Update AUTHORS regarding the websocket guys.

Christian Beier 12 years ago committed by Gernot Tenchio
parent eab1531525
commit 98a9d49c05

@ -32,7 +32,8 @@ Alberto Lusiani, Malvina Mazin, Dave Stuart, Rohit Kumar, Donald Dugger,
Steven Carr, Uwe Völker, Charles Coffing, Guillaume Rousse,
Alessandro Praduroux, Brad Hards, Timo Ketola, Christian Ehrlicher,
Noriaki Yamazaki, Ben Klopfenstein, Vic Lee, Christian Beier,
Alexander Dorokhine, Corentin Chary, Wouter Van Meir and George Kiagiadakis.
Alexander Dorokhine, Corentin Chary, Wouter Van Meir, George Kiagiadakis,
Joel Martin and Gernot Tenchio.
Probably I forgot quite a few people sending a patch here and there, which
really made a difference. Without those, some obscure bugs still would