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*** Kate ***
Kate is a fast texteditor for the KDE destop with an Emacs-style document interface.
I hope it works well and improves workspeed on many little textfiles. ;-)
Our new buffer managment will allow it to open 50MB files ++ in less than 5 seconds
(at least on my 400Mhz P2 ;) It is thought as a more powerful replacement for the old
KWrite app, which will still keep alive for the existing userbase and because it is
just a lot smaller and therefor faster on launch than kate.
For Kate Plugins, Kate provides the Kate Interfaces, which allow deeper access
to the Kate app and its features.
*** KWrite ***
The KWrite app is based on the KWrite of KDE 2.0 written by Jochen Wilhelmy
but now it uses the Kate part or any other KTextEditor compatible part.
The most stuff has been rewritten since the old KDE 2.x days.
The Kate app/utils/interfaces and KWrite app are licensed under the LGPL VERSION 2.
*** Undocumented features in Kate version 2.5.2 ***
* The KateApplication DCOP interface has a function QString session() that
returns the name of the active session (which might be an empty string).
(but hey, documentation of the DCOP interface is missing completely)