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* UI related *
- Add the click on map division given its flag
- Add the fit to window option in the map browsing mode
* Parser related *
- Add <localname> tag to the map parser/files so the user can see the local name of a division
Example: In Spanish the user will see for Belgium -> Belgica (due to i18n) and Belgique (due to localname)
- Add a description saying if divisions are countrys or not as some languages have different words for Capital of a country and for Capital of a region
* Map related *
- See data/TODO
- Add more maps ;-)
- The answers dialog of click on map is really bad
- Have non political maps, support for geographical (rivers, mountains, etc) is almost there if the map is carefully
crafted. Example: Have the map all of the same color, then for each river, mountain, etc create a box big enough
of the wanted color and then associate the color of the box with the name of the river, etc.