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samelian 6c3831775e [kde-common/cmake] tde_create_handbook(): added SRCDIR directive 12 years ago
tpearson 587fb7aa4d Bring the HTML directory in line with the old Automake directory 12 years ago
samelian 93ceb90e9d [kde-common/cmake] tde_automoc: fixed variable colision 12 years ago
samelian f221235019 [kde-common/cmake] tde_automoc: use absolute path to source header 12 years ago
samelian 59fd2d7347 [kde-common/cmake] added META_INCLUDES directive 12 years ago
samelian ce35309a6c [kde-common/cmake] FindTDE.cmake: check for makekdewidgets 12 years ago
samelian 45082122fc [kde-common/cmake] TDEMacros.cmake: added tde_moc macro 12 years ago
tpearson e7fa629192 Improve Qt4 detection 12 years ago
samelian 972b980c05 [kde-common/cmake] tde_uic.cmake: copy .ui file locally and run tqt-replace before uic 12 years ago
tpearson d40bdd8deb Use new tqt uic 12 years ago
tpearson e72d5e06a6 Fix TQt UIC detection 12 years ago
tpearson 5bb7407bbc Fix TQt detection 12 years ago
samelian 288a9224e5 [kde-common/cmake] tde_add_library: do not add soversion for exported libraries without version 12 years ago
samelian a4caa4c796 [kde-common/cmake] FindQt.cmake: checking for patched Qt; added more flags to QT_DEFINITIONS 12 years ago
tpearson ce1a03a49a Fix Qt4 handling of threading 12 years ago
samelian 5c180c43be [kde-common/cmake] using our own export procedure, for more control 12 years ago
tpearson 2098cacfe9 TQt for Qt4 does not need the Qt3Support library 12 years ago
tpearson f00bf4399d Improve default case library handling 12 years ago
tpearson d15313e0c7 Fix up fallthrough tqt detection case 12 years ago
tpearson 13eab31526 Add fallback case 12 years ago
samelian 581a653144 [kde-common/cmake] tde_add_library: processing .skel files when they aren't in current directory 12 years ago
samelian b3e57d72df [kde-common/cmake] added FindTDE.cmake 12 years ago
samelian 9aa116c2d7 [kde-common/cmake] added two macros: tde_create_handbook and tde_auto_add_subdirectories 12 years ago
samelian d077488b31 [kde-common/cmake] added tde_include_tqt macro 12 years ago
samelian 447692aab4 [kde-common/cmake/modules] added tde_save / tde_restore macros 12 years ago
samelian 242a64afc8 [kde-common/cmake] looking for tde_uic.cmake in CMAKE_MODULE_PATH 12 years ago
samelian 1ab8856ee0 [kde-common/cmake] make tde_uic usable even if TDE_QTPLUGINS_DIR is not set (i.e. kdelibs context) 12 years ago
samelian 1af843c88c [kde-common/cmake] added a special uic wrapper, for using with TDE codebase 12 years ago
samelian 695b35791d [kde-common/cmake] tde_add_library: CMAKE_PROJECT_NAME replaced with PROJECT_NAME 12 years ago
samelian 78bb63fad0 [kde-common/cmake] added EXPORT directive to macro tde_add_kdeinit_executable 12 years ago
samelian e0e9e985b3 [kde-common/cmake] added support for imported targets; few fixes DESTDIR related 12 years ago
samelian 9476589c12 [kde-common/cmake] added find module for TQt 12 years ago
samelian fce0eb84ef [cmake/modules] TDEMacros.cmake: follow KDE4 rules for path names; added new macros: tde_add_ui_files, tde_automoc, tde_conditional_add_subdirectory; some other small changes. 12 years ago
samelian ebac6a52bc [kde-common/cmake] tde_setup_paths: I decided to follow KDE4 rules for names of installing paths 12 years ago
samelian 688c4ba9d0 [kde-common/cmake] tde_install_icons: detect locolor theme icons; ignoring icons with invalid names 12 years ago
samelian 955e3bfa94 [kde-common/cmake] rename QT_INCLUDE_DIR to QT_INCLUDE_DIRS and QT_LIBRARY_DIR to QT_LIBRARY_DIRS 12 years ago
samelian ce53981f65 [kde-common/cmake] added our own FindQt module 12 years ago
samelian 829a6389f3 [kde-common/cmake] added macro tde_message_fatal 12 years ago
samelian 0266473091 [kde-common/cmake] tde_setup_paths: some paths can be detected automatically using kde-config 12 years ago
samelian 8e8977b9ec [kde-common/cmake] added "tde_setup_paths" macro, a convenient way to setup install paths, inspired by classic configure tool 12 years ago
samelian 82af9dc79b [kde-common/cmake] avoid transitive linking to convenience libraries 12 years ago
samelian beae402a3f [kde-common/cmake] make .la files compatible with libtool 12 years ago
tpearson dee2b58627 Add shared CMake directory 12 years ago
tpearson 68e9b2ed6f TQt LDFLAGs propagation fix 12 years ago
tpearson 05c5cb49f5 Temporarily disable error and stop 12 years ago
tpearson 68b791fab1 First attempt at getting TQT integrated... 12 years ago
tpearson 02c3c4f89b Find the correct moc binary... 12 years ago
tpearson 614d11e5a1 Added preliminary Qt4 stuff that will hopefully be used in the future 12 years ago
tpearson e2d8417299 Automake fixes 12 years ago
tpearson e0e7ac6fc8 Updated to latest available to fix kdevelop 13 years ago