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/* -=- SRA - Simple Region Algorithm
* A simple rectangular region implementation.
* Copyright (c) 2001 James "Wez" Weatherall, Johannes E. Schindelin
/* -=- sraRect */
typedef struct _rect {
int x1;
int y1;
int x2;
int y2;
} sraRect;
typedef struct sraRegion sraRegion;
/* -=- Region manipulation functions */
extern sraRegion *sraRgnCreate();
extern sraRegion *sraRgnCreateRect(int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2);
extern sraRegion *sraRgnCreateRgn(const sraRegion *src);
extern void sraRgnDestroy(sraRegion *rgn);
extern void sraRgnMakeEmpty(sraRegion *rgn);
extern rfbBool sraRgnAnd(sraRegion *dst, const sraRegion *src);
extern void sraRgnOr(sraRegion *dst, const sraRegion *src);
extern rfbBool sraRgnSubtract(sraRegion *dst, const sraRegion *src);
extern void sraRgnOffset(sraRegion *dst, int dx, int dy);
extern rfbBool sraRgnPopRect(sraRegion *region, sraRect *rect,
unsigned long flags);
extern unsigned long sraRgnCountRects(const sraRegion *rgn);
extern rfbBool sraRgnEmpty(const sraRegion *rgn);
extern sraRegion *sraRgnBBox(const sraRegion *src);
/* -=- rectangle iterator */
typedef struct sraRectangleIterator {
rfbBool reverseX,reverseY;
int ptrSize,ptrPos;
struct sraSpan** sPtrs;
} sraRectangleIterator;
extern sraRectangleIterator *sraRgnGetIterator(sraRegion *s);
extern sraRectangleIterator *sraRgnGetReverseIterator(sraRegion *s,rfbBool reverseX,rfbBool reverseY);
extern rfbBool sraRgnIteratorNext(sraRectangleIterator *i,sraRect *r);
extern void sraRgnReleaseIterator(sraRectangleIterator *i);
void sraRgnPrint(const sraRegion *s);
/* -=- Rectangle clipper (for speed) */
extern rfbBool sraClipRect(int *x, int *y, int *w, int *h,
int cx, int cy, int cw, int ch);
extern rfbBool sraClipRect2(int *x, int *y, int *x2, int *y2,
int cx, int cy, int cx2, int cy2);