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<title>KDE User's Manual</title>
<author><personname><firstname>Ben</firstname><surname>Burton</surname></personname> <email></email></author>
<date>May 25, 2005</date>
<productname>Trinity Desktop Environment</productname>
<refpurpose>The classical hangman game for KDE</refpurpose>
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<arg choice="opt">Qt Generic Options</arg>
<para>&khangman; is a game based on the well known hangman game. It is
aimed for children 6 and above. It has four levels of difficulty: Animals
(animals words), Easy, Medium and Hard.</para><para>A word is picked at
random and the letters are hidden. You must guess the word by trying one
letter after another. Each time you guess a wrong letter, part of a picture
of a hangman is drawn. You must guess the word before getting hanged! You
have 10 tries.</para><para>This application is part of the &kde; Edutainment
<title>See Also</title>
<para>More detailed user documentation is available from <ulink
(either enter this <acronym>URL</acronym> into &konqueror;, or run
<para>There is also further information available at the <ulink url="">&kde; Edutainment web site</ulink>.</para>
<para>&khangman; was written by <personname><firstname>Primoz</firstname><surname>Anzur</surname></personname> and &Anne-Marie.Mahfouf; &Anne-Marie.Mahfouf.mail;</para>
<para>This manual page based on the one prepared by <personname><firstname>Ben</firstname><surname>Burton</surname></personname> for the Debian project.</para>