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2.2.3 : For my PC-BSD friends...
--Add a configurable active tab highlight color.
--PC-BSD rocks! Try it!
2.2.2 : After one year...
--Just a repackaging of the special Debian version.
--Updated the spec file for Fedora Core 6, thanks to Pramod Venugopal.
--Lipstik now has a home page (
...I have a new version (2.3) locally but it will need some more testing
before I release it; Lipstik is still not dead after all ;)
2.2.1 : Quick bug fix release.
--Trying things to get the build to work with GCC 4.1...
--Disabled by default the toolbar gradients (will need more work before it looks good...)
2.2 : Sanity.
I think the last release was not that good. Let me make it up to you with this one. Enjoy!
--Added the possibility to configure the spacing for menus from 0 (like Lipstik < 2.0) to 8 pixels. The default is 6.
(It replaces the space-saving menu option).
--While at it, bring back the toolbar item spacing from the dead, but this time working correctly and defaulted to off.
You can configure it from 0 to 6 pixels.
--Added a gradient option for toolbars.
--Replaced the boring "Alternative menu gradients" by "Button-like menu gradients". It renders the selected menu entry
like a button. (Inspiration comes from the incredible QtCurve.)
--Now, last release was just crazy with regards to default options. Sanitize it all.
--Updated the build system so it will be more compatible with more distros. If it breaks for you, e-mail me.
--Hopefully fixed a couple of building bugs with the myriad of GCC compilers out there.
--Fixed a couple of rendering bugs (especially with toolbar/dock handles).
--Tweaked Lipstik Noble color-scheme a bit.
--NOTE: If you switch "Plastik gradients" on and wonder why the toolbar gradients look inverted, uncheck the
"Invert gradients" in the Toolbars configuration group. (By the way, try it, Lipstik looks best this way, and
with the Noble color scheme too :).
2.1.1 : Never released finally...
2.1 : Are we there yet?
Some small fixes, a new option and hopefully, the last release this year :)
--Fix for the toolbar separator not being the right color.
--Added an option to "compress" menus. (Space saving menus).
--The default checkmarks/radiobuttons color is now the highlighting color.
2.0 : Done.
Here we go. The final major Lipstik release.
I tried to include many of the suggestions I received over time, most of them really good ideas! Thanks to all of you!
See ya soon!
--Finally found a way to make Mouse Hover Highlighting work on TabBar buttons. (Yay!!!)
--Fixed the bug where you would choose a custom color in the config panel and it would not take effect
immediately. (Yay!!!)
--A nice suggestion from morteoh: add more breathing room between menu items (vertical space). Menus now look
a lot less crammed and cluttered.
--Added the option to use a flat menu stripe.
--Small speed optimisations for mouse hover highlighting and in general.
--Fixed the disabled ticks (dont draw them colored if they are disabled!).
--Dont draw icon+pressed background for checked menu items with icons, draw the usual checkmark+pressed background only.
--Ligthened up the panels and box frames a bit, so they react more to contrast changes.
--Fix to get lighter separators, forgotten in the rewrite.
--Rewrote the INSTALL file so it is up to date.
--Fixed the SlackBuild script (and added a slack-desc file).
--Many other fixes...
...Stay tuned, something completely new is coming in the next year, its gonna rok... ;)
1.99.1 : Quick Fix.
--My computer's clock was set in the future! Some of you may have had troubles building. This will fix it.
--Fix for the "alternative menu gradient" not being consistent between plastik and lipstik style gradients.
--Fix for the scrollbars buttons gradient painting.
--Added my SlackBuild script while at it.
1.99 : The Road to 2.0.
Exactly one year after the Beta1 of Lipstik 1.0, here comes the Beta1 of Lipstik 2.0.
A new tradition is born... A new Lipstik every christmas!
The style still looks the same, but refined. Also, many options have been added and many
bugs have been fixed. The performance should also be a bit better.
Here's the Changelog:
--Complete rewrite. Resync with KDE 3.5 plastik sources.
--Added the possibility the configure the width of the scrollbars. (Small/Normal/Medium)
--Added active tab highlighting (configurable).
--Added a new experimental menu gradient style.
--Added a new configurable checkmark style. (The original "X" or a "V"/tick).
--The whole style should behave better with dark color schemes.
--The menu bar coloring is now configurable.
--Finer dots and better highlighting of the dots.
--Konqueror's sidebar tabs are now flat.
--Fixed the Sharper Menu Gradients option so it actually does something visible.
--Fixed kicker applet handles appearance.
--The default Menu Stripe color will now be taken from the window decoration background color (lightened up a bit).
--Fixed the "inactive menu item focus rectangle". Wow, try to figure what this is...
--Better focus rectangle by making it alphablended with the background.
--The style should play better with transparent menus. (No menu stripe though)
--Added a new color scheme (Lipstik Noble).
--And many more things I cant remember now...
This a beta release, but it should be at least as good as Lipstik 1.3. Please test and report problems!
Note: Since this style is designed with KDE 3.5 in mind, the flat taskbar buttons hack for older
KDEs is gone. If you still run an older KDE and absolutely want to get the flat taskbar buttons,
use Lipstik 1.3.
1.3 : Bug-fixing mode.
Thanks to many reports, I fixed many bugs in Lipstik...
--Fixed 3 bugs related to Radio buttons and Custom Menu Items, thanks to S<>bastien Lao<61>t.
--Fixed 2 bugs related to uninitialized variables.
--Fixed a bug related to larger spaces between toolbar items; since I dont want to lose
that feature, Ive added the option to enable/disable it in the config panel. (disabled by default).
Thanks to Gabor for the report.
--Fixed 3 compiler warnings about unused function members.
--Changed the "application menu mouse highlighting" from a rectangle to a gradient.
I think it fits better with the way the rest of the menus are displayed, and it is more consistent.
(and as a side-effect, it fixes Firefox menus with gtk-qt). This was suggested sometimes ago, I dont
remember by who...
--Added a spec file for rpm building, thanks to William Flynn.
--Not visible, but a big cleanup of the code in preparation for Lipstik 2.0
1.2 : Solstice Edition.
The "Lipstik is not dead" release. After almost 6 months (!!!) since the last release, here comes
Lisptik 1.2, with cool new features and an even more clean look.
--The status bar in active konqueror views is white; that is ugly. Paint it like the rest.
--Lighter item and toolbars separators.
--Those who tried KDE 3.5 in SVN know how cool the taskbar looks. This is now available
for KDE 3.4!
--The column headers (like in listviews) were too busy. There is now an option to flatten them.
--Make the "splitters" highlighting look consistent with the rest of the style.
--Space the items on toolbars a little bit.
--Some changes to the defaults. (Nothing big.)
1.1 : Christmas Edition :-)
Just a little something for xmas.
--New menu stripe style, looks better I think.
--The new menu stripe solves the menus-in-gimp-look-like-crap bug.
--The menu stripe will now display the same gradient even if "Inverted gradients (plastik style)" is selected.
--The "Sharper menu gradients" option will now display a lot more sharper menu gradients. :)
1.0 : Merry Christmas!
No big changes, just small adjustments. This is lipstik 1.0. I hope to have time to
code new features in 2005.
--Small bug with column headers fixed.
--Added the option to enable/disable the new style focus rectangle. (disabled by default)
1.0 beta2 : Small tweaks...
I dont have much time these days to work on lipstik, but here is a small update.
--You can now choose the slider hanlde size. (Small (as in plastik), Medium (like previous
lipstik versions) and large (good for dragging in kmplayer).
--Dont show top and right borders on column headers.
--Better help in the INSTALL file.
1.0 beta1 : Reaching the "Susan" stage :-)
--Completely redone the configuration panel.
--Fixed the position of dots on horizontal dockwindow.
--Toolbar handle mouseover highlighting.
--Popupmenu arrows are now using the button text color when normal, and highlight text color when selected.
--Arrow color on "colored combobox" is now the highlighted text color. (matching plastikq's behaviour)
--Adjusted arrow position on combobox handle.
0.91 : Please test!
There were some bugs in 0.90, they are fixed. Also there are some new features...
--Fixed dots everywhere. (scrollbars, toolbar handles, kicker applet handles, sliders, etc.)
--Scrollbars and sliders mouseover highlighting.
--Fixed the menu stripe. Color is now the same for enabled and disabled menu items.
--Added an option to specify a custom menu stripe color. (Default is button color)
--Added an option to draw the scrollbar grooves.
--Better config panel layout.
--Fixed vertical slider handle.
--Some small updates to the Lisptik White color scheme.
--Many other smaller fixes I cant remember now...
0.90 : Plastik wars! ;-)
So many changes, I might forget some... If everything goes well, the 1.0 release will happen soon!
--There are now four types of scrollbars to choose from (KDE,Windows,Next,Platinum).
--Brand new configuration panel, with many new options, and a friendlier UI.
--Configurable highlighting : PlastikQ style combobox handle, kicker taskbar active button, focus rectangle...
--Configurable menu style : Dotnet/krisp-style stripe, sharper gradients...
--You can switch the status bar frame and the toolbar handles on and off.
--The toolbar handle looks better now. (lined up dots)
--Some other minor fixes...
0.7 : Almost done!
--The vertical scrollbars are colored a bit more lighter, so they wont look weird anymore. (well, less weird)
--Only highlight the top and bottom of the active taskbar button. (more subtle)
--Fixed the "pressed button" gradients by... removing the gradients.
--Added 2 color schemes : Lipstik Standard, Lipstik White. (If you think you have a good color scheme for
lipstik, please send it to me, I will include one or two submissions in the next release)
0.6 : YALU :)
--The scrollbars arrows are now centered. (thanks tubatodd)
--Sync with plastik latest changes. (some fixes)
--There is now an option to display the "normal" plastik gradients. (look for "Reverse gradients (plastik style))
--Some other minor layout tweaks.
0.5 : Almost there...
--The dots in the scrollbars are now centered. (thanks to Osho for reminding me)
--Scrollbar grooves are now filled with a solid color; I think it gives a better (faster?) indication of where we are,
and as a side-effect, it gives a cleaner look.
--Applied the latest fix from plastik cvs head version. (even less cpu usage for animated progress bars)
--The "default button" contour is now the highlight color; again it gives a faster indication of what is the default
button when you want to press Enter.
0.4 : Its getting better.
--Gradients are now consistent between normal and sunken buttons.
--Modified highlighting a little.
--Sharper contrast for dots (toolbar handle, scroolbar handle, etc.)
--Changed the slider to have dots instead of lines, to be more consistent with the rest of the style.
0.3 : Tuning.
--New focus rectangle (please tell what you think, its not definitive)
--Applied the fix for the listview branch display that is part of Andrunko "Improving KDE" patches.
0.2 : Big changes...
--Now based on the latest plastik sources from kde cvs head, so you get, for free, all the latest fixes. (Less CPU usage,more options,etc.)
--Fixed the look of the scrollbars (both vertical and horizontal).
--Tweaked the toolbar handle a little bit.
0.1 : Initial release.