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Christian Beier bdd7e25d2d Move the java stuff into webclients/java-applet. 11 years ago
Christian Beier faadd48448 Rename 'classes' dir to 'webclients'. 11 years ago
runge 365a22c63c x11vnc: touchscreen uinput support and Java viewer mousewheel support. See x11vnc/ChangeLog for rest. 12 years ago
runge 81c05e4a2c update classes/ssl jars, patches, and script 12 years ago
runge 5c53ccbbe9 Improvements to Java viewer: troubleshooting settings and workarounds, misc bug fixes. 13 years ago
runge 97540de56c classes/ssl: Many improvements to Java SSL applet, onetimekey 13 years ago
runge 521b9d98a4 classes/ssl: Java SSL applet viewer now works with certificate chains. 13 years ago
runge 3129ef668a Huge number of changes, see x11vnc/ChangeLog 13 years ago
runge b6ee5f9619 Add proxyHost and proxyPort java applet params. 14 years ago
runge 61383c508e classes/ssl: java viewer now handles auth-basic proxy logins. 14 years ago
runge d8812f8c85 Add check for "https" to viewers. update jars. 15 years ago
runge 1392ead83a update ss_vncviewer script, jars, and patch files. 15 years ago
runge e305525129 classes/ssl: improve timeouts, port fallback, and connection time. 15 years ago
runge 3110c0e32f Add SSL support to UltraVNC Java Viewer (has filetransfer gui). Fix UltraVNC bugs and improve FTP gui a bit. 16 years ago
runge 85303147a0 ssl: java viewer patches, onetimekey; x11vnc setsid/setpgrp and -cc 4 for -create 16 years ago
runge 570b8e9090 update viewer jars and ss script 16 years ago
runge c5055013c0 reverse connections for ss_vncviewer. java one-time-keys. 16 years ago
runge 5b198763c5 x11vnc: FINDCREATEDISPLAY support to create X session if one cannot be found. Fix bug in java viewer. 16 years ago
runge 6f47809af2 x11vnc: improve SSL Java viewer, cleanup -unixpw code. 16 years ago
runge 06a401f8f8 x11vnc: -display WAIT:cmd=FINDDISPLAY, HTTPONCE, -http_ssl option, Java fixes. 17 years ago
runge 0ef122b61c Apache SSL gateway. More web proxy cases for Java and ssl_vncviewer. 17 years ago
runge d14cf0a84c SSL Java viewer work thru proxy. -sslGenCA, etc key/cert management utils for x11vnc. FBPM "support". 17 years ago
runge 5920dc18d7 SSL patch for Java viewer. https support for x11vnc. 17 years ago