libvncclient: Add FinishedFrameBufferUpdate callback

When working on a program which searches the display for some image, one
does not want to search again without getting an FB update.  Add a
callback to make this possible.
Alexander Dorokhine 14 years ago committed by Johannes Schindelin
parent b02849ab80
commit 62ae6bb7be

@ -1553,6 +1553,9 @@ HandleRFBServerMessage(rfbClient* client)
if (!SendIncrementalFramebufferUpdateRequest(client))
return FALSE;
if (client->FinishedFrameBufferUpdate)

@ -173,6 +173,7 @@ rfbClient* rfbGetClient(int bitsPerSample,int samplesPerPixel,
client->SoftCursorLockArea = DummyRect;
client->SoftCursorUnlockScreen = Dummy;
client->GotFrameBufferUpdate = DummyRect;
client->FinishedFrameBufferUpdate = NULL;
client->GetPassword = ReadPassword;
client->MallocFrameBuffer = MallocFrameBuffer;
client->Bell = Dummy;

@ -107,6 +107,7 @@ typedef rfbBool (*HandleCursorPosProc)(struct _rfbClient* client, int x, int y);
typedef void (*SoftCursorLockAreaProc)(struct _rfbClient* client, int x, int y, int w, int h);
typedef void (*SoftCursorUnlockScreenProc)(struct _rfbClient* client);
typedef void (*GotFrameBufferUpdateProc)(struct _rfbClient* client, int x, int y, int w, int h);
typedef void (*FinishedFrameBufferUpdateProc)(struct _rfbClient* client);
typedef char* (*GetPasswordProc)(struct _rfbClient* client);
typedef rfbBool (*MallocFrameBufferProc)(struct _rfbClient* client);
typedef void (*GotXCutTextProc)(struct _rfbClient* client, const char *text, int textlen);
@ -228,6 +229,7 @@ typedef struct _rfbClient {
SoftCursorLockAreaProc SoftCursorLockArea;
SoftCursorUnlockScreenProc SoftCursorUnlockScreen;
GotFrameBufferUpdateProc GotFrameBufferUpdate;
FinishedFrameBufferUpdateProc FinishedFrameBufferUpdate;
/* the pointer returned by GetPassword will be freed after use! */
GetPasswordProc GetPassword;
MallocFrameBufferProc MallocFrameBuffer;