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Integrate CMake patch
Clean up ZYWRLE (client-specific zywrle_level and zywrleBuf)
Clean up ZRLE (probably not thread-safe: zrleBeforeBuf, zrlePaletteHelper)
Implement ZYWRLE decoding in libvncclient
style fixes: use Linux' coding guidelines
18 years ago
LibVNCClient cleanup: prefix with "rfbClient", and make sure it does
not deliberately die() or exit() anywhere!
ANSIfy tightvnc-filetransfer
VisualNaCro testing
java vncviewer doesn't do colour cursors?
19 years ago
MinGW32 doesn't do fcntl on sockets; use setsockopt instead...
make corre work again (libvncclient or libvncserver?)
18 years ago
teach SDLvncviewer about capitals...
teach SDLvncviewer about CopyRect...
make SDLvncviewer more versatile (test for missing keys, introduce scrollbars,
make scrollable with 2xCtrl and mouse drag)
implement "-record" in libvncclient
selectbox: scroll bars
authentification schemes (secure vnc)
IO function ptr exists; now explain how to tunnel and implement a
client address restriction scheme.
using Hermes library for fast colour translations.