Qalculate! – TDE frontend for the ultimate desktop calculator
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2009-01-05 Jonathan Stickel <>
* General build updates and bug fixes, including the ability to
build against cln >= 1.2.
2007-08-07 Niklas Knutsson <>
* New Simplified Chinese translation (Roy Qu <>)
2007-04-26 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Fix equals sign for comparison with approximately displayed value
2007-04-16 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Always input decimal separator sign on keypad separator press
2007-03-21 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Minor documentation fixes
2006-12-16 Niklas Knutsson <>
* New French translation (Nicolas Laug <>)
2006-11-18 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Update Swedish translation
2006-11-07 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Update Dutch translation (Jaap Woldringh <>)
2006-11-02 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Connect "Exp" button Exp RPN operation and add Ctrl+Shift+E shortcut
2006-09-10 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Ability to set shortcuts for meta modes
2006-09-05 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Integer factorization
2006-07-19 Niklas Knutsson <>
* "Include headings" -> "Includes headings"
2006-07-14 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Fix set unknowns in RPN mode
2006-07-12 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Fixes for old KDE and Qt version
2006-07-02 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Global shortcut for show/hide
* Add "Engineering" to popup menu
* Make separate options for "Sort Minus Last" and "Negative Exponents" in numerical display menu
* Save history in a generic format as in qalculate-gtk
* Add "Edit Expression", "Edit Result", and "Insert Result Variable" to history context menu
* Do not put numerator in parenthesis in (1/2)/m, with "Place Units Separately" activated
* Increment version number
2006-06-20 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Select text when editing matrix with F2 or Tab
2006-06-19 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Use localized comma for insert matrix/vector
* Display parentheses correctly with flat division when "Place units separately" is activated
2006-06-16 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Fix add/modify series on Enter in expression field
2006-06-10 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Add "Engineering" display mode
2006-06-01 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Polishing before 0.9.4 release
2006-05-20 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Use icon buttons by default
2006-05-09 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Use KLocale functions for decimal signs as, kde sets LC_NUMERIC to "C"
2006-04-30 Niklas Knutsson <>
* "Convert to Best Unit" and "Convert to Base Units" was swapped
2006-04-28 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Fix function editing with subfunctions
2006-04-23 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Update documentation
* Update Swedish translation
2006-04-10 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Align all matrix/vector table items right
* Do not calculate twice when dialog pops up
* Remember visible tab with rpn mode on and off
* Enhance matrix/vector dialogs
2006-04-09 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Do not add empty expressions to expression entry history
* Fix keyboard input with focus on stack list
* Add buttons and switch single selection for the stack list
* Show default value of arguments in function description
2006-04-08 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Improve RPN mode
* "Use only keypad keys for RPN operations" option
* Redirect all unused input to expression entry
* Tooltips on configure dialog
* Localize expressions in unit manager
* Options to use dot as thousands separator when it is not the default decimal sign
2006-04-06 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Finish RPN mode
2006-04-04 Niklas Knutsson <>
* True RPN mode
2006-04-02 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Documentation updates
2006-04-01 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Handle custom condition in edit argument dialog
2006-03-29 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Focus text field that caused error after error message
* Fix edit dataset name
* Clear description and object list on data set deletion
2006-03-28 Niklas Knutsson <>
* New icons
2006-03-27 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Check capitalization
* Dutch translation
* Do not enable system tray icon by default
2006-03-23 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Put selection of number base in result and expression in the same dialog
2006-03-20 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Calculate selection (-clipboard, -c) command line option
2006-03-19 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Use Escape key to hide window when tray icon is on
2006-03-18 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Fix session management
* Enable system tray icon by default
2006-03-13 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Do not do any unnecessary result updates when loading meta mode
* Show original parsed precision of enetered numbers
2006-02-11 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Do not use "Read Precision" in plot
2006-02-07 Niklas Knutsson <>
* "RPN Mode" -> "RPN Syntax"
2006-02-01 Niklas Knutsson <>
* When in RPN mode, do not put selection in parenthesis and place operator after
2005-12-20 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Warn about denominators assumed non-zero option
2005-12-19 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Update Swedish translation
* Update documentation
2005-12-13 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Set minimum with for entries in units dialog
2005-12-13 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Display AND and OR with lower-case letters
2005-12-11 Niklas Knutsson <>
* No double quotes in in history from set unknowns
2005-12-03 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Display "x < 3 && x > 1" as "1 < x < 3"
2005-11-29 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Do not display (x)(y)^z with multiplication sign
* No double quotes in set unknowns dialog
* Set max precision to 100000
2005-11-27 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Update assumption menu items and combo boxes (in edit unknown variable dialog)
after setting sign or type (ex. setting sign to positive makes type at least real)
2005-11-26 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Do not start command thread more than once
2005-11-24 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Never display 1/x as (1)/x no matter how deeply nested
2005-11-22 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Factorize and simplify in a separate thread that can be stopped and show progress dialog
* Clear history action and history popup menu item
* Allow factorization print option (for (3/4*(x+1))/(y+1))
* Fix cancel command called from popup menu (using QTimer::singleShot())
2005-11-19 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Do not display colon when argument description is empty
2005-11-17 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Simplify menu item
* Algebraic mode -- simplify, factorize, or none
2005-11-07 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Do not remove white spaces from expression history
* Do not add plot expression with only white space
* Do not automatically add plot expression when applying appearance or function range
2005-11-06 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Fix completion with or after unicode signs
2005-11-05 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Fix parenthesis for division in division
2005-11-04 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Fix compilation with --enable-final
2005-11-01 Niklas Knutsson <>
* History enhancements
2005-10-31 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Remove word wrap in result display
* Fix scaling (font size were replaced in the wrong order)
* Polishing
2005-10-30 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Finish documentation updates
* Completion fixes
2005-10-29 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Update parse status display of to unit expression and parse display in history
* Nicer history display with separating horizontal lines and italic parsed expression
2005-10-28 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Update documentation
* Use option to reduce transformation when parsing and print formating for parse status
* Update recalculation behaviour on mode change
* Support for binary and other prefixes
2005-10-26 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Add unit selector to convert to unit dialog
* Update Swedish translation
* Fix window height with menubar in window by making the minimum window size equal to the one line menubar width
* Reduce result display size on startup and expand history on resize
* Fix display of long parsed expression
2005-10-25 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Completion fixes and enhancements
* Match against Calculator's item lists directly instead of passing names to KCompletion
* Completion for all names
* Disable completion for disabled object types (functions, variables and units)
* Show alternative names in cursive style after default in completion list
* Make suffixes in completion list smaller
* Option to disable completion
* Remove details buttons from variable edit dialog and instead hide value entry,
exact button and names details in variable edit dialog in store mode
* Use variables edit dialog also for storing matrix/vector results
* Fill in forgotten new data set function (for File->New->Data Set)
2005-10-24 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Fix for TQT_NO_STL
* Tweak layout and show functions button again, with italic f(x)
* Remove automatic accelerators from buttons in main window
* Remove mod button and move f(x) button to keypad
* Add option to enable/disable icon buttons
* Add apply button to preferences dialog
2005-10-23 Niklas Knutsson <>
* QalculateButton class for smaller buttons and markup
* GUI redesign along the lines of redesigned the GTK+ GUI
* Fix tab order and use lower case letters for function buttons
* Use text instead of pixmaps for top-right buttons if not icons on buttons KDE option is turned on
* Polishing
2005-10-20 Niklas Knutsson <>
* had_warnings_before = had_errors => had_warnings_before = had_warnings
* Configuration of status warning and error colors
* Split settings dialog in two tabs
2005-10-19 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Ability to save different modes
* Update documentation
* Fix as-you-type function hints when unlimited number of arguments
* Increase max value length in variables dialog
* Font selection for status label
* Choice to disable as-you-type expression status
2005-10-18 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Fix as-you-type parsing with " to " in expression
* Display as-you-type parsing with warnings in blue
2005-10-17 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Display parsing and function hints under the expression entry to the left
* Fix recovery of expression after closed completion list
2005-10-11 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Change alignment in entries in convert number bases dialog
2005-09-30 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Fix round halfway numbers to even menu item
2005-09-25 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Also process operators entered with keypad (ButtonState)
* Default to no system tray icon
2005-06-16 Niklas Knutsson <>
* System tray icon and close to system tray option
2005-06-10 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Add glib-2.0 and libxml-2.0 to PKG_CHECK_MODULES
* Display prefix in object info
* Check that prefix name can be displayed
* Right align equals label in units dialog
* Confirm overwriting result and plot image files
* Use KIO instead of wget for fetching exchange rates
* Close gnuplot and disable save button when no series defined
* Compile with kdelibs < 3.4
* Compile with Qt 3.1 and 3.2
2005-06-09 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Use KLineEdit's popup menu and disable completion menu by temporarily setting the completion object to NULL
* Enable click-to-focus for result display
* Focus expression entry on most key events
* Focus expression entry on set result
* Act also on base combo activated
* Do not open matrix result twice
* Set close button default and focus in result matrix/vector dialog
* Insert selection button in matrix/vector dialog
* Use number base for expression parsing when printing parsed expression
* Add "No Prefix" to set prefix menu
* Support for "e" instead of "E" in result
* Enhance progress dialogs
2005-06-08 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Combo box simple numerical display activated normal display
* Do not cover function arguments by function anchor to avoid formatting problems
* Display correct equals in history on updated display format
* Add space also around SIGN_DIVISION_SLASH as it seems to look best for most fonts (except Bitstream Cyberbit)
* Use the QalculateExpressionEdit widget in the plot dialog
* Place reference to MathStructure in anchor instead of object name
* Add show parsed expression and show object info to result display context menu
* Insert matrix/vector dialog from menu and result display
* Double click action in result display
* Matrix and vector buttons in insert function dialog
* Open selected expression in insert matrix/vector dialog
2005-06-07 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Hide completion when expression is empty
* Handle input keys ^+digit as "^"+digit
* Handle input keys ^+0 as degree sign
* Update screenshots in documentation
* Convert button behaviour should depend on keyboard focus
* Let return/enter activate convert instead of a default button
2005-06-06 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Do not recreate the division line image every time
* Add web address to about data and change bug address
2005-06-05 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Disable list view sorting correctly
* Set name in argument edit dialog
* Align yes/no columns center
* Add list items add the end of the list to get the right order
* Add tooltips
* There is really no reason to untoggle hyp and inv automatically
* Use qalculate_kde instead of qalculate-kde for everything but the binary to please kde
* Reload also recent composite units and getActive...
* Result display is more efficient than in qalculate-gtk so no need for "result is too long"
* Do not put extra space a the top of result is more than one row
* Bitwise NOT (~)
* xor() and bitXor()
2005-06-04 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Update base menu when opening other base dialog even when the spinbox value equals the current base
* Base and numeric mode combo boxes should not be editable
* Make set other base non-radio action and use listBox()->selected() for
base in keypad to get signal on reselection of other base
* Put object creation in slotOk() instead of using exec() in a loop
2005-06-03 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Assume that QT does not have STL support -- always use c_str() and ascii()
* Bitwise AND (&), OR (|), XOR
* Remove old giac stuff
* Use KUniqueApplication
* Shift GUI vertical orientation and increase right display margin
* stripWhiteSpace() returns a new string!
2005-06-02 Niklas Knutsson <>
* Clean up plot dialog on finished() instead of hidden()
* Try to align the result vertically more in the middle
* Display ampersands in menus for categorys and titles