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----- First of all:
If possible, and available, try a package built specifically for your
----- Building from sources:
First make sure that you have both the QT and KDE development headers
installed. (qt and tdelibs devel)
Then unpack the sources somewhere you have writing rights.
In a terminal (konsole, xterm, eterm, etc.), type :
(Then, as root):
make install
If any of these steps fail, do:
make -f Makefile.dist
It may help you build it. If it still fails, mail me.
----- Bad configure = build failure...
You might need to give 'configure' the path to your kde
installation. eg: /usr, /opt/kde.
./configure --prefix=/opt/kde
You can find your KDE base directory by typing tde-config --prefix
----- Debian notes:
You may need to append this to the configure line:
And maybe this one:
----- Mandrake/Mandriva notes:
Mandrake 10.0 uses KDE 3.2. I never tested lipstik against KDE 3.2 but it "should" work with
some tweaking (see Debian notes).
I dont have Mandrake around so I cant give more specific help for now, stay tuned.
Mandriva (Mandrake's new name) is using more recent KDE releases. Lipstik should work
out of the box there.
----- moc troubles???
Some people have reported that building fails with errors related to .moc files.
lipstikconf.cpp:479:27: lipstikconf.moc: No such file or directory
If this happens to you, dont panic.
In the source dir, there are style and style/config subdirs:
In the style dir do:
moc -o lipstik.moc lipstik.h
And then in the style/config subdir do
moc -o lipstikconf.moc lipstikconf.h
Then run make again, it should work.
----- Lipstik's build system sucks...
It should suck less now... maybe...