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# This script tags all modules listed in the "modules" file.
# Make sure to fix the set_urls function so that it uses the right tags.
# language_list becomes the subdirs file in the l10n module, make sure it's uptodate.
# Once it's all done, the script checks out the tagged directories under clean/.
test -n "$SVNUSER" || { echo "You must set SVNUSER"; exit 1; }
test -n "$SVNPROTOCOL" || { echo "You must set SVNPROTOCOL"; exit 1; }
headrev=`svn log -r HEAD -q $BASE | grep ^r | cut -b2-8 `
. versions
cd clean
for i in `cat ../modules`; do
set_urls $i
if test -d $subname; then
svn cleanup $subname
svn switch $BASE/$HEADURL $subname
svn up -r $headrev $subname
svn co -r $headrev $BASE/$HEADURL $subname