TDE administration programs
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* About tdeadmin
* Common Mistakes
* Debugging
* More Info

About tdeadmin
The tdeadmin package contains packages that usually only a system
administrator might need:

* debian
Files needed to create Debian packages.

* doc
XML based documentation for the programs

* kcmlinuz
Linux Kernel configurator

* kcron
Editor for the cron command scheduler.

* kdat
Tape backup tool.

* tdefile-plugins
Make Konquerer display additional info on about *.dep and *.rpm files.

* kpackage
Manager for DEB, RPM and similar software packages.

* ksysv
An editor for System V startup schemes.

* kuser
An user manager.

* kwuftpd
Front end to the wu-ftpd FTP daemon.

* kxconfig
Configure X-Windows display properties.

* lilo-config
A plugin for KControl to manage the Linux boot loader LILO.

* secpolicy
A program to display PAM security policies.

Common Mistakes
If configure claims Qt cannot be found, have a look at
and download the latest Qt 3.3.x release.

You can use --enable-debug with the configure script, if you want to have
debug code in your KDE apps and libs. I recommend to do this, since this
is alpha software and this makes debugging things a whole lot easier.

More Info
You can use --without-shadow, if you do not want to have shadow support.

You can use --without-quota, if you do not want to have quota support.

Please direct any bug reports to our bug list by visiting

If you have problems compiling and installing this package, contact
me at

General KDE discussions should go to the KDE mailing list (