Update NEWS for 0.9.8 release.

Christian Beier 13 years ago
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- Overall changes:
* Automagically generated API documentation using doxygen.
* Fixed Mingw32 cross compilation.
* Fixed CMake build system.
- LibVNCServer/LibVNCClient:
* All files used by _both_ LibVNCServer and LibVNCClient were put into
a 'common' directory, reducing code duplication.
* Implemented xvp VNC extension.
* Updated minilzo library used for Ultra encoding to ver 2.04.
According to the minilzo README, this brings a significant
speedup on 64-bit architechtures.
- LibVNCServer:
* Thread safety for ZRLE, Zlib, Tight, RRE, CoRRE and Ultra encodings.
This makes all VNC encodings safe to use with a multithreaded server.
* A DisplayFinishedHook for LibVNCServer. If set, this hook gets called
just before rfbSendFrameBufferUpdate() returns.
* Fix for tight security type for RFB 3.8 in TightVNC file transfer
(Debian Bug #517422).
- LibVNCClient:
* Unix sockets support.
* Anonymous TLS security type support.
* VeNCrypt security type support.
* MSLogon security type support.
* ARD (Apple Remote Desktop) security type support.
* UltraVNC Repeater support.
* A new FinishedFrameBufferUpdate callback that is invoked after each
complete framebuffer update.
* A new non-forking listen (reverse VNC) function that works under
* IPv6 support. LibVNCClient is now able to connect to IPv6 VNC servers.
* IP QoS support. This enables setting the DSCP/Traffic Class field of
IP/IPv6 packets sent by a client. For example starting a client with
-qosdscp 184 marks all outgoing traffic for expedited forwarding.
Implementation for Win32 is still a TODO, though.
* Fixed hostname resolution problems under Windows.
- SDLvncviewer
* Is now resizable and can do key repeat, mouse wheel scrolling
and clipboard copy and paste.
- LinuxVNC:
* Fix for no input possible because of ctrl key being stuck.
Issue was reported as Debian bug #555988.
Mark sent me patches to no longer need C++ for ZRLE encoding!
added --disable-cxx Option for configure
x11vnc changes from Karl Runge: