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cd "$(dirname "$0")"
cat | \
sed -e "s/LibVNCServer, [^,)]*\([(,]\)*/x11vnc, $VERSION\1/g" \
-e "s/\(contrib\|examples\|vncterm\|libvncclient\|test\|client_examples\)\/Makefile//g" \
-e "s/LibVNCServer.spec/x11vnc.spec/g" \
-e "s/^.*libvncserver-config//g" \
echo "EXTRA_DIST=tightvnc-1.3dev5-vncviewer-alpha-cursor.patch README.LibVNCServer" >
cat | \
sed -e "s/^SUBDIRS.*$/SUBDIRS=libvncserver x11vnc classes/" \
-e "s/^DIST_SUBDIRS.*$/DIST_SUBDIRS=libvncserver x11vnc classes/" \
-e "/all: make_config_executable/,\$d" \
-e "/^.*bin_SCRIPTS.*$/d" \
-e "s/include_/noinst_/" \
cp x11vnc/README ./README
cat | \
sed -e "s/" \
-e "s/Johannes.Schindelin/Karl Runge/g" \
-e "s/a library to make writing a vnc server easy/a VNC server for the current X11 session/" \
-e "/%description/,/%prep/d" \
-e '/%setup/s/^\(.*\)$/%description\
x11vnc is to Xwindows what WinVNC is to Windows, i.e. a server\
which serves the current Xwindows desktop via RFB (VNC) protocol\
to the user.\
Based on the ideas of x0rfbserver and on LibVNCServer, it has evolved\
into a versatile and performant while still easy to use program.\
x11vnc was put together and is (actively ;-) maintained by\
Karl Runge <>\
\1/' \
mv libvncserver/ libvncserver/
cat libvncserver/ | \
sed -e "s/\(include\|LIB\|lib\)_/noinst_/g" \
> libvncserver/
cp classes/ classes/
echo 'pkgdatadir = $(datadir)/@PACKAGE@/classes' >> classes/
echo 'pkgdata_DATA=VncViewer.jar index.vnc' >> classes/
mv acinclude.m4 acinclude.m4.LibVNCServer
cat acinclude.m4.LibVNCServer | \
sed -e "s/^\(_PKG.*\)\$PACKAGE\(.*\)$/\1LibVNCServer\2/" \
> acinclude.m4
make x11vnc-${VERSION}.tar.gz
for f in libvncserver/ classes/ acinclude.m4 README; do
mv -f $f.LibVNCServer $f