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@ -1,8 +1,8 @@
/** @mainpage
* KDE Base API Dox.
* Trinity Base API Dox.
* KDEBase is the SVN module with the "basic applications" needed
* for KDE. These include startkde (a shell script to start the whole
* kdebase is the SVN module with the "basic applications" needed
* for Trinity. These include startkde (a shell script to start the whole
* desktop), kdesktop (the desktop), konqueror (the browser and file-
* manager) and lots of other things. Nearly none of it has dox.

@ -132,7 +132,7 @@
<entry key="ShadowEnabled" type="Bool">
<label>Enable text shadow</label>
<whatsthis>Check here to enable a shadow outline around the desktop font. This also improves the readability of the desktop text against backgrounds of a similar color.</whatsthis>

@ -386,7 +386,7 @@ TQWidget* ContainerAreaLayout::widgetAt(int index) const
TQSize ContainerAreaLayout::sizeHint() const
const int size = KickerLib::sizeValue(KPanelExtension::SizeNormal);
const int size = KickerLib::sizeValue(KPanelExtension::SizeSmall);
if (orientation() == Horizontal)

@ -44,8 +44,8 @@ KCountryPage::KCountryPage(TQWidget *parent, const char *name ) : KCountryPageDl
b_savedLanguageChanged = false;
b_startedLanguageChanged = false;
// set appropriate KDE version (kapplication.h)
txt_welcome->setText(i18n("<h3>Welcome to KDE %1</h3>").arg(KDE_VERSION_STRING));
// set appropriate Trinity version (kapplication.h)
txt_welcome->setText(i18n("<h3>Welcome to Trinity %1</h3>").arg(KDE_VERSION_STRING));
flang = new KFindLanguage();

@ -76,7 +76,7 @@
<property name="text">
<string>Trinity (TM)</string>
<string>KDE (TM)</string>
<property name="checked">

Binary file not shown.


Width:  |  Height:  |  Size: 69 KiB


Width:  |  Height:  |  Size: 48 KiB

@ -163,8 +163,8 @@ fi
test -n "$KDEHOME" && kdehome=`echo "$KDEHOME" | sed "s,^~/,$HOME/,"`
echo "[startkde] kdehome: $kdehome" 1>&2
# Is this a GNOME/GDM variable? Probably does not cause any harm in
# any system not looking for the variable.
# Allow interested applications, such as the Plasma control wrapper,
# to know that this is a Trinity desktop and not a KDE one.
# Please see kstartupconfig source for usage.
@ -381,8 +381,13 @@ if test -r "$kde_fontpaths" ; then
if [ -n "$KDEDIR" ]; then
export KDEDIR=`echo "$KDEDIRS" | sed -e 's/:.*//'`
echo "[startkde] KDEDIR: $KDEDIR" 1>&2
echo "[startkde] KDEDIRS: $KDEDIRS" 1>&2
if test -n "$KDEDIRS"; then
kdedirs_first=`echo "$KDEDIRS" | sed -e 's/:.*//'`