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#1 : On really small buttons, the focus rectangle looks strange. (Not only my fault, though,
same happens in almost every style I've tried.) Ill try to come up with something else
for the focus indication.
#2 : When you first select this style, some apps, like kicker, wont refresh all the settings.
This is not really a bug in Lipstik, but it happens.
(Workaround : restart KDE, or just kicker by pressing ALT+F2 and
type "dcop kicker Panel restart".
#3 : Looking for a way to make the menu titles have the "unflatten" look even when the taskbar
is set to flat... (Dont know yet... Maybe qtcast for the menu class?)
UPDATE: Well, since the style is designed with KDE 3.5 in mind, and my flat kicker
buttons hack for older KDE versions is gone, the menu titles wont get the flat
look, since that was a side-effect of this hack.
#4 : Find a way to highlight the kicker taskbar buttons when in flat mode... What is that about?
I can't remember :)
#5 : Toolbar gradients quite suck ;)