Rename KApplication to TDEApplication to avoid conflicts with KDE4

Timothy Pearson 11 years ago
parent 1343e022f2
commit c7afb0091d

@ -491,8 +491,8 @@ v0.8 29th May 1999
classes to follow the new NULL/None conventions, and for the
introduction of sipParseArgs(). Added Drag-and-Drop support to kmyapp.
Added Matt Gerassimoff's TQt examples. Added the TQCursor global
cursors. Added TQPainter.boundingRect(), KApplication.addDropZone(),
KApplication.removeDropZone, KApplication.setRootDropZone(). Added
cursors. Added TQPainter.boundingRect(), TDEApplication.addDropZone(),
TDEApplication.removeDropZone, TDEApplication.setRootDropZone(). Added
TQDragEnterEvent, TQDragLeaveEvent, TQDragMoveEvent, TQDragObject,
TQDragResponseEvent, TQDropEvent, TQDropSite, TQHideEvent, TQImageDrag,
TQPaintDeviceMetrics, TQShowEvent, TQStoredDrag, TQTextDrag, TQTimer,