Update NEWS for 0.9.9.

Christian Beier 12 years ago
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- Overall changes:
* Added noVNC HTML5 VNC viewer (http://kanaka.github.com/noVNC/) connect possibility
to our http server. Pure JavaScript, no Java plugin required anymore! (But a
recent browser...)
* Added a GTK+ VNC viewer example.
- LibVNCServer/LibVNCClient:
* Added support to build for Google Android.
* Complete IPv6 support in both LibVNCServer and LibVNCClient.
- LibVNCServer:
* Split two event-loop related functions out of the rfbProcessEvents() mechanism.
This is required to be able to do proper event loop integration with Qt. Idea was
taken from Vino's libvncserver fork.
* Added TightPNG (http://wiki.qemu.org/VNC_Tight_PNG) encoding support. Like the
original Tight encoding, this still uses JPEG, but ZLIB encoded rects are encoded
with PNG here.
* Added suport for serving VNC sessions through WebSockets
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WebSocket), a web technology providing for multiplexing
bi-directional, full-duplex communications channels over a single TCP connection.
* Support connections from the Mac OS X built-in VNC client to LibVNCServer
instances running with no password.
* Replaced the Tight encoder with a TurboVNC one which is tremendously faster in most
cases, especially with high-color video or 3D workloads.
- LibVNCClient:
* Added support to only listen for reverse connections on a specific IP address.
* Support for using OpenSSL instead of GnuTLS. This could come in handy on embedded
devices where only this TLS implementation is available.
* Added support to connect to UltraVNC Single Click servers.
- Fixed a regression that crept in with the Apple Remote Desktop support.