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#ifndef __KCM_LAYOUT_H__
#define __KCM_LAYOUT_H__
#include <tdecmodule.h>
#include <tqstring.h>
#include <tqlistview.h>
#include "kxkbconfig.h"
class OptionListItem;
class LayoutConfigWidget;
class XkbRules;
class LayoutConfig : public TDECModule
LayoutConfig(TQWidget *parent = 0L, const char *name = 0L);
virtual ~LayoutConfig();
void load();
void save();
void defaults();
void initUI();
virtual TQString handbookDocPath() const;
TQString createOptionString();
void updateIndicator(TQListViewItem* selLayout);
protected slots:
void moveUp();
void moveDown();
void variantChanged();
void displayNameChanged(const TQString& name);
void latinChanged();
void layoutSelChanged(TQListViewItem *);
void loadRules();
void updateLayoutCommand();
void updateOptionsCommand();
void add();
void remove();
void changed();
LayoutConfigWidget* widget;
XkbRules *m_rules;
KxkbConfig m_kxkbConfig;
TQDict<OptionListItem> m_optionGroups;
TQWidget* makeOptionsTab();
void updateStickyLimit();
static LayoutUnit getLayoutUnitKey(TQListViewItem *sel);