Be a bit clearer with the cursorshape documentation for libvncclient.

Christian Beier 9 years ago
parent 4665af4950
commit 9d4cb568b7

@ -175,7 +175,10 @@ typedef void (*GotXCutTextProc)(struct _rfbClient* client, const char *text, int
typedef void (*BellProc)(struct _rfbClient* client);
Called when a cursor shape update was received from the server. The decoded cursor shape
will be in client->rcSource.
will be in client->rcSource. It's up to the application to do something with this, e.g. draw
into a viewer's window. If you want the server to draw the cursor into the framebuffer, be
careful not to announce remote cursor support, i.e. not include rfbEncodingXCursor or
rfbEncodingRichCursor in SetFormatAndEncodings().
typedef void (*GotCursorShapeProc)(struct _rfbClient* client, int xhot, int yhot, int width, int height, int bytesPerPixel);
typedef void (*GotCopyRectProc)(struct _rfbClient* client, int src_x, int src_y, int w, int h, int dest_x, int dest_y);