Timothy Pearson 12 years ago
parent 2dfc9a2950
commit 298800711f

@ -3016,7 +3016,7 @@ Added TQt3 support for TQColor, TQCursor, TQObject, TQPaintDevice, TQPixmap and
Added TQColor.getHsv().
Added the Display opaque structure.
Added qt_xdisplay(), qt_xscreen() and qt_xrootwin().
Added tqt_xdisplay(), tqt_xscreen() and tqt_xrootwin().
Added TQPaintDevice.x11Display(), TQPaintDevice.x11AppDisplay,
TQPaintDevice.x11SetAppDpiX() and TQPaintDevice.x11SetAppDpiY().
Added the missing TQPixmap.save() variant.

@ -358,8 +358,8 @@ v2.5 11th August 2001
for different versions of TQt. NULL TQCanvasItemList, TQFileInfoList,
TQObjectList, TQStrList and TQWidgetList pointers are now converted to an
empty Python list rather than None. Added TQDataStream and the TQDom
classes (thanks to Jim Bublitz). Added the qt_xdisplay(), qt_xscreen()
and qt_xrootwin() functions. Added the TQColor.getHsv(),
classes (thanks to Jim Bublitz). Added the tqt_xdisplay(), tqt_xscreen()
and tqt_xrootwin() functions. Added the TQColor.getHsv(),
TQPaintDevice.x11Display(), TQPaintDevice.x11AppDisplay(),
TQPaintDevice.x11SetAppDpiX(), TQPaintDevice.x11SetAppDpiY() and
TQWidget.customEvent() methods.

@ -34,11 +34,11 @@ typedef unsigned long WId;
typedef void Display;
Display *qt_xdisplay();
int qt_xscreen();
WId qt_xrootwin();
Display *tqt_xdisplay();
int tqt_xscreen();
WId tqt_xrootwin();
%If (TQt_3_1_0 -)
WId qt_xrootwin(int);
WId tqt_xrootwin(int);
%If (TQt_3_3_0 -)