websockets: restore webSocketCheckDisconnect() to keep API compatibility

Christian Beier 7 years ago
parent ef8d2852f5
commit f48921becf
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@ -440,6 +440,17 @@ webSocketsDecode(rfbClientPtr cl, char *dst, int len)
return webSocketsDecodeHybi(wsctx, dst, len);
* This is a stub function that was once used for Hixie-encoding.
* We keep it for API compatibility.
webSocketCheckDisconnect(rfbClientPtr cl)
return FALSE;
/* returns TRUE if there is data waiting to be read in our internal buffer
* or if is there any pending data in the buffer of the SSL implementation

@ -763,6 +763,7 @@ extern rfbBool rfbSetNonBlocking(int sock);
/* websockets.c */
extern rfbBool webSocketsCheck(rfbClientPtr cl);
extern rfbBool webSocketCheckDisconnect(rfbClientPtr cl);
extern int webSocketsEncode(rfbClientPtr cl, const char *src, int len, char **dst);
extern int webSocketsDecode(rfbClientPtr cl, char *dst, int len);
extern rfbBool webSocketsHasDataInBuffer(rfbClientPtr cl);