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In this file:
* What it is
* Common Mistakes
* Debugging
* More Info
What it is
* blinken: the KDE version of the well-known game Simon Says
* kalzium: periodic table of elements
* kanagram: an anagram game
* kbruch: fraction excercise trainer
* keduca: creation and revision of form-based tests and exams.
* kgeography: geography learning program
* khangman: hangman game. The child should guess a word letter by letter.
* kig: interactive geometry
* kiten: japanese reference tool
* klatin: aims to help revise or learn Latin
* klettres: helps child to learn the alphabet and to read some syllables
* kmplot: mathematical function plotter
* kpercentage: math application to improve skills in calculating percentages
* kstars: desktop planetarium
* ktouch: program for learning touch typing
* kturtle: educational programming environment using the Logo programming language
* kverbos: tudy Spanish verb forms
* kvoctrain: vocabulary trainer
* kwordquiz: a powerful way to master new vocabularies
Common Mistakes
If configure claims Qt cannot be found, have a look at
to get a copy of latest Qt 3.3.x version.
You can use --enable-debug with the configure script, if you want to have
debug code in your KDE apps and libs. I recommend to do this, since this
is alpha software and this makes debugging things a whole lot easier.
More Info
Have a look at the individual subdirectories, if you want to know, what
versions of apps are included.
Please direct any bug reports to our bug list by visiting
General KDE discussions should go to the KDE mailing list (