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Christian Beier a23e87e5ec
Fix README markdown. 6 years ago
Timothy Pearson e8f6ddeddf
Update README to reflect change from defaultPtrAddEvent to rfbDefaultPtrAddEvent 6 years ago
Stefan Weil 532789f494 Fix some typos (it's / its) 6 years ago
Christian Beier c688cdd8b3 Add a and and Travis CI status badge. 7 years ago
Stefan Weil 9c7efb7633 Fix some typos (found by codespell) 7 years ago
Christian Beier 53becab94c Add VNCpp to projects using LibVNC. 8 years ago
Christian Beier faadd48448 Rename 'classes' dir to 'webclients'. 11 years ago
Christian Beier 50e83187ba Remove RDP from the README description. 12 years ago
dscho 1154bd8972 added Projects section 19 years ago
dscho 428fc93ee8 mention NEWS in README, add checks for fork and setpgrp 19 years ago
dscho eeb2061dfb API change: Bool, KeySym, Pixel get prefix "rfb"; constants in rfbconfig.h get prefix "LIBVNCSERVER_" 19 years ago
dscho 19c7fc0217 patch from Const for CursorPosUpdate encoding 20 years ago
dscho fde8958dc5 prepare for version 0.4 20 years ago
dscho 45a4b4a223 changes from Tim Jansen: threading issues, new client can be rejected, and more 21 years ago
dscho 9f07e222f8 rfbSelectBox, consoleFonts, too many changes 21 years ago
dscho e7dacc5717 cleanups 21 years ago
dscho a7d66f23a2 fixed 24bit (update was garbled) 21 years ago
dscho 446f334cc1 WIN32 compatibility, removed kbdptr.c 21 years ago
dscho 095539cd8c support for server side colour maps, fix for non-pthread, support for 3bpp 21 years ago
dscho 08ed0461c7 finally fixed pthreads 21 years ago
dscho 282b071a43 dropped miregion and all the X stuff in favour of Wez' sraRegion, added dox 21 years ago
dscho 23287dc557 small changes to README (contact) and TODO (autoconf?) 21 years ago
dscho 11d64787ee added setTranslateFunction as member of rfbScreenInfo, 21 years ago
dscho fb53d48120 docu and cursors in examples. 21 years ago
dscho 5c3eae9237 API corrections 21 years ago
dscho 1e83d9a599 cleaned up warnings, cursor changes 21 years ago
dscho c880fd33ff changed README at last 21 years ago
dscho 757fdc2454 Initial revision 21 years ago