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* new option for indented / non indented menu items
* new option for highlighted tool button icons on mouse over
* the button look for tool(bar) buttons is now optional
* new rubberband options
* smaller tabWidget margins
* respects Gwenview's / Kicker's taskbar applet / Konversation's own mousewheel handling for scrollviews
* clipped popup menu edges, for a better look with KWin's shadows (Beryl seems not to support it).
* fixes pixmaps on PowerPC architecture
* fixes functionality of some popup QToolButtons and adapts their look and behavior to TDEToolBarButtons
* the content of popup menus with a side pixmap is visible again (Amarok, Digikam)
* adapts KMenu's section header style
* fixes Kickoff's tab icon alignment
* fixes possible crash with enabled text effect
* lets apps using their own label colors on tabs (if they're not defaulting to a fixed color like konsole)
* decoration: option "dark window frame" draws a darker frame
* decoration: borders are hidden when in maximized mode and moving / resizing of maximized windows is not allowed.
* decoration buttons on inactive windows are now visible if the mouse is over the titlebar
* a new thinner contour for the buttons (raised and sunken)
* different button contour colors for mousehover, pressed and default states
* mouseclick on LineEdits hides the cursor
* disabled toolButtons in non KDE applications are now drawn grayed out and with 50 % reduced transparency
* buttons respect background pixmaps
* text effect option
* animated progressbar
* configurable groupbox background color
* configurable selected popupmenu item color
* deactivatable popupmenu gradient
* faster smooth scrolling
* it's now possible to switch tabs with the mousewheel
* colors can now be drag between the tabs in the configurations dialog
* disables popupmenu (fake) transparency (they are cheap and broken)
* some speed improvements, especially the groupbox
* fixes mousewheel not switching desktops
* fixes diverse crashes