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$Id: ChangeLog 1008 2007-07-15 01:19:30Z ddennedy $
USING svn log NOW
2007-04-09 Dan Dennedy <>
Cleanup copyrights and attributions, and move Jean-Baptiste's services
to a new kdenlive module.
2007-03-30 Dan Dennedy <>
Add support for sox 13.0.0.
2007-03-30 Jean-Baptiste Mardelle <>
Fix boxblur and wave filters license.
2007-03-29 Dan Dennedy <>
Cleanup license declarations and remove dv1394d references.
Change registration of vmfx/mono to threshold to disambiguate with
2007-03-27 Dan Dennedy <>
Fix ffmpeg swscale code enabled with mmx flags and fix --enable-swscale
in conjunction with --avformat-static.
2007-03-16 Dan Dennedy <>
Added docs/policies.txt.
2007-02-19 Jean-Baptiste Mardelle <>
Blur and wave filters: fix typos and make functions static (patch from Stephane Fillod)
2007-02-18 Jean-Baptiste Mardelle <>
Add blur and wave filters from Leny Grisel
2007-02-07 Dan Dennedy <>
Added ffmpeg libswscale support to avformat module (requires configure
option --avformat-swscale)
2006-12-07 Dan Dennedy <
Applied patch from Stephane Fillod to make configure run with bash
since it uses bash-specific features. Also, patches headers to
C comments for pedantic compilation.
2006-09-28 Zachary Drew <>
applied audio frequency and audio channels initialization patch from Jean-Baptiste
2006-09-27 Zachary Drew <>
applied amd64 patch from gentoo folks to fix compilation of motion_est
on amd64 (thanks for the heads-up Jean-Michel)
2006-09-25 Dan Dennedy <>
- src/modules/sdl/Makefile: fix compilation on some systems using
2006-08-08 Dan Dennedy <>
enhance producer_westley to parse Kino 0.9.1 SMIL (clock) time values.
2006-08-08 Dan Dennedy <>
convert --avformat-cvs to svn and rename option as --avformat-svn (--avformat-cvs is an undocumented alias).