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dscho 20 years ago
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fixed bug with maxRectsPerUpdate and Tight Encoding (these are incompatible)
checked sync with TightVNC 1.2.8:
viewonly/full passwords; if given a list, only the first is a full one
vncRandomBytes is a little more secure now

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To compile LibVNCServer with sources from CVS, you have to have a current
If you check out CVS of LibVNCServer, everything should build as usual:
./configure && make
If your machine complains not having the right version of automake (which should
not be necessary, because every needed file is checked in), try
find -name -exec touch {} \;
and rerun ./configure && make
If you want to make changes which require automake or autoconf (i.e. you
check for other headers or add files), you have to have a current
(>2.50) version of autoconf. Also, you need automake.
Then, just do