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v 0.1.5 - 2006-11-29
2006-11-17 16:23 +0000 [r605643] vfuoglio
* libkipi/libkipi/banner_left.png: Integraded new kipi icon CCMAIL:
2006-11-16 23:25 +0000 [r605501] vfuoglio
* libkipi/pics/kipi-logo.svg (added), libkipi/pics (added),
libkipi/pics/kipi-icon.svg (added): Added logo and icon svg files
2006-11-16 22:33 +0000 [r605496] vfuoglio
* libkipi/libkipi/hi22-app-kipi.png,
libkipi/libkipi/hi48-app-kipi.png: Added new kipi icons CCMAIL:
2006-11-16 13:28 +0000 [r605354] cgilles
* libkipi/libkipi/interface.h: never use tabs in source code.
2006-11-12 23:06 +0000 [r604476] vfuoglio
* libkipi/libkipi/kipi-plugins_logo.png: Fixed previous fonts
2006-10-21 21:37 +0000 [r597867] anaselli
* libkipi/libkipi/kipi-plugins_logo.png (added),
libkipi/libkipi/ Add new kipi-plugins logo
2006-10-02 14:15 +0000 [r591477-591480] gateau
* libkipi/libkipi/uploadwidget.cpp: Hide listview header to save
some space
* libkipi/libkipi/uploadwidget.h, libkipi/libkipi/uploadwidget.cpp:
Make sure upload tree automatically expands.
* libkipi/libkipi/uploadwidget.cpp: Rename some vars.
2006-09-22 15:29 +0000 [r587385] seb
* libkipi/libkipi, libkexif, /, kipi-plugins/htmlexport: Update
2006-09-05 14:15 +0000 [r581161] cgilles
* libkipi/libkipi/version.h: The libkipi API has changed. Need to
increase release version.
2006-07-17 20:21 +0000 [r563548] jaiva
* libkipi/libkipi/imageinfo.cpp, libkipi/libkipi/interface.cpp,
libkipi/libkipi/interface.h: HostSupportsTags feature added to
features enum, documentation for "tags" attribute added in
v 0.1.4 - 2006-05-15
2006-06-10 15:52 +0000 [r550002] anaselli
* libkipi/ChangeLog: fixed changelog with all the entries of rel.
2006-05-16 19:36 +0000 [r541625] ach
* libkipi/NEWS: libkipi: add 0.1.3 and 0.1.4 infos to NEWS
2006-05-15 18:26 +0000 [r541201] anaselli
* libkipi/ChangeLog, libkipi/, libkipi/libkipi.lsm,
libkipi/libkipi/version.h: Prepare release 0.1.4 to fix bug
127238 CCMAIL:
2006-05-14 08:58 +0000 [r540613] ach
* libkipi/libkipi/ libkipi: fix include path: Header
files are accessed like #include <libkipi/file.h>. Therefore
standard -I. -I$(srcdir) don't work. Adding -I.. -I$(srcdir)/..
fixes this. BUG: 127238
2006-05-10 20:11 +0000 [r539513] anaselli
* libkipi/INSTALL: Added general install info
v0.1.3 - Last Changed Rev: 537369 - 2006-05-04
2006-05-07 15:43 +0000 [r538348] anaselli
* libkipi/ updated version for incoming release 0.1.3
2006-05-06 22:01 +0000 [r538121] toma
* kipi-plugins/ChangeLog, libkexif/ChangeLog, libkipi/ChangeLog:
2006-05-06 20:45 anaselli
* trunk/extragear/libs/kipi-plugins/ChangeLog,
trunk/extragear/libs/libkipi/ChangeLog: fix ChangeLog files
2006-05-06 20:31 anaselli
* trunk/extragear/libs/libkexif/NEWS,
trunk/extragear/libs/libkipi/NEWS: added a note into news to
check the Changelog
2006-05-06 20:26 anaselli
* trunk/extragear/libs/libkipi/libkipi.lsm,
trunk/extragear/libs/libkipi/libkipi/version.h: updated version
for incoming release 0.1.3
2006-05-04 19:47 anaselli
* trunk/extragear/libs/libkipi/ChangeLog: Added revision marker
2006-05-04 16:16 toma
* trunk/extragear/libs/libkexif/ChangeLog,
trunk/extragear/libs/libkipi/ChangeLog: Updates.
2006-04-22 22:18 gateau
* trunk/extragear/libs/libkipi/libkipi/batchprogressdialog.cpp,
Removed help button. It does not point to any usefull
documentation. BUG: 99418
2006-04-10 16:54 gateau
* trunk/extragear/libs/libkipi/libkipi/batchprogressdialog.cpp:
Small UI cleanup
2006-03-03 20:00 toma
* trunk/extragear/libs/kipi-plugins/htmlgallery,
trunk/extragear/libs/libkipi/libkipi: SVN_SILENT ignores
2005-12-08 00:31 ach
* trunk/extragear/libs/libkipi/libkipi/ libkipi: List
_all_ libs in _LDADD from which libkipi needs symbols:
-libkipi_la_LIBADD = $(LIB_KIO) $(LIB_KUI) +libkipi_la_LIBADD =
$(LIB_KIO) $(LIB_TDEUI) $(LIB_TDECORE) $(LIB_QT) OT ;) at least
for linux and shared libs the LIB_QT var (== -lqt-mt $(LIBZ)
$(LIBPNG) -lXext $(LIB_X11) $(LIBSM) -lpthread) is better
replaced by -lqt-mt. Otherwise the loader adds 20 additional
libraries as NEEDED to libkipi.
2005-11-08 15:54 mueller
* trunk/extragear/libs/libkipi/libkipi/ the usual
"daily unbreak compilation"
2005-11-05 19:49 deller
* trunk/extragear/libs/libkipi/libkipi/ fix build with
builddir != srcdir
2005-11-01 23:15 mueller
* trunk/extragear/libs/kipi-plugins/,
trunk/extragear/libs/libkipi/libkipi/ the
usual "daily unbreak compilation".. its getting tiresome
2005-09-17 16:00 toma
* trunk/extragear/libs/libkipi/libkipi/ After
re-reading the documentation, it should be 1:0:1 I think.
2005-09-17 15:16 toma
* trunk/extragear/libs/libkipi/libkipi/ Update the
version, because of the following change: ---- 2005-06-22 13:34
lunakl * trunk/extragear/libs/libkipi/libkipi/pluginloader.h,
trunk/extragear/libs/libkipi/libkipi/version.h: Make
loadPlugin() public, so that it's possible to load plugins
selectively, and raise version, so that this API change can be
detected. ----
2005-09-17 15:10 toma
* trunk/extragear/libs/libkipi/libkipi/batchprogressdialog.cpp,
trunk/extragear/libs/libkipi/libkipi/uploadwidget.h: Replace all
<> includes with "" includes.
2005-09-16 14:09 ach
* trunk/extragear/libs/libkipi/libkipi/batchprogressdialog.cpp,
trunk/extragear/libs/libkipi/libkipi/imagedialog.cpp: Add 2005
to copyright notice in about dialog
v0.1.2 2005-09-04
2005-09-04 22:15 toma
* trunk/extragear/libs/libkipi/ChangeLog: SVN_SILENT update date,
saw that in commit message...
2005-09-04 22:11 toma
* trunk/extragear/libs/libkipi/ChangeLog,
trunk/extragear/libs/libkipi/ Preparing for release
2005-08-21 05:17 pahlibar
* trunk/extragear/libs/libkexif/AUTHORS,
trunk/extragear/libs/libkipi/AUTHORS: email address updates
2005-08-11 17:01 toma
* trunk/extragear/libs/libkipi/libkipi/KDStream.cpp,
trunk/extragear/libs/libkipi/libkipi/pluginloader.cpp: Made some
minor changes to generate the Dox for some classes. It is
documented better then I thought.
2005-06-22 13:34 lunakl
* trunk/extragear/libs/libkipi/libkipi/pluginloader.h,
trunk/extragear/libs/libkipi/libkipi/version.h: Make
loadPlugin() public, so that it's possible to load plugins
selectively, and raise version, so that this API change can be
2005-05-08 11:55 mlaurent
* trunk/extragear/libs/libkipi/,
trunk/extragear/libs/libkipi/libkipi/uploadwidget.h: Add support
2005-02-14 20:44 ach
* trunk/kdeextragear-libs-1/libkipi/libkipi.lsm,
trunk/kdeextragear-libs-1/libkipi/libkipi/imagedialog.cpp: fix
homepage URL CCMAIL:
2005-02-10 07:49 blackie
* trunk/kdeextragear-libs-1/libkipi/libkipi/KDStream.cpp,
trunk/kdeextragear-libs-1/libkipi/libkipi/KDStream.h: updated
license header
2005-02-09 20:21 ach
* trunk/kdeextragear-libs-1/libkipi/libkipi/batchprogressdialog.cpp,
CVS_SILENT: As Gilles request: update FSF address too CCMAIL:
2005-02-09 19:29 blackie
* trunk/kdeextragear-libs-1/libkipi/libkipi/KDTools-License-US,
licenses to make debian happy
2005-02-09 18:54 ach
* trunk/kdeextragear-libs-1/libkipi/libkipi/mainpage.cpp: fix kipi
2005-02-09 18:21 ach
* trunk/kdeextragear-libs-1/libkipi/COPYING.GPL2:
libkipi/kdstream* uses GPL v2. Added a copy of the license.
2005-02-09 18:21 blackie
* trunk/kdeextragear-libs-1/libkipi/libkipi/LICENSE.GPL: added
license file needed by KDStream
v0.1.1 2005-02-08
2005-01-17 23:31 pahlibar
* libkipi/uploadwidget.cpp:
clean up. fix problem with trailing slashes
2005-01-17 21:55 pahlibar
* libkipi/uploadwidget.cpp:
show root of upload dirtree as decorated
2005-01-05 18:52 deller
* libkipi/version.h: minifix
2004-12-22 07:12 pahlibar
* libkipi/uploadwidget.cpp:
* fix retrieving upload path from a virtual album
(libkipi/uploadwidget) * fix crash in batchprocess plugin when no
destination path is selected. the function thinks its being
called in preview mode, but the preview process is null there.
its dangerous to make an assumption of a passed arg being null,
when its being called from multiple places in different modes.
better use a separate explicit variable to indicate that the
function is being called in a different mode. good for the sanity
of those reading the code as well BUG: 94370
2004-12-21 19:25 lukas
* libkipi/batchprogressdialog.cpp: i18n fixes, enough for today :)
2004-12-04 04:52 pahlibar
* libkipi/: imagedialog.cpp, imagedialog.h:
select application selected collection in the image selector
window at start up. preserves BC. CCMAIL:
2004-11-06 05:07 bmeyer
* libkipi/ header fixes "" comparisions changed to use
.isEmpty() Added missing Encoding line to desktop file Fixed
Build Build breakage
2004-10-29 20:02 aseigo
* libkipi/pluginloader.cpp: make this layout a wee bit easier on
the eyes. when BC can be broken this should probably be turned
into a listview with checkboxitems?
2004-10-27 23:10 gateau
* libkipi.lsm: Initial import of .lsm files, needed to upload to
2004-10-17 10:37 ach
* ChangeLog: Add missing final newline. CVS_SILENT
2004-10-14 01:26 ach
* libkipi/: plugin.cpp, plugin.h: add (see AUTHORS files for
details) for consistency
2004-10-14 01:09 ach
* libkipi/mainpage.cpp: o s/informations/information/ o fix bad URL
o FIXME: missing (c) and license
2004-10-13 21:37 pahlibar
added newline
2004-10-13 19:24 pahlibar
added message extraction back
2004-10-13 02:33 pahlibar
* libkipi/version.h:
bump up version to 0.1.0
2004-10-09 19:12 binner
* libkipi/: batchprogressdialog.cpp, imagedialog.cpp: CVS_SILENT
i18n style guide fixes
2004-10-08 15:53 cgilles
* libkipi/:, tips: Moved kipiplugins tips to the
plugins folder. CCMAIL:
2004-10-08 08:35 cgilles
* libkipi/tips: Kipi plugins 'tip of day' : fixed i18n support !
It's an indeep problem when we use HTML tags in a tips file. We
must implemented in flat the HTML code : one line for each tags
and text. No more than one tag per line !!! CCMAIL:,
2004-10-07 21:03 cgilles
* libkipi/tips: CVS_SILENT UPdate
2004-10-07 21:00 cgilles
* libkipi/ CVS_SILENT Updated for tips
2004-10-05 13:14 coles
* libkipi/imagedialog.cpp:
Corrected typos.
2004-10-05 04:48 pahlibar
* libkipi/: imagecollectionselector.cpp, imagecollectionselector.h:
when items are toggled in the imagecollectionselector, make sure
that the selectionChanged signal is emitted. a couple of dirty
hacks was needed to make this work
2004-10-04 18:50 cgilles
* libkipi/: batchprogressdialog.cpp, imagedialog.cpp: CVS_SILnENT
Fixed i
2004-09-30 22:18 pahlibar
* libkipi/:, testimagecollectionselector.cpp,
removed test program
2004-09-22 17:11 pahlibar
* libkipi/imagecollection.cpp:
check pointers before referencing them
2004-09-22 08:51 cgilles
* libkipi/banner_left.png: CVS_SILENT Fixed height
2004-09-22 04:06 pahlibar
* libkipi/: interface.cpp, interface.h:
* remove currentScope() and currentScopeChanged() (signal) *
plugins updated to reflect change * gentlemen, please update your
apps CCMAIL:
2004-09-21 19:59 pahlibar
* .cvsignore,,,
* pkg-configified libkipi * kipi-plugins updated
to include tests for externally installed libkipi CCMAIL:
2004-09-21 17:37 pahlibar
* libkipi/pluginloader.cpp:
more verbose output if plugin cannot be loaded to diagnose why a
plugin is not being loaded. CCMAIL:
2004-09-21 14:24 cgilles
* libkipi/: batchprogressdialog.cpp, batchprogressdialog.h,
imagedialog.cpp, imagedialog.h: Added About data and Graphical
banner in KIPI dialog.
2004-09-21 08:26 cgilles
* libkipi/: imagecollection.cpp, mainpage.cpp: Fixed doxygen
2004-09-20 21:44 cgilles
* libkipi/tips: CVS_SILENT Added blank space at EOF
2004-09-20 09:59 cgilles
* libkipi/banner_left.png: CVS_SILENT Fixed size
2004-09-17 22:31 gateau
* libkipi/: imagecollectionselector.cpp, imagecollectionselector.h:
There is no need to prefix a signal with "signal".
2004-09-17 16:58 cgilles
* libkipi/:, banner_left.png, batchprogressdialog.cpp:
CVS_SILENT Added KIPI graphic banner in batchprogressdialog
2004-09-16 12:59 coles
* libkipi/imagecollectionselector.cpp:
Date :
2004-09-16 10:14 cgilles
* libkipi/ CVS_SILENT Fixed tips i18n
2004-09-16 01:09 gateau
* libkipi/: uploadwidget.cpp, uploadwidget.h: Added d pointer.
2004-09-16 00:40 gateau
* libkipi/: pluginloader.cpp, pluginloader.h: Made d pointer
modifications to PluginLoader::Info class. WARNING: This change
breaks binary and *source* compatibility, since you now need to
use getters to access the PluginLoader::Info fields.
2004-09-16 00:10 gateau
* libkipi/: pluginloader.cpp, pluginloader.h: Introduced d pointers
in PluginLoader and ConfigWidget.
2004-09-15 15:54 cgilles
* libkipi/: imagecollectionselector.cpp, imagecollectionselector.h:
ImageCollectionSelector : Added signal when a collection is
selected (requested by CDArchiving Kipi plugin) CCMAIL:
2004-09-15 12:36 cgilles
* libkipi/imagecollectionselector.cpp: ImageCollection Selector
widget: limit collection comments char size to display else the
widget is truncated. CCMAIL:
2004-09-15 12:35 cgilles
* libkipi/Doxyfile: CVS_SILENT Update
2004-09-15 10:07 cgilles
* libkipi/ CVS_SILENT Fixed
2004-09-15 02:46 pahlibar
* libkipi/imagecollectionselector.cpp:
use locale aware date string
2004-09-15 02:41 pahlibar
* libkipi/: imagecollectionselector.cpp, imagecollectionselector.h:
* missing features in imagecollectionselector implemented:
comments,date,preview,category (if supported by app) and count
of images * make sure that the first collection which has been
checked on is selected and is visible * testing requested
2004-09-14 00:01 gateau
* libkipi/interface.h: - Fixed potential bug:
AlbumsHaveCreationDate is probably not equal to
ImageTitlesWritable | AlbumsHaveCreationDate.
- Uses shifts to avoid further mistakes.
Warning, this will breaks BC! CCMail:
2004-09-13 13:28 cgilles
* libkipi/version.h: CVS_SILENT Fixed
2004-09-13 08:35 cgilles
* libkipi/ Fixed missing version.h header
2004-09-10 16:00 pahlibar
* libkipi/: imagecollection.cpp, imagecollectionshared.cpp:
removed references of AlbumEQDir from the warning/debug messages
2004-09-10 15:53 pahlibar
* libkipi/: imagecollection.cpp, imagecollection.h,
imagecollectionshared.cpp, imagecollectionshared.h,
interface.cpp, interface.h:
* removed AlbumEQDir feature from interface * added new virtual
function to imagecollection(shared) isDirectory(). base
implementation returns false. CCMAIL:
2004-09-10 13:52 coles
* libkipi/imagedialog.cpp:
Corrected i18n plural-form usage.
2004-09-10 10:11 cgilles
* libkipi/tips: CVS_SILENT Updated and Fixed
2004-09-09 20:57 pahlibar
* libkipi/: imagedialog.cpp, imagedialog.h:
* Image Selection Dialog now works in two modes: single url
selection or multiple url selection (listview extended mode,
shift/ctrl to make multiple selections) * mpegencoder image
selection changed to use the new multiple selection mode, as an
example CCMAIL:
2004-09-09 15:01 cgilles
* libkipi/version.h: CVS_SILENT Added release ID header
2004-09-08 23:34 gateau
* libkipi/: batchprogressdialog.cpp, batchprogressdialog.h,
plugin.cpp, plugin.h: Started to add d pointers.
2004-09-08 08:08 cgilles
* libkipi/kipiplugin.desktop: Fixed
v0.1.0 2004-09-06
2004-09-06 22:56 mueller
* libkipi/plugin.h: fix compilation
2004-09-06 17:41 pahlibar
* libkipi/: batchprogressdialog.cpp, batchprogressdialog.h,
imagecollection.cpp, imagecollection.h,
imagecollectionselector.cpp, imagecollectionselector.h,
imagecollectionshared.cpp, imagecollectionshared.h,
imagedialog.cpp, imagedialog.h, imageinfo.cpp, imageinfo.h,
imageinfoshared.cpp, imageinfoshared.h, interface.cpp,
interface.h, plugin.cpp, plugin.h, pluginloader.cpp,
pluginloader.h, testimagecollectionselector.cpp,
testimagecollectionselector.h, uploadwidget.cpp, uploadwidget.h:
changed license in header files from GPL to LGPL
2004-09-06 15:49 gateau
* libkipi/: batchprogressdialog.cpp, batchprogressdialog.h: Fixed
typo in enum.
2004-08-24 18:01 blackie
* libkipi/: KDStream.cpp, KDStream.h: support pixmap and image
2004-08-24 00:43 blackie
* libkipi/KDStream.cpp: Also output the newline char, plus flush at
last newline char
2004-08-15 20:50 binner
* libkipi/: imagedialog.cpp, uploadwidget.cpp: CVS_SILENT i18n
style guide fixing, at least the beginning of it. Please read
2004-08-05 13:19 blackie
* libkipi/imagecollectionshared.cpp: named method in error message
2004-08-02 14:32 cgilles
* libkipi/uploadwidget.cpp: Bug fix by Richard Grould from ShowImg
project : bad current path for the current folder. Tested with
Digikam, Kimdaba, and Gwenview. CCMAIL:
2004-07-22 15:06 pahlibar
* libkipi/: imageinfo.cpp, imageinfo.h:
added copyright message to imageinfo
2004-07-22 00:28 gateau
* libkipi/imagedialog.cpp: - Do not display album sizes. - Use
splitters between widgets. - Increased the default width of the
2004-07-22 00:08 gateau
* libkipi/: imagecollectionselector.cpp, imagecollectionselector.h,
testimagecollectionselector.cpp, testimagecollectionselector.h:
Added copyrights.
2004-07-22 00:06 gateau
* libkipi/:, imagechooser.cpp, imagechooser.h,
imagedialog.cpp, imagedialog.h: Actually ImageDialog is more
"KDE-like". Sorry for the double rename. CCMAIL:
2004-07-21 23:56 gateau
* libkipi/:, imagechooser.cpp, imagechooser.h,
imagecollectiondialog.cpp, imagecollectiondialog.h: As discussed
on the mailing-list, renamed ImageCollectionDialog to
2004-07-17 13:16 gateau
* libkipi/: imagecollectionselector.cpp, imagecollectionselector.h,
testimagecollectionselector.cpp: If the image collection returned
by currentAlbum() is in allAlbums(), check it. Otherwise check
all albums.
2004-07-17 13:15 gateau
* libkipi/: imagecollection.cpp, imagecollection.h,
imagecollectionshared.cpp, imagecollectionshared.h: Implemented
the == operator.
2004-07-17 09:21 coolo
* libkipi/ no such file (and no subdirs anyway)
2004-07-09 16:02 pahlibar
* libkipi/pluginloader.cpp:
if a plugin is in the ignore list for a host, absolutely do not
load the plugin.
2004-07-07 18:47 coles
* libkipi/: tips, uploadwidget.cpp:
Corrected typos.
2004-07-07 16:18 gateau
* libkipi/:, imagecollectionselector.cpp,
imagecollectionselector.h, testimagecollectionselector.cpp,
testimagecollectionselector.h: First implementation of
KIPI::ImageCollectionSelector. It misses lots of features, but it
should work.
2004-07-07 15:03 cgilles
* libkipi/: batchprogressdialog.cpp, batchprogressdialog.h:
CVS_SILENT using TDEListViewItem instead QListViewItem
2004-07-07 09:04 cgilles
* libkipi/:, batchprogressdialog.cpp,
batchprogressdialog.h: Added new Batch Progress Dialog in KIPI
nameSpace used by ImagesGallery, CDArchiving,
FindDupplicateImages, and SendImages plugins. CCMAIL:
2004-07-03 23:54 cgilles
* libkipi/imagecollectiondialog.cpp: CVS_SILENT Added missing clear
image preview...
2004-06-29 12:22 cgilles
* libkipi/: interface.cpp, interface.h: In according with Jesper,
added new host feature 'AlbumsUseFirstImagePreview' for to
enable/disable the album selection preview in the
CDArchiving/ImagesGallery/FinDuplicateImages plugin dialogs.
2004-06-29 10:25 cgilles
* libkipi/: uploadwidget.cpp, uploadwidget.h: Added a new signal
when a current folder have changed in the TreeView. Fixed a
problem if no current Album have selected in the Host (in this
case, using the first album of the collection list from the
host). CCMAIL:
2004-06-29 10:01 gateau
* TODO: Updated to what we agreed on the mailing list.
2004-06-28 08:52 cgilles
* libkipi/:, hi16-app-kipi.png, hi22-app-kipi.png,
hi48-app-kipi.png: CVS_SILENT Added new icons. Fixed target
folder for icons.
2004-06-27 23:02 cgilles
* libkipi/tips: CVS_SILENT Added icon
2004-06-24 11:45 faure
* libkipi/ Do NOT write your own install-data-local
crap (without DESTDIR), use KDE_ICON.
2004-06-24 11:23 cgilles
* libkipi/: imagecollection.cpp, imagecollection.h,
imagecollectionshared.cpp, imagecollectionshared.h,
interface.cpp, interface.h: In according with Jesper : - Added
new KIPI features AlbumsHaveCategory and AlbumsHaveCreationDate
requested for ImagesGallery an CDArchiving plugins. - Added new
virtuals methods in KIPI::ImageCollection and
KIPI::ImageCollectionShared class in according with this new
features. CCMAIL:
2004-06-23 19:29 cgilles
* libkipi/:, tips: Provide a separate TipOfDay for the
kipi plugins from the old Digikam Tips. CCMAIL:
2004-06-23 12:24 cgilles
* libkipi/uploadwidget.cpp: Make visible the current Album in the
treeview CCMAIL:
2004-06-23 11:45 cgilles
* libkipi/uploadwidget.cpp: BugFix in uploadwidget implementation :
removing "/" before the current Album name else it's can be
openned. It's work fine with Digikam and Kimdaba. Thi is must be
tested on Gwenview ! CCMAIL:
2004-06-20 22:59 gateau
* TODO: Added TODO as discussed on mailing list.
2004-06-20 21:41 blackie
* hmm an empty file did not help
2004-06-20 21:30 blackie
* release script insist on this file being present
2004-06-18 07:49 cgilles
* COPYING: fixed LGPL instead GPL for libKipi
2004-06-17 12:45 cgilles
* libkipi/: interface.cpp, interface.h: Added new method
'fileExtensions()' for images files sorting in plugins instead
digikamrc config file parsing. CCMAIL:
2004-06-16 15:37 cgilles
* libkipi/imagecollection.cpp: Fix typo
2004-06-16 15:29 cgilles
* libkipi/:, hi32-app-kipi.png: Added basic kipi icon.
Change about plugins part in according. CCMAIL:
2004-06-16 13:01 cgilles
* libkipi/: plugin.cpp, plugin.h: Removed 'category()' method for
plugins category identification. CCMAIL:
2004-06-15 18:55 cgilles
* libkipi/: plugin.cpp, plugin.h: New plugin category
identification method based on TDEAction identification required
for RawConverter plugin.
2004-06-15 14:00 cgilles
* libkipi/: plugin.cpp, plugin.h: Added new plugin category :
COLLECTIONSPLUGIN. Changed category plugin for 'DirOperations'
and 'FindImages' to COLLECTIONSPLUGIN.
2004-06-14 16:17 cgilles
* AUTHORS, libkipi/imagecollection.cpp, libkipi/imagecollection.h,
libkipi/imagecollectionshared.h, libkipi/imageinfoshared.cpp,
libkipi/imageinfoshared.h, libkipi/interface.cpp,
libkipi/uploadwidget.cpp, libkipi/uploadwidget.h: -Added new
method in ImageCollection/ImageCollectionShared for to show a
specific Root images path name with UploadWidget in according
with the Host application. -Added some comments. CCMAIL:
2004-06-13 22:26 blackie
* libkipi/:, imagecollectiondialog.cpp,
imagecollectiondialog.h, thumbnailjob.cpp, thumbnailjob.h:
Removed digikam dependencies through the KIPI::ThumbnailJob
class. The instances of this class has now been replaced with
Renchi: Could you please go through each call in the source, and
look at the comment I placed above the call. There were some
arguments to ThumbnailJob I did not understand what did, but on
the other hand they don't seem to be missed.
Cheers Jesper.
2004-06-13 15:22 blackie
* libkipi/pluginloader.cpp: better error message
2004-06-11 22:03 gateau
* libkipi/: plugin.h, uploadwidget.cpp: Fixed KDE 3.1 compile.
2004-06-11 22:02 gateau
* libkipi/interface.cpp: tqFatal -> kdWarning
2004-06-11 22:02 gateau
* This file should not be there
2004-06-11 15:48 mlaurent
* libkipi/pluginloader.cpp: Includemoc
2004-06-10 13:21 cgilles
* libkipi/ Added i18n rules CCMAIL:
2004-06-10 13:14 cgilles
2004-06-08 07:51 cgilles
* libkipi/plugin.h: Added Batch plugins category
2004-06-06 23:28 gateau
* libkipi/design: Fixed the description of my solution.
2004-06-06 22:10 blackie
* libkipi/design: started on design for changes to
2004-06-06 21:16 blackie
* libkipi/: mainpage.cpp, pluginloader.cpp, pluginloader.h: CCMAIL:
The plugin loader does now offer a configuration widget, for
configuring which plugins should be loaded.
To configure simply call PluginLoader::configWidget(), this will
return a widget you can add to your normal configuration dialog.
When done configuring you must call the apply() slot of the
config widget.
To get the above working, you must now connect to
PluginLoader::plug()/unplug() signals both bringing a
PluginLoader::Info struct telling which plugin to (un)plug.
Alternatively, if you want to do all in one batch, you can
connect to PluginLoader::replug().
See the reference page for the plugin loader for a hint on how to
plug/unplug plugins the easiest way.
2004-06-04 00:09 blackie
* libkipi/: imagecollection.cpp, interface.cpp, interface.h:
- I realized that most of the plugins had code looking like this:
ImageCollection images = interface->currentSelection();
if ( !images.isValid() ) images =
interface->currentAlbum(); I therefore added a function called
currentScope(), which does exactly this. Its implementation is
as simple as KIPI::ImageCollection
KIPI::Interface::currentScope() { ImageCollection
images = currentSelection(); if ( images.isValid() )
return images; else return currentAlbum();
- Added signals to KIPI::Interface. The host application may now
emit one of void selectionChanged( bool hasSelection );
void currentAlbumChanged( bool anyAlbum ); in addition the
interface will itself emit void currentScopeChanged( bool
asScope ); when one of the others are emitted.
- Added all the, till now, commented out lines for
enabling/disabling actions based on selection/album
2004-05-31 23:39 blackie
* libkipi/: pluginloader.cpp, pluginloader.h: CCMAIL: clean up of the PluginLoader class as
announce weeks ago :-) It will now load plugins on construction,
so the loadPlugins() methods have been removed.
PluginLoader is now typedefed to typedef QValueList<Info> List;
Where info is defined as this: struct Info { Info( const
QString& name, const QString& comment, const QString& library,
Plugin* plugin ) : name(name), comment(comment),
library(library), plugin( plugin ) {} Info() {} QString
name; QString comment; QString library; Plugin*
plugin; };
This allows the host application to get to know the comment of a
plugin (which was the reason for making this change).
Cheers Jesper.
2004-05-31 22:30 blackie
* libkipi/: plugin.cpp, plugin.h:
As an action may be located in several windows (e.g. in several
image viewers), the actions are now setup in a setup() method
which as argument take a widget which is the widget the
accelerators of the actionCollection should work on.
actionCollection() is now again public, so it is possible to
configure keybindings.
Host application must now call Plugin::setup( QWidget* ) after
having loaded the plugins.
2004-05-31 21:11 blackie
* libkipi/: KDStream.cpp, interface.cpp, interface.h, mainpage.cpp,
plugin.cpp, plugin.h: *really* minor API changes, plus
2004-05-31 16:13 blackie
* libkipi/: imagecollection.cpp, imagecollection.h, interface.h:
Readded the hello world plugin. Host apps, which do not want to
see it, should simply ignore by adding it to the list given as
first argument to PluginLoader.
Added ImageCollection::isValid(). I realized that there was no
way for applications like digikam to indicate that there were no
album selected. So to indicate that an image collection is
invalid, the host application should give 0 for
ImageCollectionShared pointer on construction of ImageCollection.
This will make ImageCollection::isValid() return false. Plugins
should now test for isValid() before using data from image
2004-05-28 20:10 blackie
* libkipi/: interface.cpp, plugin.cpp, plugin.h: CCMAIL:,
Together with David Faure I did yesterday make the necessary
changes to allow icons local to each plugin.
The basic point of all this was that the
KIPI::Plugin::actionCollection() needed to know about the plugins
TDEInstance - as it was till this change, it got the TDEInstance for
the host application, and would thus look for icons in the host
applications directory.
Making this change did, however, reveal a conflict, namely that
each and every action in the plugin must have the
actionCollection as parent - which was not the case for items in
The way the host application finds actions right now is by
querying the actionCollection(), which with the above change
would also reveal those actions from menus.
I therefore needed to add another way for the host application to
get information about actions. I added a method called
KIPI::Plugin::actions() which the host application must call to
get information about actions. At the same time I made the
actionCollection() method protected, so the host application
can't get to that anymore.
To tell KIPI about actions, then plugins must now call
KIPI::Plugin::addAction() on each action they want to be in the
topmost menu (thus not actions located in TDEActionMenu's).
Let me summerize the changes - Host application now need to call
actions() rather than actionCollection() to get information
about action in the plugin. - plugins now need to give a pointer
to KGenericFactory<..>::instance() in the constructor of the
Plugin superclass. - the plugin must call addAction() for each
toplevel action.
And now to answer the question on how to get local icons. In, you need a line similar to this:
kipibatchprocessimagesicondir =
The name specified above (the "kipiplugin_batchprocessimages"),
must be the same as what you specify to KGenericFactory in the
typedef KGenericFactory<Plugin_BatchProcessImages> Factory;
K_EXPORT_COMPONENT_FACTORY( kipiplugin_batchprocessimages,
Cheers Jesper
2004-05-27 11:38 blackie
* libkipi/: imageinfo.cpp, imageinfo.h, imageinfoshared.cpp,
imageinfoshared.h, interface.cpp, interface.h, uploadwidget.cpp: Just in case you wonder why I post
these to kde-imaging: I post check in messages each time the
interface changes. Thus if you implement KIPI support for a host
app, you should pay extra attention.
- added KIPI::Interface::delImage(), so plugins can tell the app
when an image has been removed. - Added
KIPI::Features::ImageTitlesWritable so that plugin can disable
editing the title of an image if that doesn't make any sense for
the host app. - Added ImageInfo::cloneData( const ImageInfo&
other ), as an easy way for plugins to copy data from one image
to another, and also to allow the host application to copy any
info not available through the API. - renamed ImageInfo::name()
and ImageInfo::setName() to title() and setTitle(), and at the
same time added a default implementation to ImageInfoShared for
these two methods.
2004-05-26 00:06 gateau
* libkipi/pluginloader.cpp: Do not load plugins if all their
required features are not provided by the host app.
2004-05-25 23:42 blackie
* libkipi/: imagecollection.cpp, imageinfoshared.cpp,
interface.cpp, uploadwidget.cpp, uploadwidget.h: made the upload
widget open folders to current folder. Added mkdir() to upload
widget, And removed some warning
2004-05-25 14:15 mlaurent
* libkipi/uploadwidget.cpp: includemoc
2004-05-24 00:28 blackie
* libkipi/: interface.cpp, interface.h, uploadwidget.cpp,
uploadwidget.h: more work on the acquire plugin.
2004-05-23 23:22 gateau
* libkipi/: imagecollectionshared.cpp, imagecollectionshared.h:
Default implementation for comments, and more warning messages,
using kdWarning.
2004-05-23 23:22 gateau
* libkipi/: interface.cpp, interface.h: AlbumsHaveDescriptions ->
2004-05-23 23:14 blackie
* libkipi/:, imagecollection.cpp, imagecollection.h,
imagecollectionshared.cpp, imagecollectionshared.h, interface.h,
uploadwidget.cpp, uploadwidget.h: CCMAIL:
Next try at solving the issue with uploading images. I've now
created a new widget (UploadWidget), which can be used to ask for
a directory to upload to (upload say a scan image from
acquireimage plugin, or a new image converted in batchprocessing
The upload widget is a directory browser knowing about KURL's.
To let the browser start somewhere, I've added a new method
This isn't 100% complete yet, but I want to show it to Aurelien
The acquireimage plugin has been changed to used this new class.
I'd esp. like to get some input from the digikam team, as this
"breaks" their work with albums, but on the other hand when they
change to recursive albums, the current scheme will not work
Cheers Jesper.
2004-05-22 00:47 gateau
* libkipi/imagecollectiondialog.cpp: CVS_SILENT Fixed indentation
2004-05-22 00:46 gateau
* libkipi/: imagecollectiondialog.cpp, imagecollectiondialog.h:
Added an image preview on the right side of the dialog. CCMAIL:
2004-05-20 17:19 blackie
* the helloworld and kipidemo subdirectories are
outdated now, so no need to keep them arround anymore
2004-05-20 16:13 blackie
* libkipi/: imagecollection.cpp, imagecollection.h,
imagecollectionshared.cpp, imagecollectionshared.h,
interface.cpp, interface.h: CCMAIL: As a
conclusion to the path issues I've now implemented the following
changes in libkipi:
In ImageCollection added path() and uploadPath() These two
function must of course be implemented in the inherited version
of ImageCollectionShared, but a default implementation is given
if you do not care.
path() should return a path for the images. If that does not make
sense the host application may return a common root or even an
empty URL. The plugins are in the documentation of the method
suggested to look at the feature KIPI::AlbumEQDir before
expecting that the path is the path of the album.
uploadPath() specifies a directory to place new images. By
placing this method in this class, it makes it possible for host
application with Dir==Album to place new images in these albums,
and other application may choose to place new images on common
roots or even in one static directory.
A new KIPI::Features has been added, namely AcceptNewImages,
which tells the plugin if the image accept new images at all.
Plugins should never call uploadPath() of this feature is not
present. Likewise if this feature is present, the host
application must implement the uploadPath() method.
In KIPI::Interface a new method has been created, namely
addImage( KURL ), with which the plugin must tell the host
application about new images.
2004-05-20 12:53 blackie
* libkipi/: imageinfo.cpp, imageinfo.h, imageinfoshared.cpp,
imageinfoshared.h, interface.cpp, interface.h: Added features: KIPI::ImagesHasTime
and KIPI::SupportsDateRanges (See documentation of the enums for
their meaning)
Changed ImageInfo::time() to ImageInfo::time( TimeSpec spec =
FromInfo ) this change did of course propogate to
ImageInfoShared, so host apps needs to update.
If your app do not support time ranges (like an image is from
1998-2000), then just return the time as always ignoring the spec
argument. Still you do need to update your app to override the
correct virtual method.
Added ImageInfo::setTime() and ImageInfoShared::setTime()
Added ImageInfo::isExactTime() and ImageInfoShared::isExactTime()
to tell whether an image has an exact time or a time range. The
default implementation is to return true, so unless your app
supports time ranges, you can ignore this method.
2004-05-12 10:14 blackie
* libkipi/: Doxyfile, interface.cpp, interface.h,
kipiplugin.desktop, pluginloader.cpp: CCMAIL:
Implemented the KIPI::Features so plugins can query the features
of the host application. Also added a desktop entry called
X-KIPI-ReqFeatures, so plugins will not be loaded at all if a
hostapplication does not honor all those features.
Also started porting the batchprocessimages, and ones again the
problem is the destination directory.
2004-05-10 10:12 mlaurent
* libkipi/thumbnailjob.cpp: Includemoc includemoc... I hope that
people will understand that it's important to include moc...
2004-05-09 17:39 gateau
* AUTHORS, COPYING, ChangeLog, INSTALL, NEWS, README, Added files necessary to create a release.
2004-05-07 19:22 blackie
* libkipi/: imageinfo.cpp, imageinfo.h, imageinfoshared.cpp,
imageinfoshared.h, interface.cpp, interface.h, pluginloader.cpp,
thumbnailjob.cpp: CCMAIL: Implemented
The following changes where made to the KIPI interface: - We now
have two debug areas 51000 (general) and 51001 (loading
information). Thus debug output should now be done as: kdDebug(
51000 ) << ...
- new virtual function: KIPI::Interface::refreshImages( const
KURL::List& ); This function should be called from plugins when
images has changed on disk
- New virtual functions in interface: KIPI::ImageInfo::angle()
and KIPI::ImageInfo::setAngle() When the host application
displays an image rotated, after having being loaded from disk,
the angle() method should return the angle.
2004-05-02 23:03 gateau
* libkipi/:, imagecollectiondialog.cpp,
imagecollectiondialog.h: CCMAIL: First
implementation of the image collection dialog.
2004-05-02 16:42 blackie
* dont compile the kipi demo anymore, as it needs to
be upgraded or deleted
2004-05-02 16:39 blackie
* libkipi/: imagecollectionshared.cpp, imageinfo.cpp, imageinfo.h,
imageinfoshared.h, kipiplugin.desktop, plugin.h,
pluginloader.cpp, pluginloader.h: ups forgot these files with the
previous checking
2004-04-25 22:23 blackie
*, libkipi/interface.h: more porting plus removed
KIPI::Interface::currentView(), it was suggested by me, but I
dont use it myself, so lets throw it out
2004-04-25 21:42 gateau
* libkipi/imagecollection.cpp: - Fixed bug in copy constructor
which caused crash - Added one more message in operator=
2004-04-25 20:19 gateau
* libkipi/: imagecollection.cpp, imagecollectionshared.h: No more
'root()' method
2004-04-25 19:26 blackie
* libkipi/imagecollectionshared.h: removed constness
2004-04-25 19:01 blackie
* libkipi/: KDStream.h, imagecollection.h, imagecollectionshared.h,
imageinfo.h, imageinfoshared.h, pluginloader.h, thumbnailjob.h:
prefixed all header protections with KIPI_
2004-04-25 17:58 blackie
* libkipi/: KDStream.cpp, plugin.h: added an id() to the plugin
class, so it is possible to write code in the host apps for
handling certain plugins special. I'd for example like to put the
print plugin in teh file menu
2004-04-25 17:41 blackie
* libkipi/: KDStream.cpp,, imagecollection.cpp,
imagecollection.h, imagecollectionshared.cpp,
imagecollectionshared.h, imageinfo.cpp, imageinfo.h, interface.h:
added reference counting to ImageCollection
2004-04-25 16:47 gateau
* libkipi/: imageinfo.cpp, imageinfo.h, imageinfoshared.h: Fixed
typo: descrion -> description
2004-04-25 16:42 blackie
* libkipi/:, imageinfo.cpp, imageinfo.h,
imageinfoshared.cpp, imageinfoshared.h, pluginloader.h: added
reference counting to ImageInfo
2004-04-25 15:26 blackie
* libkipi/plugin.h: made it all compile without a make install
2004-04-24 20:20 blackie
* libkipi/: design, imagecollection.cpp, imagecollection.h,
imageinfo.h, interface.h: more porting, now added all plugins
except two that Renchi wants to work more on before they are
being ported. Note that not all added plugins has yet been
ported, if a directory is not in, then it has not yet
been ported. I have, however, done some general porting on all
2004-04-23 22:41 blackie
* libkipi/:, imagecollection.cpp, imagecollection.h,
interface.cpp, interface.h, thumbnailjob.cpp, thumbnailjob.h:
started porting digikam plugins
2004-04-14 21:51 mueller
* libkipi/imageinfo.h: unbreak compilation
2004-04-09 01:15 gateau
* libkipi/imagecollection.h: Added an empty virtual destructor.
2004-04-04 21:50 mlaurent
* libkipi/interface.cpp: includemoc
2004-04-04 19:34 gateau
* .cvsignore, libkipi/ - Fixed compilation (include
dirs, tabs vs spaces in - Added a few entries in
2004-03-30 09:21 blackie
*, libkipi/, libkipi/interface.cpp,
libkipi/interface.h, libkipi/plugin.cpp, libkipi/plugin.h,
libkipi/pluginloader.cpp, libkipi/pluginloader.h: added an
example plugin (helloworld), plus an example application using
the lib (kipidemo)
2004-03-29 19:32 blackie
* .cvsignore: Added .cvsignore.
And for those of you reading cvs logs: libkipi is an attempt at
getting a common plugin structure for a bunch of image
applications. Currently the following applications participate in
the work: digikam, gwenview, showimg, and KimDaBa.
2004-03-29 19:25 blackie
*, libkipi/.cvsignore, libkipi/KDStream.cpp,
libkipi/KDStream.h, libkipi/,
libkipi/imagecollection.h, libkipi/imageinfo.cpp,
libkipi/imageinfo.h, libkipi/interface.cpp, libkipi/interface.h,
libkipi/kipiplugin.desktop, libkipi/plugin.cpp, libkipi/plugin.h,
libkipi/pluginloader.cpp, libkipi/pluginloader.h: imported