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Patrice Trembay <tremblaypatrice AT yahoo DOT fr>
on kde-[look/apps].org : PaT (Online March 2006)
There is some code in lipstik based on the following sources :
Thanks to all these authors!
- Comix style for KDE (Jens Luetkens)
- PlastikQ style for KDE (Martin Beck)
- Krisp style for KDE (Keith Meehl)
- Ballistik (thanks to Florian Merz)
- Kerastik (thanks to Victor Perez Q)
- DotNET (thanks to Chris Lee)
- Polyester (thanks Marco Martin)
- and many other sources of inspiration (qtcurvem, keramik, tiblit, etc.)!
Sandro Giessl <ceebx AT users DOT sourceforge DOT net>
Patch: smaller rounded edges for listview headers:
Vincent Wagelaar <vincent AT ricardis DOT tudelft DOT nl>
Patch: for tool buttons (fix for korns KornButton; tool buttons of qt apps
behave like tool buttons of kde apps.)
Bernardo Hung <deciare AT gta DOT igs DOT net>
Widget Style:
"Plastik" is based on the excellent clean code of the kde style "dotNET";
Some code adopted from the "Keramik" kde style. Thanks!
--- original dotNET Credits: ----------------------------------------------
Copyright (C) 2001-2002, Chris Lee <>
Carsten Pfeiffer <>
Karol Szwed <>
Drawing routines completely reimplemented from KDE3 HighColor, which was
originally based on some stuff from the KDE2 HighColor.
--- original Keramik Credits: ---------------------------------------------
Copyright (c) 2002 Malte Starostik <>
(c) 2002,2003 Maksim Orlovich <>
based on the KDE3 HighColor Style
Copyright (C) 2001-2002 Karol Szwed <>
(C) 2001-2002 Fredrik Hoeglund <>
Drawing routines adapted from the KDE2 HCStyle,
Copyright (C) 2000 Daniel M. Duley <>
(C) 2000 Dirk Mueller <>
(C) 2001 Martijn Klingens <>
Progressbar code based on TDEStyle,
Copyright (C) 2001-2002 Karol Szwed <>
Copyright (C) 2011-2015 Timothy Pearson <>