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Christian Beier 56234cd0b6 Fix remaining compiler warnings. 12 years ago
Christian Beier bf2470cec6 Check rfbGetScreen() return value everywhere. 12 years ago
Christian Beier c8fc0ad5a7 Move zippy.c to examples. 12 years ago
dscho 8bee4eb990 ANSIfy, fix some warnings from Linus' sparse 18 years ago
dscho a84b3d072a pointerClient was still static. 18 years ago
dscho 97299606da global structures/functions should have "rfb", "sra" or "zrle" as prefix, 18 years ago
dscho eeb2061dfb API change: Bool, KeySym, Pixel get prefix "rfb"; constants in rfbconfig.h get prefix "LIBVNCSERVER_" 19 years ago
dscho 13b358fed1 fixed maxRectsPerUpdate with Tight encoding bug; some autoconfing; stderr should not be used in a library (use rfbLog instead) 19 years ago
dscho 98b9663e29 the correct way to include rfb.h is now "#include <rfb/rfb.h>" 20 years ago
dscho 0f66740881 moved files to include; moved a file to examples/ 20 years ago
dscho ce2fdb720d new version of x11vnc from Karl Runge 20 years ago
dscho 4d87189420 compiler warnings, contrib directory, new x11vnc from Karl Runge 20 years ago
dscho 0024d74727 compiler warnings and format vulnerabilities fixed 20 years ago
dscho b2253e3657 changes from Justin, zippy added 21 years ago