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Release plan
Status: Under discussion
Currently we plan for 3 releases:
- A standalone release of Kalzium in August
- The release for KDE 3.5
- The release for KDE 4.0
The reason for the standalone release is that we want user feedback
for the KDE 3.5 release.
All details of the release plan are below the TODO items for the
respective release.
2005-08-07 Feature freeze. All features in the TODO for
version Helium should be done at the end of this day.
2005-08-26 End of bug testing and fixing period.
2005-08-30 Release of Kalzium Helium
Details of the release plan
* Standalone release of Kalzium
+ After one week of testing and improving I would like to release
Kalzium (together with libtdeedu for the plotting and the glossary)
on the 30th of August (a tuesday). Two days later I leave to to
aKademy in Malaga, Spain.
+ Release criteria, prio 1:
- Fix all bugs on
- *must be* Update with screenshots
- *must be* increase the version number
+ Release criteria, prio 2:
- Make the release very usable:
- Write the documentation
These prio 2 issues will be prio 1 for KDE 3.5
+ Release mechanism:
- Announcement on
- Announcement on
- Announcement on
- Announcement on
- I will blog about the release and it goals
* KDE 3.5-release
+ Make use of the feedback we get of the standalone release
+ The 3.5-release will probably be pretty identical with the
standalone-release, except for bug fixes and usability issues.
* KDE 4-release
+ Port to Qt4. We use a lot QValueList<T> and paintEvents, so I
expect some fun :)
+ Switch to KCanvas2 so that scaling the table is possible?
IW: Scaling can be made possible without KCanvas2 as well.
+ Implement the things in the TODO-file