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#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use Shell qw(mv cp mkdir rm) ;
use File::Find;
use Cwd;
$origPwd = `pwd`;
chomp $origPwd;
$kde_prefix = "/usr";
$sysconfdir = "/etc";
$kde_includedir = "$kde_prefix/include/kde";
$infodir = "$kde_prefix/share/info";
$mandir = "$kde_prefix/share/man";
$qtdir = "/usr/share/qt3";
$kde_cgidir = "$kde_prefix/lib/cgi-bin";
$kde_confdir = "$sysconfdir/trinity";
$kde_htmldir = "$kde_prefix/share/doc/kde/HTML";
if (defined $ENV{DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS} &&
$ENV{DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS} =~ /\bnostrip\b/) {
} else {
if (@ARGV && $ARGV[0] eq 'echodirs') {
print STDOUT "export kde_prefix=$kde_prefix\n";
print STDOUT "export sysconfdir=$sysconfdir\n";
print STDOUT "export kde_includedir=$kde_includedir\n";
print STDOUT "export infodir=$infodir\n";
print STDOUT "export mandir=$mandir\n";
print STDOUT "export qtdir=$qtdir\n";
print STDOUT "export kde_cgidir=$kde_cgidir\n";
print STDOUT "export kde_confdir=$kde_confdir\n";
print STDOUT "export kde_htmldir=$kde_htmldir\n";
print STDOUT "configkde=$enable_debug --disable-rpath --prefix=\$(kde_prefix) --sysconfdir=\$(sysconfdir) --includedir=\$(kde_includedir) --infodir=\$(infodir) --mandir=\$(mandir) --with-qt-dir=\$(qtdir)\n";