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17 Commits (eeeb54758f645a3d5b36ed7ba1981456d9b59851)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Christian Beier 9aa9ac59b4 Add libvncclient/h264.c to dist tarball.
9 years ago
Brian Bidulock 57b0e4f4fe Rename obsolete INCLUDES to AM_CPPFLAGS
9 years ago
David Verbeiren d891478ec9 LibVNCClient: Add H.264 encoding for framebuffer updates
11 years ago
Christian Beier 4a5eee94e8 Fix libvncclient make dist.
11 years ago
Christian Beier 5e9da5a2f8 Add the OpenSSL libvncclient TLS version to the build system.
11 years ago
Christian Beier f5b96e57bf Update minilzo library used for Ultra encoding to ver 2.04.
12 years ago
Christian Beier ffe30366d6 Put files used by both libs into a 'common' dir.
13 years ago
Vic Lee 58a8df6ff2 Add anonymous TLS support in libvncclient
14 years ago
dscho 3d2eab575e clean up build flags
15 years ago
dscho ca805667e6 Build shared libraries per default
16 years ago
runge 347c4a9847 fix some build issues WRT ultravnc code.
17 years ago
steven_carr afa9fae024 Ultra Encoding added. Tested against UltraVNC V1.01
17 years ago
runge 3c80351a1c Make VPATH building work with -I $(top_srcdir) for rfb/rfb.h
17 years ago
dscho 808b6a0b23 do it right: it is not DEFINES, but AM_CFLAGS
18 years ago
dscho 8f4b4e267d do distribute and depend on zrle.c
18 years ago
dscho 2b8c2a5c3a add client_examples/, add SDLvncviewer, libvncclient API changes, suppress automake CFLAGS nagging
19 years ago
dscho 13b358fed1 fixed maxRectsPerUpdate with Tight encoding bug; some autoconfing; stderr should not be used in a library (use rfbLog instead)
20 years ago