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This change log contains only changes relevant to the TDM configuration,
startup and packaging. Bug fixes are not listed, and feature changes only
if they affect the configuration.
2005-08-21 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* Added timed login. Option AutoLoginDelay.
* Added persistent auto-login. Option AutoLoginAgain.
2005-02-01 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* Made the word splitter more sh-like. Affects HaltCmd, RebootCmd,
Setup, Startup, Reset, Session and Xrdb.
* Replaced option Xservers with StaticServers, ReserveServers,
ServerCmd, ServerArgsLocal, ServerArgsRemote, ServerVT and ServerTTY.
2005-01-31 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* Added console mode that is suitable for systems with VTs (Linux).
Option ConsoleTTYs. The @tty spec in Xservers is irrelevant on
those systems now.
2005-01-23 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* Added Grub support to boot options. Option UseLilo replaced
with BootManager { None, Grub, Lilo }. Removed options LiloCmd
and LiloMap.
2005-01-09 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* Merged sessreg into tdm. Option UseSessReg.
2004-08-14 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* Replaced dysfunct InteractiveSd with working
ScheduledSd { Never, Optional, Always }
2004-07-28 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* Added control sockets. Control FiFos are now obsolete.
Added control socket command line client 'tdmctl'.
* The Setup program is now run even for automatic logins.
Setup, Startup and Reset have the arg "auto" for automatic logins.
2004-07-23 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* Dynamic VT allocation added; option ServerVTs; no need to specify
vtX in Xservers any more.
2004-07-10 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* GreeterPosX, GreeterPosY and GreeterPosFixed replaced with
single GreeterPos which is a pair of relative coordinates
2004-07-01 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* The greeter can now run a "session preloader"; option Preloader
2004-04-15 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* Merge from XDM:
- IPv6 support
- LISTEN keyword in Xaccess
- Changes to Enable and Port in [Xdmcp] now take effect when HUPed
- Support for EGD/PRNGD; options PrngdPort and PrngdSocket
2004-04-14 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* -debug now groks additional bits for stracing and valgrinding
helper processes and disabling syslog usage.
2004-04-09 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* NoPassUsers now accepts an asterisk ("*") meaning all users
2004-04-08 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* Changes to FifoDir and FifoGroup now take effect on the global
command FiFo when HUPed.
2004-03-16 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* Changed AllowClose default to true; only the default tdmrc
disables it for local display now.
2004-03-11 Chris Cheney <>
* Sanitized UserPath and SystemPath defaults.
2004-03-07 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* Add user name autocompletion to greeter; option UserCompletion.
As a side effect, "None" is gone from ShowUsers and UserList
appeared; ShowUsers & SortUsers affect both the user list and
the completion list.
2004-02-28 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* The default Xsession no longer tries to merge tdm's PATH into the
one set up by the shell startup scripts. Instead, kde.desktop
contains a full pathname and starttde fixes up PATH if necessary.
* The default Xsession will emulate the startup behaviour of more
shells, in particular bash, zsh and csh/tcsh.
* Setting up the session log is now done by tdm, not the Session
script; option ClientLogFile.
2004-01-25 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* Add support for specifying groups in SelectedUsers, HiddenUsers and
NoPassUsers. Prefix group names with a @.
2003-12-17 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* XDMCP initiated local displays are now treated as remote displays
(on localhost) by the config reader.
2003-11-09 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* Sanitized display restart behaviour; option StartInterval is gone.
2003-11-04 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* Conversation plugins can be configured now; option PluginOptions.
* The "Restart X Server"/"Close Connection" action can be configured
away; option AllowClose.
* The "Console Login" action can be configured away without touching
Xservers; option AllowConsole.
2003-10-27 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* TDM now complies with the input model of PAM. The greeter has an
interface for conversation plugins, so alternative authentication
mechanisms can be handled; options PluginsLogin & PluginsShutdown.
* Password-less and automatic logins now use a separate PAM service
2003-10-17 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* Add --with-tdm-xconsole configure switch. No need to patch to enable the built-in xconsole anymore.
2003-09-23 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* Session types are now defined with .desktop files; consequently the
SessionTypes option is gone and we got SessionsDirs instead.
* The default Xsession now hard-wires the session types
- "default" to starttde
- "custom" to ~/.xsession
* The previous session type choice is now saved in a different file
(~/.dmrc) in a different format (ini-file); the SessSaveFile option
is gone. Optionally TDM can be configured to store all .dmrc files
in a common directory (option DmrcDir); this can be useful for AFS
based installations.
* The location of the administratively set user faces is now specified
by the FaceDir option and the pictures have a .face.icon extension
(or .face for "natural" images, possibly photos).
The spec for the above changes is shared with GDM, so packagers should
choose common directories.
* The tdmsts file moved to /var/lib/tdm by default; option DataDir.
* Nuked the AutoLoginSession option; i don't think it was useful at all
and it can be emulated anyway.
2003-09-03 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* Add option RandomDevice to override the OS specific default
entropy source.
2003-08-26 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* Add random seed to forged "previous" session type calculation;
option ForgingSeed.
2003-07-15 Malte Starostik <>
* ColorScheme is now interpreted as the base name of the .kcsrc file,
not the contents of its Name field.
2003-05-11 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* GUIStyle & ColorScheme now accept an empty string, meaning
"built-in default". Made defaults empty, consequently.
2002-12-01 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* Integrated chooser into greeter; external 'chooser' executable
and the Chooser option are gone.
* The chooser can be started locally (without an XDMCP query);
options LoginMode and ChooserHosts.
* Added built-in xconsole to greeter; options ShowLog and LogSource.
This code is not built by default; uncomment the first three lines
in kfrontend/ to enable it.
* The DaemonMode option is gone. The command line switches -daemon and
-nodaemon still exist, but are mostly unnecessary, as TDM can decide
what to do based on the parent process ID.
* The AutoLogin option and the -autolog/-noautolog switches are gone.
* The AutoLogin1st option is gone.
* The position of the -debug and -logfile command line options is
irrelevant again. The -xrm option is back, but is ignored by the
KDE frontend.
2002-08-28 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* Made it possible to specify the color scheme for the greeter;
option ColorScheme
2002-08-10 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* Renamed tdmdesktop to krootimage, moved it back into the TDM source
tree, and changed its command line
* krootimage will be automatically invoked by the greeter by default;
option UseBackground
* Chucked out the [Desktop0] section from tdmrc. Instead, the
location of the config file containing such a section is specified
with the BackgroundRc option.
* User images can now be optionally fetched from the users's home
directories; option FaceSource
* The default of the KeyFile option is now empty again
* GreeterScreen now groks -2, meaning upper-right screen
2002-08-06 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* Automatically don't daemonize if started by init.
2002-03-19 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* The default Xsession will emulate the startup behaviour of sh/ksh
by sourcing /etc/profile and ~/.profile.
2002-03-10 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* Added InteractiveSd option. This is not really implemented yet,
so enabling it just makes TDM deny the existence of the shutdown
condition/timing options.
* The Setup script is now executed synchronously. Long-lasting
commands should be put in the background explicitly.
2002-02-28 George Staikos <>
* GreeterScreen now groks -1, meaning upper-left screen.
2002-01-14 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* Added option NumLock {On,Off,Keep} to preset the NumLock modifier
state for the greeter
2001-12-11 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* Added AntiAliasing option to disable antialiasing in the greeter
2001-11-30 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* Added GreeterScreen option to put the greeter on a particular
screen in multi-headed setups.
* Changed the default of Language from "C" to "en_US"
2001-11-22 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* The defaults of the options Xservers, Session, Setup, Startup,
Reset and PidFile are now back to the saner XDM defaults,
so TDM works even without config files.
* Changed option ShowUsers: All -> NotHidden
* Renamed the option Users to SelectedUsers and NoUsers to HiddenUsers.
* The GUIStyle option now groks all installed widget styles.
Note that Motif+ and KDE are now called MotifPlus resp. Default.
2001-11-02 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* Added conditional/scheduled shutdown modes; options
DefaultSdMode and AllowSdForceNow; moved AllowShutdown from
[X-<dpy>-Greeter] to [X-<dpy>-Core].
* Added reserve display support; extension to Xservers.
* Added command FiFo support (see README); options FifoDir,
FifoGroup, [ShutDown]/AllowFifo, and [ShutDown]/AllowFifoNow.
FiFo location and capabilities are exported in $XDM_MANAGED.
2001-10-04 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* Xauth files are now created in AuthDir, not AuthDir/authdir.
Changed AuthDir default to /var/run/xauth.
2001-07-12 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* Renamed the option Xwilling to Willing
* The RandomFile option is not recognized on Linux and OpenBSD any
longer, as they have better entropy sources
2001-07-10 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* Added the tool 'gentdmconf'. It's supposed to create a suitable
configuration for TDM during 'make install' by merging new defaults
with a previous XDM/TDM config (if any is found).
2001-07-03 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* Added counterpart to the MinShowUID option: MaxShowUID
2001-06-23 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* Xauth files are now created in AuthDir/authfiles, not
2001-06-16 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* Optionally put the cursor right in the "Password" field when
a user is preselected in the "Login" field; option FocusPasswd
2001-06-15 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* Replaced the ShutdownButton + ShutdownNeedsRoot option pair with
the AllowShutdown {None,Root,All} option
2001-06-10 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* The source directory structure changed entirely
* The argument to the -debug command line option is now a bit field;
the DebugLevel resource is gone
* The ErrorLogFile resource is gone
* The greeter module has been converted to an
executable named tdm_greet; the external config parser is now
named tdm_config. The resource GreeterLib and the command line
option -getcfg (and -cfg2get) are gone, as the locations of the
config parser and greeter are derived from the location of the
tdm executable
* The config files are all located in ${kde_confdir}/tdm now; the
defaults for Setup & Session were adapted to this.
* The keys in tdmrc were reorganized:
- [TDM]/ShutdownButton -> [X-<dpy>-Greeter]/(ShutdownButton &
- [TDM]/Shutdown -> [Shutdown]/HaltCmd
- [TDM]/Restart -> [Shutdown]/RebootCmd
- [TDM]/LogoArea -> [X-*-Greeter]/ {None,Logo,Clock}
- remaining keys from [TDM] -> [X-*-Greeter]/
- [Lilo]/Lilo -> [Shutdown]/UseLilo
- [Lilo]/LiloCommand -> [Shutdown]/LiloCmd
- [Lilo]/LiloMap -> [Shutdown]/
- [Locale]/Language -> [X-*-Greeter]/ (Country key dropped)
* TDM will no longer use tdm-config; most of its resources were
absorbed into tdmrc:
- Servers -> [General]/Xservers
- RequestPort -> [Xdmcp]/(Port & Enable)
- DaemonMode -> [General]/
- PidFile -> [General]/
- LockPidFile -> [General]/
- AuthDir -> [General]/
- AutoRescan -> [General]/
- RemoveDomainname -> [Xdmcp]/
- KeyFile -> [Xdmcp]/
- AccessFile -> [Xdmcp]/Xaccess/
- ExportList -> [General]/
- RandomFile -> [General]/
- ChoiceTimeout -> [Xdmcp]/
- SourceAddress -> [Xdmcp]/
- Willing -> [Xdmcp]/Xwilling
- AutoLogin -> [General]/
- GrabServer -> [X-<dpy>-Greeter]/
- GrabTimeout -> [X-<dpy>-Greeter]/
- AuthComplain -> [X-<dpy>-Greeter]/
- AuthName -> [X-<dpy>-Core]/AuthNames
- NoPassUsers -> [X-<dpy>-Core]/ & [X-<dpy>-Core]/NoPassEnable
- AutoUser -> [X-<dpy>-Core]/(AutoLoginUser & AutoLoginEnable)
- AutoPass -> [X-<dpy>-Core]/AutoLoginPass
- AutoString -> [X-<dpy>-Core]/AutoLoginSession
- remaining server & session resources -> [X-<dpy>-Core]/
* In GreetString the HOSTNAME substitution was replaced with the
%%, %d, %h, %n, %s, %r & %m expandos
* EchoMode does not understand "NoStars" any more. Use "NoEcho".
* Defaults changed: AuthDir to /var/lib/tdm, KeyFile to
$tdm_confdir/tdmkeys, Xservers to $tdm_confdir/Xservers, Xaccess to
$tdm_confdir/Xaccess, Startup to $tdm_confdir/Xstartup, Reset to
$tdm_confdir/Xreset, removed kde2 from SessionTypes
* The previous user is now saved in $tdm_confdir/tdmsts, not tdmrc
* Added option SessSaveFile, defaulting to .wmrc
* Command line option changes:
- -server, -udpPort, -resources, -session and -xrm are gone
- -error is aliased to -logfile
- -debug and -error/-logfile must be specified first
- options are now accepted with both one and two leading dashes
* The default Xsession will now
- source ~/.xprofile if present
- try harder to determine what executable $1 corresponds to
- interpret "default" as ~/.xsession
2001-03-19 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* %DMNAME% and %DMPATH% are expanded in string resources;
changed the defaults for PidFile and ConfigFile accordingly -
the latter resulting in TDM now using tdm-config, NOT xdm-config
* Use external config parser to merge platform-specific (that is,
KDE-like) configuration data into the XDM resources; command line
options -getcfg (default %DMPATH%_getcfg) and -cfg2get (no default,
meaning tdm_getcfg will use $kde_confdir/tdmrc).
* Changed "kde" to "kde2" in the default SessionTypes
* Stolen idea for console mode handling from dtlogin; options
ConsoleMode and AllowConsoleMode are gone; extension to Xservers
2001-01-19 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* Added resources AllowRootLogin and AllowNullPasswd
2001-01-15 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* Renamed UserIDLow option to MinShowUID
* The LogoArea option now accepts the value "None"
2001-01-13 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* The GUIStyle option now works again and groks all of Qt's
built-in widget styles and the "KDE" style
2001-01-11 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* Added placing of the greeter at fixed coordinates; options
GreeterPosFixed, GreeterPosX, and GreeterPosY.
* Added "default" to the default SessionTypes
2000-01-06 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* Added option AllowConsoleMode
2000-12-09 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* Added auto-login; options AutoLoginEnable, AutoLoginUser &
AutoLogin1st; resources AutoUser, AutoPass, AutoString & AutoLogin1st
* Added password-less login; options NoPassEnable & NoPassUsers;
resource NoPassUsers
* Added auto-re-login on XServer crash; resource & option AutoReLogin
The tdmrc options and xdm-config resources are "ORed", i.e., if
either is enabled, the function is enabled.
The command line options -autolog/-noautolog and the resource AutoLogin
can be used to disable auto-login and password-less login at once.
* Added displaying the previously logged in user in the "Login"
field; option ShowPrevious. The previous user is saved in tdmrc,
section [Previous].
2000-12-07 Oswald Buddenhagen <>
* New XDM port from XFree86 4.0.1
- new resources SourceAddress & Willing
- /authdir/authfiles is now automatically appended to AuthDir
* Default for PidFile and Setup changed back to empty
* Displays restarting too fast are disabled; resource StartInterval
* Option UserView, and NoUsers dependency on Users being empty
replaced with explicit option ShowUsers {All,Selected,None}
* Made the greeter dynamically loadable (
* Moved chooser and greeter to separate directories,
same for unused stuff (misc/)
* Added half-baked support for command FiFos; resources
FifoCreate, FifoGroup, FifoMode. Replaced on 2001-11-02
2000-10-10 Steffen Hansen <>
* Made tdmdesktop read the [Desktop0] section from tdmrc instead
of tdmdesktoprc.
2000-09-07 Waldo Bastian <>
* Make password echo mode configurable;
option EchoMode {OneStar,ThreeStars,NoEcho}
2000-08-07 Christopher Molnar <>
* The minimal user ID to show in the user view can be specified now;
option UserIDLow.
2000-06-04 Espen Sand <>
* The logo area can now display either a clock or a pixmap;
option LogoArea {KdmClock,KdmLogo}
1999-12-12 Jaromir Dolecek <>
* Use OS-specific defaults for Shutdown & Restart
* Make PidFile, UserPath & SystemPath defaults on NetBSD match FreeBSD
1999-11-17 Harald Hoyer <>
* Made kchooser
1999-11-15 Matthias Hoelzer-Kluepfel <>
* tdmdesktop replaced with ../kdesktop/tdmdesktop. Uses new config
file (tdmdesktoprc) with new options (all in section [Desktop0]):
1999-07-01 Steffen Hansen <>
* Xaccess now accepts NOBROADCAST
1999-06-07 Matthias Hoelzer-Kluepfel <>
* Added next boot OS selection via LiLo; options [Lilo] Lilo,
LiloCommand & LiloMap
* Added button to switch to console mode; option [TDM] ConsoleMode
1999-03-01 Stephan Kulow <>
* Option GUIStyle temporarily removed
1998-10-08 Thomas Tanghus <>
* [TDMDESKTOP] option changes:
- BackgroundPictureTile, BackgroundPictureCenter, FancyBackground ->
BackgroundPictureMode {None,Tile,Center,Scale,
- add BackGroundColorMode {Plain,Horizontal,Vertical}
- BackgroundColor -> BackGroundColor1, BackGroundColor2
1998-09-20 Hans Petter Bieker <>
* Change defaults:
- Setup: "" -> XDMDIR/Xsetup
- PidFile: "" -> FreeBSD: /var/run/, others: XDMDIR/tdm-pid
- Session: "XBINDIR/xterm -ls" -> XDMDIR/Xsession
- UserPath & SystemPath: no /usr/ucb for Linux & FreeBSD
1998-09-11 Hans Petter Bieker <>
* Replace hard-coded paths with XBINDIR/XDMDIR in various defaults
1998-09-06 Hans Petter Bieker <>
* Default Xsession now searches $1 in PATH and execs it
1998-03-26 Stephan Kulow <>
* Nuke -tdedir cmdline option and Kdedir resource
1997-09-09 Steffen Hansen <>
* Change defaults:
- AuthDir: XDMDIR/authDir -> XDMDIR/authdir
1997-09-04 kdecvs
* Change defaults:
- AuthDir: XDMDIR -> XDMDIR/authDir