LibVNCClient: don't leak uninitialised memory to remote

The pad fields of the rfbClientCutTextMsg and rfbKeyEventMsg could contain arbitray memory belonging to the process,
don't leak this to the remote.

Closes #252
Christian Beier 5 years ago
parent 8b06f835e2
commit 2f5b2ad1c6
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@ -1643,6 +1643,7 @@ SendKeyEvent(rfbClient* client, uint32_t key, rfbBool down)
if (!SupportsClient2Server(client, rfbKeyEvent)) return TRUE;
memset(&ke, 0, sizeof(ke));
ke.type = rfbKeyEvent;
ke.down = down ? 1 : 0;
ke.key = rfbClientSwap32IfLE(key);
@ -1661,6 +1662,7 @@ SendClientCutText(rfbClient* client, char *str, int len)
if (!SupportsClient2Server(client, rfbClientCutText)) return TRUE;
memset(&cct, 0, sizeof(cct));
cct.type = rfbClientCutText;
cct.length = rfbClientSwap32IfLE(len);
return (WriteToRFBServer(client, (char *)&cct, sz_rfbClientCutTextMsg) &&