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2006-07-10 MPlayerThumbs 0.5b
* Fixed thumbnail generation when files have not an extension.
2006-07-01 MPlayerThumbs 0.5
* Adding -ao null option instead of -nosound
* Adding custom arguments configuration to mplayerthumbsconfig
* Cleaning code, removing check for local/remote files, and threating
all them as local, since tdeio already provides us a good support for
remote files.
* Option to add "blacklisted" extensions with mplayerthumbsconfig
2006-06-29 MPlayerThumbs 0.4b
* Changing strips color to light blue (so you can visually distinguish
mplayer thumbs from xine ones)
* Fixing compilation order
2006-06-29 MPlayerThumbs 0.4
* Removed configure script for mplayer/mplayer-bin autodetection,
instead now there's a configuration utility, mplayerthumbsconfig.
* Checking for "good" frames, discarding them when they've not enough
* Code cleaning, new methods layout.
* Fixed thumbnails generation by setting manually -nocache option in mplayer.
* Added a configure entry to disable strips.
2006-06-25 MPlayerThumbs 0.3
* Seeking to a random position between 15% and 60%.
* Better exceptions handling.
* Adding video strips (or "holes") from xine plugin.
* Adding a "(MPlayerThumbs)" identifier in konqueror "View->Preview"
* Fixed compilation with KDE <= 3.5.1
2006-06-23 MPlayerThumbs 0.2
* Using mplayer -idx to fix seeking in corrupted files.
* Using original aspect ratio.
* Reading the fourth frame instead of the first seems to give a better
2006-06-20 MPlayerThumbs 0.1
* Initial release.