tunnel ip for vpnc fixed
reconnect if password, username or group password failed by showing enter account data dialog added
retrieving username from enter account data dialog fixed
2005-06-02 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
special chars on description from pcf profile will now replaced and simplified to '_'
if username is empty also requested by calling dialog
vpnc settings not save in profile widget fixed
auto size of profile manager fixed
2005-06-01 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
Slots in advanced settings dialog fixed
saving of use udp protocol fixed
add additional network routes creation fixed
freeswan conf generation now set from installed version
size of log viewer fixed
translation update
2005-05-30 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
Slots in preferences dialog fixed
slot for udp port in profile dialog fixed
slot in import certificate dialog fixed
2005-05-29 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
all dialogs now use kdialogbase
port range for nat-t fixed
tool checking
tool info dialog added
disabling connect button and connect action if bin not found
2005-05-28 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
retrieve dns servers from peer for pptp added
kernel module renamed from ppp_mppe_mppc to ppp-compress-18 (ppp_mppe_mppc is an alias for it)
special userdefinied server certificate option added (freeswan)
2005-05-26 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
freeswan 2.x conf generation fixed (obsolete options no longer used)
2005-05-18 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
getdefaultinterface(), getinterfaceip() and getinterfaceforip() fixed
displaying tunnel ip in tooltip for vpnc added
2005-05-12 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
additional network routes added
kvpnc debug level fixed
getdefaultnetworkdevice fixed
various fixes around debug output
ping test for openvpn added
connection type now shown in tooltip and status msg
2005-05-08 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
resolv.conf handling for vpnc fixed
better gui status for connected
2005-04-26 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
after disconnecting pptp /etc/resolv.conf is will now be restored
automaticlly resolve hostname of gateway (vpnc, freeswan)
2005-04-26 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
support for replace default route for pppd (pppd = 2.4.2) added
fixed: pppd: deflate needs option
vpnc: fix dns support in generated scripts (look vpnc patch) added
2005-04-25 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
connecting can now brake
2005-04-24 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
ca certificate field for openvpn added (pem format)
x509 certificate support for openvpn added
2005-04-23 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
ca cert in der format added
global settings moved to config class
2005-04-20 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
nat-t moved to network tab in profile manager
the obsolete group password has been removed (preshared key fields will now used)
prepare for virtual ip support (not only for openvpn)
reorganized profile manager
2005-04-11 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
nat-t for racoon fixed
collecting information about tools in list after searching
2005-04-09 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
tool button for debug console added.
2005-03-11 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
storing of command execution setting fixed.
2005-03-05 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
option for mtu size of ppp connection added
2005-03-02 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
import pcf file fixed
connect action now disabled if now profile list is empty
pptp: usepeerdns option fixed
pptp: own dns server fixed
2005-02-26 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
string fixes
2005-02-23 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
new icons
ui fixe
2005-02-16 Christoph Thielecke <u15119@hs-harz.de>
displaying connection time in nicer form: 00:00:00
2005-02-12 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
appdata diretory creation fixed
kicker menu entries resorted
2005-02-12 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
icons for connect/disconnect/disconnected status changed
ui fixes
2005-02-12 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
log levels added (info, remote, error, success, debug)
colorize log output added (can be disabled)
new credits added in about dialog
dcop interface added. it provides the following functions:
- QString getVersion()
- void doConnect()
- void doDisconnect()
- uint getConnectedTime()
- QString getStatus()
- QString getCurrentProfile()
- void setProfile(QString profilename)
- void createNewProfile()
- void deleteCurrentProfile()
- void openPreferences()
- void doImportCert()
- void doImportPcf()
- QStringList profiles()
- void doQuit()
2005-02-07 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
user notification for sucessful connect/disconnect added
option for adding default route (pptp) added
option for replacing default route (pptp) added
profile manager tool button now shown by default in toolbar
2005-02-06 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
execution of own commands after connect/disconnect added.
bsd compression option added
deflate option added
network routing for special network for pptp added
better connection status added
2005-02-03 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
checking/creating of /dev/net/tun added.
deleteing/keeping of generated files added.
2005-01-31 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
deleting profile dialog fixed. Thank to Ruben Jenster <ruben@hotheads.de> who has found the bug ;)
2005-01-30 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
renaming of profiles added
2005-01-29 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
checking of /dev/net/tun and creating mising device entry added
2005-01-23 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
disconnect script for vpnc fixed. thanks to Anders Damm <anders.damm@bornet.net> and Mark Alleyne <mark.alleyne@ntlworld.com>
password dialog for entering not saved passwords at connect (vpnc/pptp)
2005-01-22 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
crash fixed at disconnect
ui fixes
pptp support added
2005-01-20 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
nat-t support for racoon added
2005-01-15 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
option for udp added (vpnc)
option for userdefinied udp port added (vpnc)
option for udp port added (vpnc)
2004-12-29 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
patch to "includemoc" added. thank to Laurent Montel <montel@kde.org> who has it provided.
crash fix if no currentprofile defined. thank to Laurent Montel <montel@kde.org> who has it provided.
2004-12-16 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
geometry setting of mainwindow fixed
2004-12-11 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
profile widget better organized
special remote id if wanted
kvpnc has now own debug option
2004-12-04 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
ping host ip now freely configurable
2004-12-01 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
certimport now racoon/freeswan specific
profilemanger has own dialog/tool button/menu entry
2004-11-30 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
vpnc-connect/vpnc-disconnect now obsolete: kvpnc handles required actions
2004-11-24 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
vpnc will now directly called and set route
output reading fixed
profiles tab moved to own widget class for multiple instances
2004-11-04 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
Profile settings moved to preferences dialog
p12 transformation to pem using openssl (x.509 certificate)
new profile dialog
support for IPSec added (freeswan/raccon)
2004-09-04 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
kde 3.1.x build fixes
2004-09-03 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
import of pcf profile file added
storing size and position of mainwindow
2004-09-01 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
startup fixed: log file can't be open. thanks to Robyn L. King <Robyn.L.King@nasa.gov>
crash fixed if no profile exists and advanced settings clicked
KDE desktop link updated
Profile actions moved to profile menu
2004-08-13 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
French translation added. thanks to Ahinu <ahinu@project-eva.net> who has done it.
2004-08-01 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
crash at connect fixed if no advanced setting availiable (quick connect). thanks to Christopher J. Bottaro <cjbottaro@alumni.cs.utexas.edu>
Portuguese Brazilian translation added. thanks to Adilson Gonçalves Soares Junior <cabide@brfree.com.br> who has done it.
2004-07-09 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
Spanish translation added. thanks to Juanjo Alvarez <juanjux.alvarez@municipia.com> who has done it.
2004-07-07 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
Bulgarian translation added. thanks to АтаМас МаврПв <bugar@developer.bg> who has done it.
Dutch translation added. thanks to Luk De Ketelaere <balboy@kvirc.net> who has done it.
2004-07-06 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
connection lost detection deactivated (vpnc dont regnoize it :( )
advanced options added:
- Single DES
- userdefinied (NT-) Domain name for authentication
- userdefinied application version
- IKE DH Group
- userdefinied local port
- use of global IPSec secret
- Perfect Forward Secrecy
2004-07-01 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
Slovak translation added. thanks to Tomásš Oláh <tomas.olah@alert.sk> who has done it.
help window with helpful information added
whats this tipps added
2004-06-30 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
Hungary translation added. thanks to Karoly Barcza <kbarcza@blackpanther.hu> who has done it.
Logging to file added
if user has entered data into fields and dont save it as profile and want quit -> question
connection lost detection
Italian translation added. thanks to Lapo Luchini <lapo@lapo.it> who has done it.
2004-06-28 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
wrong parsing stderr fixed
duration time status added
looking for vpnc/vpnc-connect/vpnc-disconnect in /usr/bin added
2004-06-07 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
userdefinied path for vpnc
vpnc debug level option added
if running vpnc found (old process or not from kvpnc) kvpnc kill it and try again
2004-06-04 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
polish translation added. thanks to Witek Strzelczyk <witek_strzelczyk@go2.pl> who has done it.
2004-06-01 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
password storing for group and user password separated
multiple connection profiles added
quit question added if connection still established
more infos for statusbar added
2004-05-17 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
tooltip for dock added (connection status)
userdefinied connect timeout added
detection of unreachable network added
2004-05-13 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
show/hide debug console changes after closing settings window
connect/disconnect works now from kicker menu/menu bar
detection of vpnc-connect/vpnc-disconnect added
connect status is now shown in status bar
detection of unknown host added
detection of no resonse added
detection of failed tunnel interface initalising
2004-05-12 Christoph Thielecke <crissi99@gmx.de>
Instructions added.