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<chapter id="first-steps">
<title>First Steps With &kmplot;</title>
<sect1 id="simple-function-plot">
<title>Simple Function Plot</title>
In the main toolbar there is a simple text box in which you can enter
a function expression. Simply enter:
<screen><userinput>x^2</userinput></screen> and press &Enter;. This
will draw the plot of y=x^2 in the coordinate system. Enter another
expression in the text box like
<screen><userinput>5*sin(x)</userinput></screen> and another plot will
be added.
<para>Click on one of the lines you have just plotted. Now the cross
hair gets the color of the plot and is attached to the plot. You can
use the mouse to move the cross hair along the plot. In the status
bar at the bottom of the window the coordinates of the current
position is displayed. Note that if the plot touches the x-axis the
root will be displayed in the status bar, too.</para>
<para>Click the mouse again and the cross hair will be detached from
the plot.</para>
<sect1 id="edit-properties">
<title>Edit Properties</title>
<para>Let us make some changes to the function and change the color of
the plot.</para>
<para>You can edit all functions with the
Plots...</guimenuitem> </menuchoice> menu entry. A dialog appears
which lists all the functions that you have plotted. Notice that
&kmplot; has automatically found a unique function name for your
expressions and completed the expression to a function
<para>Select <guilabel>f(x)=x^2</guilabel> in the list. A double click
or pressing the <guibutton>Edit</guibutton> button will show you a
dialog window. Here you have access to a lot of options. Let us rename
the function and move the plot 5 units down. Change the function
equation to <screen><userinput>parabola(x)=x^2-5</userinput></screen>
<para>To select another color for the plot click into the
<guilabel>Color:</guilabel> box. Finally press
<guibutton>OK</guibutton> and your changes take effect in the
coordinate system.</para>
<note><para>All changes can be undone until you press
<guibutton>OK</guibutton> in the <guilabel>Edit Plots</guilabel>
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