Rename kwin to twin (part 1 of 2)

Timothy Pearson 12 years ago
parent 967c4c8c4d
commit df63cee06e

@ -162,7 +162,7 @@ I dont have much time these days to work on lipstik, but here is a small update.
1.0 beta1 : Reaching the "Susan" stage :-)
--Completely redone the configuration panel.
--Fixed the position of dots on horizontal dockwindow.
--Fixed the position of dots on horizontal doctwindow.
--Toolbar handle mouseover highlighting.
--Popupmenu arrows are now using the button text color when normal, and highlight text color when selected.
--Arrow color on "colored combobox" is now the highlighted text color. (matching plastikq's behaviour)

@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ DONE:
- Can I port the Mouse Over Highlight of the slider and scrollbar from MotifPlus to Lipstik? [DONE IN 0.91]
- Menu arrows highlighting. [DONE IN 1.0 beta1]
- Config panel fits on a 800x600 resolution. [DONE IN 1.0 beta1]
- Dockwindow handle mouseover highlight. [DONE in 1.99]
- Doctwindow handle mouseover highlight. [DONE in 1.99]
- Maybe i should put an option to show a tick instead of a cross in checkboxes. [DONE in 1.99]
- Maybe some highlighting of the active tab? (Blue line at the top?) [DONE in 1.99]
- Is there a way to "highlight on mouseover" the tab buttons (new tab, close tab)? [DONE in 2.0]

@ -3099,7 +3099,7 @@ void LipstikStyle::tqdrawControl(ControlElement element,
// Menu and dockwindow empty space
// Menu and doctwindow empty space
case CE_DockWindowEmptyArea: