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Contents of libtdeedu as of Jul 2005, and brief description of each module:
Contains a reimplementation of QDate named ExtDate which eliminates the
limitation on the year (1752-8000) imposed by QDate. Also contains
related reimplemented classes such as ExtDateTime, ExtDatePicker,
ExtDateTimeEdit, and ExtCalendarSystem.
Currently used by: kstars.
Contains classes KEduVocData and KEduVocDataItem, for storing and parsing
vocabulary data in a QDom object.
Currently used by: khangman, klatin
Constains classes KPlotObject and KPlotWidget for easy plotting of
data points, including automatic generation of labeled axes with
"smart" tickmarks.
Currently used by: kalzium, kstars, ktouch
- KEduSimpleEntryDlg, a simple dialog for entering vocabulary data
- Glossary, GlossaryItem and GLossaryDialog, which can be useful to embed a
small glossary in an application
Currently used by: kalzium, kstars
ideas: stub directory, contains generic README and TODO files.