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* LibVNCServer (C) 2001 Johannes E. Schindelin <>
is based on
* Original OSXvnc (C) 2001 Dan McGuirk <>,
which in turn is based on
* Original Xvnc (C) 1999 AT&T Laboratories Cambridge.
Lots of improvements of this library are thanks to
* TightVNC (C) 2000-2003 Const Kaplinsky
The ZRLE compression scheme is from
* RealVNC (James "Wez" Weatherall, who helped also with regions)
The good folks from
* KRFB (I think it was Tim Jansen)
helped also a lot (some *big* bugs!).
Karl Runge provides an x11vnc, which is a much, much improved version of my
original proof-of-concept. It really deserves to replace the old version,
as it is a state-of-the-art, fast and usable program by now! However, he
maintains it and improves it still in amazing ways!
The file transfer protocol from TightVNC was implemented by Rohit Kumar.
This includes an implementation of RFB protocol version 3.7t.
Occasional important patches were sent by (in order I found the names in my
archives and please don't beat me, if I forgot you, but just send me an
email!): Akira Hatakeyama, Karl J. Runge, Justin "Zippy" Dearing,
Oliver Mihatsch, Greg Sternberg, Werner Hofer, Giampiero Giancipoli,
Glenn Mabutt, Paul Kreiner, Erik Kunze, Mike Frysinger, Martin Waitz,
Mark McLoughlin, Paul Fox, Juan Jose Costello, Andre Leiadella,
Alberto Lusiani, Malvina Mazin, Dave Stuart, Rohit Kumar, Donald Dugger,
Steven Carr, Uwe Völker, Charles Coffing, Guillaume Rousse,
Alessandro Praduroux, Brad Hards, Timo Ketola, Christian Ehrlicher,
Noriaki Yamazaki, Ben Klopfenstein, Vic Lee, Christian Beier,
Alexander Dorokhine, Corentin Chary, Wouter Van Meir, George Kiagiadakis,
Joel Martin, Gernot Tenchio, William Roberts, Cristian Rodríguez,
George Fleury, Kan-Ru Chen, Steve Guo, Luca Stauble, Peter Watkins,
Kyle J. McKay, Mateus Cesar Groess, Philip Van Hoof, D. R. Commander,
Rostislav Lisovy, Oliver Loch, Raphael Kubo da Costa, Amandeep Singh,
Brian Bidulock, Daniel Cohen Gindi, David Verbeiren, Luca Falavigna,
Matthias Treydte, Nicolas Ruff, Robbert Klarenbeek and Floris Bos.
Probably I forgot quite a few people sending a patch here and there, which
really made a difference. Without those, some obscure bugs still would
be unfound.