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int ScaleX(rfbScreenInfoPtr from, rfbScreenInfoPtr to, int x);
int ScaleY(rfbScreenInfoPtr from, rfbScreenInfoPtr to, int y);
void rfbScaledCorrection(rfbScreenInfoPtr from, rfbScreenInfoPtr to, int *x, int *y, int *w, int *h, const char *function);
void rfbScaledScreenUpdateRect(rfbScreenInfoPtr screen, rfbScreenInfoPtr ptr, int x0, int y0, int w0, int h0);
void rfbScaledScreenUpdate(rfbScreenInfoPtr screen, int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2);
rfbScreenInfoPtr rfbScaledScreenAllocate(rfbClientPtr cl, int width, int height);
rfbScreenInfoPtr rfbScalingFind(rfbClientPtr cl, int width, int height);
void rfbScalingSetup(rfbClientPtr cl, int width, int height);
int rfbSendNewScaleSize(rfbClientPtr cl);