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Michael Franz Aigner
For basic TDEConfigSkeleton::addItem* and Item*
ctors (for scalar types)
Simon Edwards
For putting PyKDE on KDE CVS
Torsten Marek
For initial work on PyKDE for sip 4.0 that cut lots
of hours off the development time, and for several
bug reports; PyKDE/PyTQt wiki
Troy Melhase
tdemdi advocacy and the example programs for tdemdi and qxembed
Steve Robson
Slackware bug reports and persistence
The usual suspects: Hans-Peter Jansen, Simon Edwards,
Ricardo Javier Cardenes
General assistance and great suggestions on a number
of aspects of PyKDE
PyKDE mailing list
As always, a lot of good comments, suggestions, bug
reports from people whose names I haven't listed
here (sorry for the omissions).
David Boddie
More plugin related stuff (coming in future releases)
Ricardo Javier Cardenes Medina bugs and incompatibilities with Python < 2.2)
David Boddie
Panel applet original code and suggestions; Slackware
bug reports
Han-Peter Jansen (again)
Top level sip file patch script, more fixes
and enhancements
Gordon Tyler (again)
Need for and implementation of ConvertToSubClassCode
code in PyKDE (subclassing related)
Simon Edwards
Mandrake 9.1 rpms
PyKDE mailing list
Encouragement, support useful criticisms and
Hans-Peter Jansen (again)
For cleanup and enhancements (smp, dest dir,
Gordon Tyler
For bug reports and 'sys.executable' patch
for example files, obsolete TQList instances report,
createGUI fix in xmlmenu example
Julian Rockey
For bug reports
Jonathan Gardner, Hans-Peter Janssen, Marc Schmitt
For rpm packages and the source forge website
(let me know if I've left out any names)
Daniel Naber
For bug reports and testing (TDESharedPtr related)
Roberto Alsina
For an interim KDE3.1.1 compatible release
Michael Lauer
For presip testing and suggestions
Neil Stevens
TDEListViewItem constructor bug
Bret McMillan
For RH info and assistance.
Ricardo Javier Cardenes Medina
For the Debian port, 80% improvement in compile times and
other suggestions.
Bill Soudan
For testing and bug fixes for gcc2.96/KDE2.2.0/RH7.2 (and
a lot of work on all of those)
Boudewijn Rempt
For evangelising and providing so much support to other users.
Matt Gerassimoff, John Filo, Boudewijn Rempt
For testing and excellent bug reports.
Rupert Thurner
For pointing out what env is for.
Henrik Motakef
For bug reports/fixes in PyKDE2
Yannick Gingras
For bug reports (gcc 2.96 related)
KDE Developers
For a great platform to port to Python