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29 April 2002
- add "Look and Feel" menu that allow 2 different styles. Style "kid" has no MenuBar, has a kid background pic and a toolbar.
Style "grown-up" has a different background, a menuBar and a toolbar.
Buttons appear consequently in the 2 styles to allow menuBar and other style.
28 April 2002
- better internationalization
- i18n() the KLettres on the splash-screen
- suppress the sound with the splash-screen as it was too long
- add menubar, toolbar and statusbar, configurable using KAction
- settings allow to choose the language and the level from the menuBar and toolBar
- statusBar indicates level and language
- suppressed the .ui file
- fixed the bug in levels 3 & 4 (prevented upper-case letters and got it wrong in those 2 levels)
25 February 2002
- dutch sounds
- setup dialog for language
- if file or sound not found: warning
- cleaned code
- changed sounds from wav to mp3