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66 Commits (cc835fa938a8a4d3dd13a4f71ecd38ed9a2b82e9)

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Stefan Weil 9c7efb7633 Fix some typos (found by codespell) 7 years ago
Christian Beier 612de004c4 Revert "LibVNCClient: Add H.264 encoding for framebuffer updates" 8 years ago
Floris Bos aaee22aaa2 Fix compiler warnings libvncclient + gtkvncviewer 8 years ago
Brian Bidulock 57b0e4f4fe Rename obsolete INCLUDES to AM_CPPFLAGS 8 years ago
Christian Beier fdf5f8876f The HAVE_X11 define is not there anymore, but we don't need it either. 8 years ago
David Verbeiren d891478ec9 LibVNCClient: Add H.264 encoding for framebuffer updates 10 years ago
David Verbeiren 98d49517ed gtkvncviewer enhancements 10 years ago
Johannes Schindelin ee4593425f SDLvncviewer: map Apple/Windows keys correctly 11 years ago
Johannes Schindelin f11e49b4e7 SDLvncviewer: fix the SDL_KEYUP issue 11 years ago
Christian Beier 75bfb1f5d3 IPv6 support for LibVNCServer, part three: make reverse connections IPv6-capable. 11 years ago
Mateus Cesar Groess 1078e8a8b0 Here is a port of SDLvncviewer to GTK+2. 11 years ago
Johannes Schindelin 84be9d3f49 SDLvncviewer: make it resizable by default 11 years ago
Christian Beier 558a58e039 Remove unneeded files concerning CVS. 12 years ago
Christian Beier 824644d0a2 SDLvncviewer: fix compilation from dist tarball. 12 years ago
Christian Beier 705a5d46e6 Add doxygen documentation support. 12 years ago
Johannes Schindelin 166f0b9887 Another try to fix the _SOURCES issue 13 years ago
Johannes Schindelin 14854d2e5e Fix compilation with newer automake 13 years ago
Johannes Schindelin 9a9a1c5fbc Rename HAVE_X -> HAVE_X11 13 years ago
Vic Lee a4cc897222 Fix various compilation warnings 13 years ago
Christian Beier 76b468ceb0 SDLvncviewer: don't call clean up the same client twice. 13 years ago
Christian Beier 7ed1c0aeac SDLvncviewer: add SIGINT handler to be able to actually stop program. 13 years ago
Christian Beier 1f6c560985 SDLvncviewer: use -listennofork when -listen specified. 13 years ago
Christian Beier 3b608cd39b SDLvncviewer: make listen mode work _somewhat_. 13 years ago
dscho e2874d343a Teach SDLvncviewer about scroll wheel events 14 years ago
dscho 76db22022c SDLvncviewer: fix passing a wrong pointer type 14 years ago
dscho ebe79c28c3 Clipboard support for SDLvncviewer 14 years ago
dscho eb1cc7608b SDLvncviewer: upon focus loss, force releasing the Alt keys 14 years ago
dscho e12c4ccf23 SDLvncviewer: refactor event handling 14 years ago
dscho a02607fe35 Teach SDLvncviewer to be resizable 14 years ago
dscho 3ab7d5d766 SDLvncviewer: enable key repeat 14 years ago
dscho 3d2eab575e clean up build flags 14 years ago
dscho a824cf443d SDLvncviewer: update screen correctly after a resize 15 years ago
dscho b069f1dc01 SDLvncviewer: add -viewonly 15 years ago
dscho e526c4816b SDLvncviewer: fix button handling 15 years ago
dscho 2530c5fa4c SDLvncviewer: fix Ctrl+<letter> 15 years ago
dscho 20fe2c2e96 SDLvncviewer: fix translation of the Tab key 15 years ago
dscho ca805667e6 Build shared libraries per default 16 years ago
steven_carr ccdbe8f325 The great UltraVNC Compatibility Commit 17 years ago
dscho 7602f0e750 libvncclient: support changing of framebuffer size; make SDLvncviewer use it 17 years ago
dscho 9b51d63d49 fix SDLvncviewer for widths which are not divisible by 8 17 years ago
runge 3c80351a1c Make VPATH building work with -I $(top_srcdir) for rfb/rfb.h 17 years ago
dscho 1602b345f3 add KeyboardLedState extension 17 years ago
dscho 1b81e342cb assorted fixes for MinGW32 17 years ago
dscho 6a7736f87a translate keys based on unicode (much more reliable than sym) 17 years ago
dscho 194a76df11 add an extension mechanism for LibVNCClient, modify the client data handling 17 years ago
dscho 808b6a0b23 do it right: it is not DEFINES, but AM_CFLAGS 17 years ago
dscho 6bdd2e466a support new ffmpeg version 17 years ago
dscho 714bd045e7 link to libmp3lame only if exists 18 years ago
dscho 93ab95b1d3 try 32 bit first 18 years ago
dscho dc1094f03c work around bug in ffmpeg 18 years ago