TDE base libraries and programs
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Copyright (c) 1996-2000 the kicker authors. See file AUTHORS.
Copyright (c) 2006 Debajyoti Bera <>
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public
License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program; see the file COPYING. If not, write to
the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor,
Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.
#ifndef __k_new_mnu_h__
#define __k_new_mnu_h__
#include <dcopobject.h>
#include <tqintdict.h>
#include <tqpixmap.h>
#include <tqframe.h>
#include <tqtoolbutton.h>
#include <tqscrollview.h>
#include <tqtimer.h>
#include <tqbitmap.h>
#include <tqvbox.h>
#include <tqregexp.h>
#include <tdeabc/addressbook.h>
#include <tdeabc/stdaddressbook.h>
#include "../interfaces/kickoff-search-plugin.h"
// #include "kmenubase.h"
#include "../core/kmenubase.h"
#include "service_mnu.h"
#include "query.h"
#include <config.h>
/* We acknowledge the the dbus API is unstable */
#include <dbus/connection.h>
#include <hal/libhal.h>
class KickerClientMenu;
class KickoffTabBar;
class KBookmarkMenu;
class TDEActionCollection;
class KBookmarkOwner;
class Panel;
class TQWidgetStack;
class KHistoryCombo;
class TQScrollView;
class PopupMenuTitle;
class MediaWatcher;
class KURIFilterData;
class KBookmarkGroup;
class KBookmarkManager;
class ItemView;
class FlipScrollView;
class TQListViewItem;
class KMenuItem;
class TQListView;
class TQTabBar;
class TQTab;
static TQString categories[14] = {I18N_NOOP("Actions"), I18N_NOOP("Applications"), I18N_NOOP("Bookmarks"),
I18N_NOOP("Notes"), I18N_NOOP("Emails"), I18N_NOOP("Files"), I18N_NOOP("Music"),
I18N_NOOP("Browsing History"), I18N_NOOP("Chat Logs"), I18N_NOOP("Feeds"),
I18N_NOOP("Pictures"), I18N_NOOP("Videos"), I18N_NOOP("Documentation"),
enum MenuOrientation { BottomUp, TopDown, UnDetermined };
enum OverflowCategoryState { None, Filling, NotNeeded };
class KMenu : public KMenuBase
TQ_PROPERTY (bool TDEStyleMenuDropShadow READ useTDEStyleMenuDropShadow )
int insertClientMenu(KickerClientMenu *p);
void removeClientMenu(int id);
bool useTDEStyleMenuDropShadow() const { return true; }
virtual void showMenu();
virtual bool eventFilter(TQObject*, TQEvent*);
void clearRecentAppsItems();
void clearRecentDocsItems();
bool highlightMenuItem(const TQString& /*id*/) { return false;}
void selectFirstItem() {}
void popup(const TQPoint&, int indexAtPoint);
enum MaskEffect { Plain, Dissolve };
virtual TQSize sizeHint() const;
virtual TQSize minimumSizeHint() const;
void searchOver();
void initCategoryTitlesUpdate();
bool anotherHitMenuItemAllowed(int cat, bool count=true);
void addHitMenuItem(HitMenuItem*);
void insertSearchResult(HitMenuItem* item);
void updateCategoryTitles();
void aboutToHide();
void aboutToShow();
public slots:
virtual void initialize();
virtual void hide();
virtual void show();
void stackWidgetRaised(TQWidget*);
protected slots:
void slotLock();
void slotOpenHomepage();
void slotLogout();
void slotPopulateSessions();
void slotSessionActivated( int );
void slotGoSubMenu(const TQString& relPath);
void slotGoBack();
void slotGoExitMainMenu();
void slotGoExitSubMenu(const TQString& url);
void tabClicked(TQTab*);
void paletteChanged();
virtual void configChanged();
void updateRecent();
void initSearch();
void searchAccept();
void searchChanged(const TQString &);
// when timeout happens or doQueryNow calls
void doQuery (bool return_pressed = false);
void searchActionClicked(TQListViewItem*);
void slotStartService(KService::Ptr);
void slotStartURL(const TQString&);
void slotContextMenuRequested( TQListViewItem * item, const TQPoint & pos, int col );
void clearedHistory();
void slotSloppyTimeout();
void slotContextMenu(int);
void slotFavoritesMoved( TQListViewItem*, TQListViewItem*, TQListViewItem* );
void updateMedia();
void slotFavDropped(TQDropEvent * e, TQListViewItem *after );
void slotSuspend(int id);
virtual void paintEvent(TQPaintEvent *);
virtual void resizeEvent ( TQResizeEvent * );
virtual void mousePressEvent ( TQMouseEvent * e );
virtual void mouseReleaseEvent ( TQMouseEvent * e );
virtual void mouseMoveEvent ( TQMouseEvent * e );
void doNewSession(bool lock);
void createRecentMenuItems();
void insertStaticItems();
void insertStaticExitItems();
void insertSuspendOption( int &id, int &index );
virtual void clearSubmenus();
// void raiseStackWidget(TQWidget *view);
bool runCommand();
void runUserCommand();
void setupUi();
void saveConfig();
void searchProgramList(TQString relPath);
void searchBookmarks(KBookmarkGroup);
void searchAddressbook();
void createNewProgramList();
void createNewProgramList(TQString relPath);
void paintSearchTab( bool active );
void goSubMenu(const TQString& relPath, bool keyboard = false);
void setOrientation(MenuOrientation orientation);
int serviceMenuStartId() { return 5242; }
int serviceMenuEndId() { return 5242; }
void fillMenu( KServiceGroup::Ptr &_root, KServiceGroup::List &_list,
const TQString &_relPath, ItemView* view, int & id );
void fillSubMenu(const TQString& relPath, ItemView *view);
TQPopupMenu *sessionsMenu;
int client_id;
bool delay_init;
TQIntDict<KickerClientMenu> clients;
TDEActionCollection *actionCollection;
PopupMenuList dynamicSubMenus;
TQTimer m_sloppyTimer;
TQTimer m_mediaFreeTimer;
MediaWatcher * m_mediaWatcher;
TQRegion m_sloppyRegion;
TQRect m_sloppySource;
bool m_sloppySourceClicked;
TQWidget * m_sloppyWidget;
ItemView * m_recentlyView;
ItemView * m_favoriteView;
ItemView * m_searchResultsWidget;
TQListView * m_searchActions;
FlipScrollView * m_browserView;
ItemView * m_systemView;
FlipScrollView * m_exitView;
TQVBox * m_searchWidget;
TQLabel * m_resizeHandle;
bool m_isresizing;
// timer for search without pressing enter feature
TQTimer *input_timer, *init_search_timer;
Query current_query;
bool dontQueryNow(const TQString &);
// start timeout timer to call doQuery is enough time has passed since last keypress
void checkToDoQuery (const TQString &);
// when return is pressed
void doQueryNow ();
void clearSearchResults(bool showHelp = true);
int *max_category_id; // maximum id in this category: max_category_id - base_category_id gives the current number of hits displayed in this category
int *categorised_hit_total; // current number of hits returned in each category
bool ensureServiceRunning(const TQString & service);
TQString iconForHitMenuItem(HitMenuItem *hit_item);
int getHitMenuItemPosition (HitMenuItem *hit_item);
TQMap<TQString, TQString> mimetype_iconstore;
TQMap<TQString, TQString> media_mimetypes;
// report error as a menu item
void reportError (TQString err);
void addToHistory();
int max_items(int category) const;
bool *already_added;
void notifyServiceStarted(KService::Ptr service);
void parseLine( bool final );
TQString m_iconName;
TQStringList m_middleFilters;
TQStringList m_finalFilters;
KURIFilterData* m_filterData;
TQPtrList<HitMenuItem> m_current_menu_items;
TQListViewItem *m_searchInternet;
bool checkUriInMenu(const KURL &uri);
TQRegExp emailRegExp,uriRegExp,uri2RegExp,authRegExp;
KBookmarkManager *bookmarkManager;
TDEABC::AddressBook* m_addressBook;
enum ContextMenuEntry { AddItemToPanel, EditItem, AddMenuToPanel, EditMenu,
AddItemToDesktop, AddMenuToDesktop, PutIntoRunDialog,
AddToFavorites, RemoveFromFavorites, ClearRecentlyUsedApps,
ClearRecentlyUsedDocs };
struct PopupPath
TQString title, description, icon, path, menuPath;
enum KickoffTabEntry { FavoriteTab, ApplicationsTab, ComputerTab,
HistoryTab, LeaveTab, SearchTab, NumTabs };
TDEPopupMenu* m_popupMenu;
KService* m_popupService;
PopupPath m_popupPath;
KickoffTabBar* m_tabBar;
TQTab* m_tabs[NumTabs];
TQString newDesktopFile(const KURL& url, const TQString &directory);
void updateRecentlyUsedApps(KService::Ptr &service);
TQPixmap main_border_lc;
TQPixmap main_border_rc;
TQPixmap main_border_tl;
TQPixmap main_border_tr;
TQPixmap button_box_left;
TQPixmap search_tab_left;
TQPixmap search_tab_right;
TQPixmap search_tab_center;
TQPixmap search_tab_top_left;
TQPixmap search_tab_top_right;
TQPixmap search_tab_top_center;
TQWidgetStack *m_stacker;
TQStringList m_programsInMenu;
TQStringList m_newInstalledPrograms, m_seenPrograms;
bool m_seenProgramsChanged;
TQString m_currentDate;
MenuOrientation m_orientation;
bool m_toolTipsEnabled;
int m_media_id;
bool m_recentDirty, m_browserDirty, m_isShowing;
KickoffSearch::Plugin* m_search_plugin;
TQObject* m_search_plugin_interface;
OverflowCategoryState m_overflowCategoryState;
TQPtrList<HitMenuItem> m_overflowList;
int m_overflowCategory;
void resetOverflowCategory();
void fillOverflowCategory();
TQString insertBreaks(const TQString& text, TQFontMetrics fm, int width, TQString leadInsert = TQString::null);
LibHalContext* m_halCtx;
DBusConnection *m_dbusConn;